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Mary Tocco is an international speaker, author, independent researcher, natural health coach and the Vice President of The Foundation for Pediatric Health. She is considered an expert on the dangers of vaccines, was a radio host with Republic Broadcasting Network (Austin TX) for 5 years and is active in the fight for medical and religious freedom in health-care. Her new book, Natural Immune Development, A Deeper Understanding of our Immune System, is available on Amazon/Kindle and will empower people to avoid the medical trap and encourage our amazing immune system to work as intended. Mary is available for interviews and conferences, her website is and her email is

Danger Coming, Know Your Rights and Know Your Sheriff

I have five grown children, their spouses and now nine grandchildren. As a Christian, I cherish our country and my religious freedom. It grieves me to see what has happened to the last two generations of children and now I see the huge divide in society. We are running out of time to make something happen in an effort to regain some sanity.

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“Fear Not” Coronavirus

I believe, based on my personal investigation, that this virus is not a natural occurring, wild Corona virus and could have been made as a bioweapon. Vaccine manufactures have been creating combination vaccine viruses for decades so I initially was suspect. My concerns that it was lab made were validated the end of January.

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