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These are crazy unpredictable times for our country, our families and our liberty! I have been predicting for many years that there has been an agenda to take over the country, remove our Constitutional Republic and move into a One World Government. For over 40 years I have been sounding the alarm to everyone I know about the dangers of vaccines, the decline of health in our nation and the power-grabbing pharmaceutical cartel.My prayers were that this would not happen and that somehow, by the grace of God, we would be spared.

I have five grown children, their spouses and now nine grandchildren. As a Christian, I cherish our country and my religious freedom. It grieves me to see what has happened to the last two generations of children and now I see the huge divide in society. We are running out of time to make something happen in an effort to regain some sanity.

The Danger Coming: House Bill 6666

Here is a sample of the real agenda. This bill was recently introduced and if passed, would change our lives and make us slaves. This bill will allow tracing and enforcing quarantine of all people in the USA who are thought to be infected with COVID-19 or whatever other virus they decide to unleash on us.  This bill will infringe on your rights to opt out of unwanted surveillance, mandated medical testing and treatments, including vaccines. You will be required to have a vaccine card or bracelet in order to travel that contains all your medical information. Your temperature will be taken all the time to enter buildings or planes. If you have a fever, you must quarantine for weeks along with your family and they will assign a federal worker to you and your home. Everyone you were in contact with will also be contacted and tested! This is called, Contact Tracing.

The stated, “The top dogs at the Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are in control of disbursing the $100 billion to local governments to carry out the COVID-19 testing — more specifically, to “hire, train, compensate and pay the expenses of individuals” to staff mobile health units and to knock on citizens’ doors and to enforce compliance with quarantining.”

We have power, we have options and there is a way that we can start to take back our country, one county and state at a time. Our founding fathers, who I believe were inspired by God when they wrote the US Constitution, knew that this would always be a threat to our freedom. They provided a clear way to stop the unlawful usurp of power by the federal government, the County Sheriff.

In 2009, I met Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack. In 1994 he successfully sued the Federal Government in the Supreme Court because of the unconstitutional Brady Handgun Bill passed by the Clinton Administration. He and a few other sheriffs won! The Ruling: “The Federal Government cannot commandeer state or county officers for federal bidding of unconstitutional mandates.”  The Sheriff is a State Executive Constitutional Officer who must be free from influence of local political concerns and the whims of passing crises. Although head of the county’s law enforcement, the sheriff is reposed with the public trust to keep the peace of the State of his electorate. The American Constitution set in place protection (the sheriff) for those who would like to encroach on the freedoms of the people. This includes the federal government officials who would abuse their authority, trample the constitution and turn their backs on the people they serve.”

I have an action plan to help empower citizens called, The Sheriff Plan of Action. Most people are completely unaware of the power in the sheriff and therefore, they are not aware of how important it is that the “elected” sheriff knows their concerns. The sheriff will only do what he/she feels the people want them to do because they are elected “by the people”.  Some sheriffs have been “appointed” but generally speaking, the county sheriff is an elected position at the county level that is independent of the governor’s authority at the state level. In such states, the governor would have absolutely no authority to fire a sheriff for any reason. The first step is to discover if your sheriff was elected into office (4-year term) or appointed. That may determine how well your sheriff responds to your concerns. This is what I refer to as “The Back-Up Plan” and we, the people, must begin to communicate with our local sheriffs about our concerns before it is too late!

We must also vote out the liberal democrats and those who are “democratic thinking” republicans. We see what has happened in the states with democratic governors like California, New York and Michigan.  We must get back to moral, ethical leaders who are not payed off by Big Pharma and willing to do whatever the pharma cartel wants them to do and dedicate to destroying our republic.

The Danger Coming: House Bill 6666

The Supreme Court Case that will help us take back our liberties!
Mack v. United States, 856 F. Supp. 1372 (D. Ariz. 1994)
U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona – 856 F. Supp. 1372 (D. Ariz. 1994)
June 29, 1994

The Brady Handgun Bill was the first big push designed to eliminate our right to have hand guns.We all know that the bad guys will always have guns!  We must maintain our gun rights and we all can thank Sheriff Richard Mack and a few other sheriffs who took this case to the Supreme Court in 1994 and won. Our Second Amendment right to bear arms was validated.

