by James Jaeger

July 30, 2022

We live a “culture of debt” — the opposite of a capitalist society. But you will never hear SPEECH like this from woke Academia, the liberal Mainstream Media or over-extended corporate America. These entities, like millions of WE THE PEOPLE, are encumbered by mind-boggling debt and plagued by insidious inflation. The national debt is now over $30 trillion and the inflation rate is bucking 10%.

To explain why this happened, all one has to do is consider two terms: Marxist Ideology and Keynesian Economics. Both of these gifts to humanity promote big centralized government with endless debt, taxes and regulations. Both are used by the Globalist-infested Democratic Party in their mission to destroy the U.S. Republic as envisioned by the Framers.

Specifically Marxist ideology rejects free-market capitalism and Keynesian economics encourages debt-financed government expenditures. In other words, both Marx and Keynes conspire to destroy “capital formation” — savings — with “debt accumulation.”

What you were not taught in public school is that capital formation is the basis of capitalism. Capital formation is thus anathema to the Marxist mentality — the mentality that now dominates the public school system. The lesson never taught is: if individuals and companies were to spend less than they took in, they would generate “profits” and these “profits” would become “capital formation.” So the real reason the word “profits” is vilified in endless lefty movies is because “profits” create “capital formation” and capital formation is anathema to the Marxist mentality.

A society replete with prudently-managed businesses that had no need for DEBT is the LAST kind of society Marxist Bankers want. If no one needed to borrow money — because businessmen could finance seasonal inventories and expand operations using capital formation — bankers would not be able to lend money and collect endless interest payments. This is why elite bankers lobbied Congress in 1910 and formed the Federal Reserve System — a Marxist central bank that causes the boom and bust business cycles as well as inflation and unemployment.

Over the decades the “Fed” segued the United States from the “gold standard” and began a long-term program of backing money with less and less gold and more and more debt. This is known as “monetizing debt — turning debt into “money,” or “bills of credit” as the Constitution warns us about. Today, “monetizing debt” is simply a fancy term for “printing money,” or the euphemism, “quantitative easing.”

Through this mechanism, the Fed Banksters and Crooked Congressmen have now monitized 30 trillion Federal Reserve “Notes” and “eased” them into the economy to expand the government into the Leviathan we now have — all “justified” by Keynsian economics and Marxist ideology. All lent to American business owners that made a deal with the devil and overthrew their capitalist principles of profit and savings for easy and fake “money.”

Today “fiat currency” — what could be characterized as demonic money printed out of thin air — has been lent to corporate America for endless mal-investments; used to co-opt and bias the Mainstream Media and funded perpetual wars. It’s even been used to encumber our kids with $1.7 trillion in debt for college “educations” that do not even make them smart enough to get a job that keeps up with inflation, let alone pay off their debt.

Yes, printing tuition money caused the very inflation a proper education is supposed warn a student to avoid. So both Marxist ideology and Keynsian economics have failed our kids physically and philosophically. Congress and the Federal Reserve System conspired to take the U.S. off the gold standard so they could use Keynsian-inspired fiat currency-generated debt for all manner of government expenditures, including college loans for our kids.

It’s much easier — and less risky to a congressman’s political career — to fund a foolish budget or cover a deficit by borrowing printed money than it is to get that money by raising taxes. So after the Fed was formed, and the monetary base was no longer tethered to gold, profligate rogues in Congress printed and drank all the money they wanted, starting with a couple of World War cocktails. Now, the purchasing power of today’s “money” is so diluted it takes one dollar to purchase what 5 pennies purchased in 1913.

Yes, the practice of printing fake, fiat money makes it easy for math-challenged rogues in Congress to create money out of thin air. Creating money by hard work is an activity few government employees, especially the deep state, can comprehend. “Sweat equity” — when you work hard and create value because the products and services you are delivering are needed and wanted by the Society — is almost unknown to those who live off debt or work for the government.

Marxist Bankers — and their Democrat-controlled Mainstream Media propaganda machine — spit on hard work, just as they spit on “profits” that could become “savings.” Why work to generate money when you can simply print to generate “money.” And numb and dumb Americans bought it: “Hey I can get a $10,000 loan for 0% interest if I’m a good little slave to my ‘credit score.'”

