By Mary Tocco

A question I frequently ask those at lectures or in conversations is, “Are we born flawed”? “Did God forget to equip the human body with a fully functioning immune system capable of fighting and overcoming illness”?  In times like this, “Is man fully capable of determining what is needed for human survival”?

That is the first paragraph taken out of my new book, Natural Immune Development, A Deeper Understanding, where I discuss how important it is to understand how the immune system is developed and how it works so that we are confident and capable of living a healthy life in a crazy world!

With all of the scientific knowledge we have, our understanding of the human body is minimal. Consider that in 2018, modern science discovered a new organ in the body called the Interstitium. This organ is called the “open, fluid-filled highway” and involves the connective tissue all over the body, including below the skin; lining the lungs and digestive tract, the urinary system and the surrounding muscles. I now understand fully, how injections (vaccines and medications) get circulated, exposing all organs to the contents of the injection, including the brain! This new discovery demonstrates the vast complexities of the human body further proving our minimal understanding of the immune system and how what we do can affect the whole system.This medical discovery should be eye-opening and humbling to every doctor. It seems almost unbelievable that in this day in age we are still uncovering enormous findings related to the human body. How arrogant of man-kind to think they can manipulate the body and control bacteria and viruses!

Humans and animals have lived on Earth for thousands of years, so what role has medical intervention really played? What is the future role of modern medicine and at what point do we all fall victim? Although, I don’t have all the answers, I believe asking these hard questions is important, especially when we are threatened with a global pandemic like the current Corona virus scare.

Every year, things that were considered true in the medical and scientific community prove to be false. We find out that FDA approved drugs are killing thousands or seriously injuring people but they continue to be promoted as safe and effective.  In a global crisis, who do we trust and who do we listen to? In our “scientifically advanced” world we are constantly marketed to by the big pharmaceutical complex and their mode of operation is “fear.”

Many people speculate that this Corona virus is a ploy to remove President Trump by causing a disaster or by disrupting the next election. I too have thought about that possibility and feel it is very possible. The deep state is losing control and will do whatever they can to cause a crisis. I pray every day for President Donald Trump, his family, for our government and for our country. I really believe God is giving us another chance to take our country back, perhaps a reset in our government.

I believe, based on my personal investigation, that this virus is not a natural occurring, wild Corona virus and could have been made as a bioweapon. Vaccine manufactures have been creating combination vaccine viruses for decades so I initially was suspect. My concerns that it was lab made were validated the end of January.

Del Bigtree, the producer of the documentary VAXXED, has a weekly program called, The Highwire.  This informative and entertaining program is pack with information we all need.I believe that Del Bigtree entered this fight at the most critical time and I encourage everyone to watch, learn and financially support his non-profit!  He is really advancing what I call the, “Vaccine Education Revolution”, to a whole new level.  He successfully sued the FDA, HHS and now the CDC and was able to get them to admit that they have failed to prove vaccine safety and are responsible for the decline in our children’s health. More law suits are coming!

The Highwire Program on January 30, 2020,shed some light on the genetic sequencing of this virus called Covid-19. Dr. James Lyons-Weiler PhD, from the Institute for Pure Applied Knowledge, was able to analyze the whole genome sequence of the Covid-19 and made some interesting discoveries. He found an “interesting inserted element” that does not belong there and is not found in the wild corona viruses. He identified it as “A vector technology mechanism by which molecular biologists insert new genes into viruses and bacteria.” It is called, p-Shuttle SN vector, and this new vector was first published in 1998 by the National Academy of Science and causes a more reactive response.  He said it is unclear if this was made as a bioweapon or a possible vaccine and how or why it was released is also unknown.This is the allopathic medical model that has now brought us the Covid-19 virus. That is what makes this virus more of a threat to all of us.

When scientists create crazy frankinscience drugs or vaccines, there is now way of telling how our human bodies will respond. I have never been fearful of germs and even question the accepted view of the “germ theory of disease”. I personally believe that weather we get sick or not has more to do with the health of the host! If a person is immune compromised, has been vaccinated or is on many medications, they will naturally have more difficulty overcoming all illnesses compared to someone who is in good health and has a natural developed immune system.

I will not live in fear! The Bible tells us, 2nd Timothy 1:7 – For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. Fear is a negative waste of time and robs energy that could be used in a positive way! At the same time, we must use wisdom to help us discern how to act. James 1:5 If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him.

For reassurance, there are some general ways to enhance our immunity and things we can do to protect ourselves. I am not living in fear but I am taking some new measures and monitoring outbreaks in my area of the country. I will be more consistent with washing my hands after going in public places, cleaning things I touch often with some antibacterial agent and will promote a strong immune system by pulling out all my tools!

I carry Thieves Oil spray and Thieves hand sanitizer with me at all times. I am taking Vitamin D, Vitamin C and some other supplements that I know I am lacking in. I take some ionic Silver before bedtime, I am eating at home as often as I can, shopping when less crowded and I will pull out the disposable gloves and masks if needed. I will try to drive long distances instead of flying and I refrain from shaking hands with people I meet. I get a Chiropractic spinal adjustment on a regular basis to encourage the best immune function.

The last few weeks as this issue has progressed, I have been identifying things that are often overlooked and suggesting where we might be more diligent when it comes to “touching.” These are precautions that I am not accustomed to and usually don’t think about but due to the circumstances, may help keep me well.

  • Gas station pumps
  • Credit card swiping machine pin-pads
  • Handling money
  • Our car steering wheel
  • Our cell phone and credit cards
  • All door handles
  • Shopping carts
  • Carry wipes and gloves in the car for when needed

It is also wise to prepare for self-quarantine and other issues that may come up because we do not know how bad this could become. If it is not this year, it will be next year! Having some staple foods in the house and other necessities is a wise decision. Have you ever run out of toilet paper?

I am a firm believer of a first-aide kit containing essential oils, anti-bacterial creams, some pain killers (NOT Tylenol, see report on my website under articles on the dangers of Tylenol!), bandages, alcohol and peroxide, ice packs and heating pad, herbal teas, Epson Salt for baths and herbs known to fight bacteria, funguses and viruses. A nebulizer is very helpful for lung congestion and are inexpensive. Essential oils can be infused in the home and in bedrooms at night. (be cautious with infants) Having some home-made chicken soup in the freezer is also a good idea in case you are the sick person. I think it is wise to have a good quality Whiskey on hand or a nice bottle of wine as a way to elevate some unforeseen anxiety!

I refuse to obsess the Covid-19 topic but opt to watch my local news.I also watch videos I get from certain people in the world who seem to get the inside information. I sometimes will re-post those videos on my Facebook or my Twitter page, but only if I feel it is helpful.

In the meantime, pray for our country, pray for peace and pray for our leaders. Focus on building your immune system and ultimately, we acknowledge that there are some things we do not have control over. There are many things we do have control over so commit to doing what we can for ourselves and for our families.

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