What I learned from Sheriff Mack’s book, The County Sheriff, America’s Last Hope, is that we all need to recognize and support the power given to them in our Constitution! It is our obligation to “elect” and support our sheriffs, but few even know of this power granted to them by the constitution.

In 2009-2010, I saw how the Center for Disease (CDC) and others were salivating at a chance to force us all to take the H1N1 flu vaccine.  They (CDC) took a genetically modified virus (H1N1) made in a lab and used the same media scare tactics we now see in action today and predicted a world-wide pandemic. They said that millions would die and the whole world, except for Poland, purchased millions of H1N1 vaccines. The death rates were very low, but they managed to push the “adult” vaccine agenda to the next level. Pregnant women were given influenza vaccines for the first time and children were given flu vaccines at the age of 6 months. States were passing pandemic bills that would force people to take the influenza vaccine or go to jail and face $1,000 a day fine. I could see this coming.

The Sheriff: I discovered that this threat could be stopped at the state/county level utilizing our county sheriffs! The problem: most people do not understand the power of the sheriff and most sheriffs do not know how the people they represent feel about such subjects. The sheriff is viewed as the “county policeman” and not the, “State Executive Constitutional Officer” as our constitution states. It also states that the sheriff must be free from influence of local political concerns and the whims of passing crises.” This coronavirus is a passing crisis, designed to remove our rights and prepare us for the “One World Government.”

This revelation to me is the most powerful opportunity for the people to stand up and fight peacefully, or there will be a civil war and bloodshed. We must back our sheriffs who have the obligation and the right to stand against the federal government or anyone else who wants to violate our rights. People like Bill Gates, who has a vested interest in getting every human being vaccinated and tracked, and governors, who are acting like dictators while living a double standard.

Your sheriff needs to know how you feel your rights have been violated or they may not even be aware of the ramifications. Many sheriffs are influenced by the media like the average person is and may not even understand your grievance.

That is why I am asking every person to reach out to your sheriff and have a friendly conversation.  I make available to you, a simple plan of action, to help you educate your neighbors, friends, family members, pastors and business leaders in your community.


  • Get a copy of the “Letter to the Sheriff”, as an example of your concerns. You can change it to reflect your personal issues
  • Download the “Power of the Sheriff” PowerPoint presentation below and use it to educate yourself and others
  • Call your sheriff and ask him/her how he/she feels about the current climate. Let them talk. Some sheriffs will be concerned, but others may not
  • Ask if you can have a face-to-face meeting to discuss your concerns. Try to take a few others along for support
  • Get names on a petition of those who support your concerns but are not able or willing to meet with the sheriff. (Petition example provided)
  • Might be helpful to have a community meeting open to the public to discuss concerns. This is an election year and the sheriff must represent you and if that sheriff does not, elect one that will. Make these issues part of the discussion
  • Get others who believe in your constitutional rights and are gun-carrying citizens on board. The more people the sheriff hears from, the better they can represent you

Please, right now find out who your county sheriff is, give them a call and start this process. We are running out of time.  Please open communication with everyone you know!

I feel like Paul Revere, frantically screaming to everyone…The Deep State is Coming, The Deep State is Coming!

The Sheriff is the Last Hope!  Act NOW Before it is Too Late!

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[BIO] Mary Tocco has been independently researching vaccinations, natural health and holistic healthcare for over forty years. She is considered a vaccine expert and has spoken on the known dangers of vaccines and the over-medicating of our children across America and Canada. She was a radio host of, “Healing Our World”, for five years with Republic Broadcasting Network and has produced educational materials to help support people who are seeking natural healthcare.  Mary’s website is packed with helpful information on the dangers of vaccines. She authored a book, Natural Immune Development, A Deeper Understanding, which is available on Amazon/Kindle or from her website,

Mary is passionate about our vaccine rights and our ability to choose the form of healthcare we want. She is available for interviews, as a conference speaker and is available for private consultations. See her website for more information.

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