Again, if a corporation earns more than it spends and thus goes into evil “profits,” these evil profits, when saved up, create “capital formation” and this capital can be used by the corporation at no cost. How can a Marxist Banker compete with this? He can’t but he tries. This is why the outrageous scheme of printing money — amplified by the equally outrageous scheme of “fractional reserve banking” — were invented. Printing up unlimited amounts of fiat money is the only way Bankers can compete with corporations generating their own capital through the prudent management and allocation of profits.

The Fake Fed and the Crooked Congress thus partner — more accurately, conspire — to print money out of thin air and then use it to keep us all in their insane, Marxist-Keynsian Debt System. This is the essence of the game. No college education needed to comprehend. The Marxist Bankers, the Mainstream Media Control Group, woke Academia, and over-encumbered corporate America are counting on you to be ignorant, stay ignorant and not speak a word in protest.

The “culture of debt” we find ourselves in could be considered a spin-off from Economic Marxism. As we explain in a movie entitled CULTURAL MARXISM, a splinter group known as the Frankfurt School, engineered a methodology of advancing Marxist principles using Culture. By this means, Cultural Marxism has been advancing through Academia, the Mainstream Media, Corporate America and now Social Media — in what’s known as “the long march through the cultural institutions.” Watch Pat Buchanan, G. Edward Griffin, Edwin Vieira and Ron Paul explain.


We are currently in production on a new documentary film that will address how the God-given right of speech is being assaulted. The documentary is entitled, SPEECH – The Door Is Closing. SPEECH will explain how Marxist social engineers from the Frankfurt School have managed to censor, abridge, block, shadowban and deplatform all manner of important SPEECH in America — what we now call “cancel culture.”

To find out more about our production of SPEECH – The Door Is Closing visit At the website you can watch a trailer and/or review the narration script and the production budget. If you see merit, please help us complete production by donating what you can at Prominent screen credits, as described on the donation page, will be accorded donors to acknowledgement their contributions.

SPEECH will be our 11th public service documentary. Feel free to watch any of the past 10 documentaries free of charge at

The reason we place these films on the Internet for free is because FEW people will watch a political film if they have to PAY for it. If it’s FREE, they MIGHT watch it. If it’s free AND it reinforces their interests, values, cultural perspectives and prejudices they probably WILL watch it. But if the film costs MONEY, and it does NOT reinforce their interests, values, cultural perspectives and/or prejudices they will NEVER watch it. So I ask you, if you are trying to REACH people that disagree, misunderstand or hate your political message, how are you MORE LIKELY to reach them: with a FREE documentary or a documentary they must PAY for? I think the answer is obvious.

So how do you fund the production of documentaries that can be released to WE THE PEOPLE for free when the cost to make documentaries is high? Does the filmmaker go to the banks for production funding? What about the studios or TV networks? What about private investors? Each of these funding sources has a serious problem for the filmmaker that wants to make and release films that do NOT promote the liberal, secular, anti-constitutional, anti-capitalist, Globalist Agenda. The banks won’t lend money for films because they’re criminals only interested in Ponzi schemes. The studios and TV networks won’t fund films unless they promote the liberal, secular, anti-constitutional, anti-capitalist, Globalist Agenda. And investor-financed films can never be released for free or released only after the investors recoup their money.

All of these funding methods also require unlimited amounts of time filling out paperwork and dealing with lawyers, agents and accountants. By the time the film is financed and released World War IV has come and gone and there is no country left to even watch the film.

So, if we had to rely on banks, studios, networks or investors our films would take forever to finance, produce and release and they would NOT reach anyone “on the other side”. Even though 150 million American citizens will NOT pay even $19.50 to purchase a movie on a political subject, a significant percentage WILL watch the movie if they can get it for free. This is why donor-financed movies are crucial — the only way millions of NEW citizens can be reached. This is why your donation — from $25 to $25,000 — can make a BIG difference on what subjects and issues get out and into the public discourse.

Millions of people will be able to watch SPEECH – The Door Is Closing — even though bankers, movie studios, TV networks and investors do NOT care about the God-given right of speech — or anything else in the Bill of Rights. They only care about MONEY, not AMERICA. Let’s by-pass them. Go to and help us get SPEECH done.

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[BIO: James Jaeger is a Telly Award-winning filmmaker (grandfather, producer of the first medical training films in the United States (and the founder of the Department of Neurosurgery at Jefferson Medical College/Hospital), Mr. Jaeger began his career in entertainment around 1973 with the Valley Forge Music Fair working on such shows as THE CARPENTERS, THE DAVID BRENNER SHOW, THE PEGGY FLEMMING SHOW and THE SONNY & CHER SHOW.]

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