by Andrew C. Wallace

The manner of their defeat is totally in the hands of the Cabal of Communist Super Rich dictators and their minions. These evil criminal traitors control everything and a faux government by insurrection. What this Communist Cabal of Traitors is doing to our country makes King George look like a piker and a genius by comparison.

No one can question that most of our politicians, elected officials, judges, and bureaucrats are compromised, corrupt, cowardly and incompetent.  The Cabal of the Communist Super Rich own and control these traitors and every bank, media outlet, Major Corporation, et al. If you have a mortgage they own it.

The FBI was run for 48 years by J. Edgar Hoover using fear, blackmail, propaganda, and a protection racket. The FBI has not changed. The FBI ignored the law to protect criminals in government and others, which allowed total corruption and federal centralization of power, not authorized by the Constitution. At least 10 of the 15 federal departments are unconstitutional.

What happens when people surmise that the FBI is part of an unconstitutional government and there for has no more legal authority than the Mafia. You can’t reform the FBI, it must be disbanded.

The people in this country are being deprived of all their Constitutional rights. Our cities have been burned; people have been killed and maimed by Marxist thugs without any effective response from Communist Governors, Mayors or Prosecutors. Authorities at all levels were complicit and did next to nothing to protect the people or punish the thugs. Corporations paid the Marxists millions to burn our cities, they were complicit, not victims of blackmail. Remember, the Marxists were burning down their small business competition. Authorities also did nothing when our country was insurrected by corrupt election officials while our cowardly and compromised judges looked the other way.

The Constitution required that the complicit Governors, Mayors , Prosecutors and corrupt election officials be arrested and charged with Treason. Upon conviction they should be hanged as a deterrent This is a minimum punishment when you consider the millions who have died in defense of our Constitutional Republic .  Our Constitution authorizes the use of Federal troops to protect the people and to stop insurrections. Why couldn’t President Trump use them?

Never before in our history have a few arrogant Super Rich Families (less than 1% of the population),  with 100%  of the power and 85% of the wealth attempted to destroy our Republic and impoverish the people. Having a lot of money due to genius, luck or inheritance does not make the rich superior to others. The Super Rich want to be Absolute Communist Dictators.

Every single action taken by this unconstitutional Communist government is contrary to the desires of the people and is impoverishing the population while destroying our country.

Illegal immigration alone is taking jobs away from the poor, reducing wages, reducing citizen’s benefits, increasing government expenses, increasing crime, increasing diseases, et al. But most importantly illegals will bankrupt Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Illegals are stealing our sovereignty dumbing  down  our population and stealing our prosperity.  Americans  worked hard for many lifetimes to educate the people and give them prosperity. Illegals have no right to steal the American dream. Biden should be charged with treason for this alone.

We have a terrible shortage of workers because the damn faux government is paying people not to work. This is a deliberate action to destroy our economy. The reduced productivity and free money is causing inflation which is a huge regressive tax on Americans. Add to this the government’s deliberate actions to increase the costs of gas, oil and electricity. People in Northern states will be cold and people in the South will be very hot. Of course this will also increase cost of all types of productivity reducing the standard of living.. Add to this the deliberate attempt of governments to bankrupt small business that used to represent 70% of our employment. All of this directly benefits large corporations owned by the super rich.

As an Economist I would predict that the combination  of actions taken by the faux Communist government are designed  to  bring about an Economic collapse. The resulting anarchy would be fertile ground for Communism as was the burning of our cities. This could be the first stage of a depression similar to the Great Depression of the thirties which the PRIVATELY OWNED BY THE SUPER RICH Federal Reserve bank admitted to causing.  The results would also be the same with the super rich taking what little remains in the hands of the people.

The Faux Communist Government will be deposed, one way or another.  Our Republic will be reborn with a renewed dedication to our Constitution and laws DUE TO OUR OWNERSHIP OF FIRE ARMS. The Communist Cabal of the Super Rich and their minions will be castrated for their many crimes against the people. We will prevent illegals from further destroying our country by deporting every last one of them. Deportation is cheaper than letting them remain.

This paper is an honest reflection of my observations and knowledge. I pray that the Communist rulers will realize that they have no chance of replacing our Republic with a Communist hell hole, and will resign from office without bloodshed. I am not advocating any course of action; at 87 I must leave that to younger smarter people. My objective was to point out salient facts and that the American people get more enraged by the day. People with any real knowledge have a visceral hatred of the would be rulers. If the treason of this Communist coup continues, someone from either side is going to fire the first shot initiating guerrilla warfare. To the best of my knowledge, no one has ever had a military large enough to defeat a determined gurrilla force in the field.  Communists may ignore this fact as they ignore most reality, but then the blood and destruction will be on their hands.

Urgent Last Minute Update: Fox News reported last night that the Communists have expanded their Red Flag scam to confiscate firearms by initiating home invasions. This is unlawful and unconstitutional on many levels. Judges can’t make laws or violate the Constitution. Shades of Nuremburg, we hanged Germans for following unlawful orders. The people damn well know that Red Flag gun confiscation is a criminal act and those who do it are criminals. If this continues, some ignorant cowardly pansies or incapacitated people will give up their firearms. But some patriots will lawfully defend themselves with deadly force resulting in civil war. The Communists are not stupid, I think they want war.

God Bless America.

© 2021 Andrew Wallace – All Rights Reserved

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