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As we have begun the impeachment process in the Senate it would behoove Americans to understand just how partisan, as well as corrupt, the Democrat Party has become.  I’m not saying that there are not corrupt Republicans because there are and have been such as Senator John McCain for example but the Democrat Party has, almost as a whole, embraced the corruption that we have historically seen in the administrations of despots and dictators.

The so-called impeachment process that the House just went through that did not allow the President any form of defense, did not allow any witnesses and was basically denied any form of due process, is nothing more than a sham and something we would expect from Putin, not the American Congress.

Now, we have Senator Chuck Schumer demanding that the senate allow more witnesses and more documents.  All that was supposed to occur in the House’s segment of this process.  The Senate is supposed to evaluate the information the House established.  There is only one reason the Democrats are demanding more witnesses and documentation is because they don’t have a case, period.  This is the way the Democrats work.  They lie, cheat and steal to get what they want.  Almost sounds like they took part of islam’s playbook.

I want to make the case that the impeachment process should be a fair and truthful process but what we have seen is anything but fair and is one of the most underhanded attempts at a coup this nation has ever seen.  These Democrats feel that Trumps questioning of Ukraine’s president is unconstitutional because he asked to check into the affairs of a Democrat opponent but the Democrats that are running against Trump will be voting to impeach him and he is their opponent.  How can that be constitutional?  This is where their double stand plays to their favor.  They can do an unconstitutional maneuver but their opponent can’t even do what he is legally allowed AND required by law to do.

Going into the Senate’s part of the process there needs to be impartial participants that can make their decision based on the evidence presented by the House Managers.  What we are seeing is far from impartial.  Virtually every member of the Democrat Senate has already made up their mind as to how they will vote.  Their minds were made up the day after the election in November 2016.

Below is a segment pulled from an article in the ArkansasGOPwingblogspot.  What you will see is that the Democrats have already made their minds up no matter what evidence is presented.  IF they are presupposed in this matter, they should be recused because there vote will not be fair in any way.  But Democrats are NOT concerned with fair, they are concerned with regaining power in any way they can.

Multiple Democrat Senators, Including Some Who Are Running For President, Have Already Announced They ‘Will Vote To Convict’ The President In A Senate Impeachment Trial

CNN’S LARRY KING: “How can you judge a trial in which you have already stated an opinion or have an opinion? You wouldn’t be — you’d be thrown off a jury in any court in America, right?”

MSNBC’s HALLIE JACKSON: “So there is a possibility you’ll vote to acquit him? You could maybe vote to acquit him is what I hear you saying.”

SEN. MAZIE HIRONO (D-HI): “No, that is not what I’m saying at all, Hallie. What we have on one side is all of the factual evidence on the House side that led to the articles of impeachment. We have that…. So we have all the factual evidence. What I want to hear from the president is, what are his defenses? Does he have an explanation that exonerates him? Short of that, I’m going to vote on the basis of the facts. And the facts are that he committed an impeachable act and I will vote to convict him.” (MSNBC’s “MSNBC Live with Hallie Jackson,” 12/19/2019)

SEN. RICHARD BLUMENTHAL (D-CT): “Trump’s actions threaten our democracy. But the greater threat would be if America became a place where such misdeeds went unpunished. Fortunately, our Constitution tells us in no uncertain terms that the president’s actions deserve the strongest penalty Congress can provide — removal from office. If the rule of law means anything, we must follow its command.” (Sen. Blumenthal, Op-Ed, “Yes, Trump Is Guilty Of Bribery,” The Washington Post, 12/03/2019)

MSNBC’s KATY TUR: “If the vote was put to you today, I know this is an ‘if,’ to convict the president in the Senate and remove him from office would you be voting yes?” SEN. KAMALA HARRIS (D-CA): “Yes, based on everything I’ve seen. Yes…. The main subject of the impeachment, which is the issue of yet again, Donald Trump eliciting help from a foreign government to interfere in our election of our president of the United States. In this case, we’ve basically got a confession.  We’ve got a display of consciousness of guilt and attempt to cover up…. But based on everything we know, including an admission by this president, I don’t know that it leads in any other direction except to vote yes, which is what I believe I will do based on everything I know.” (MSNBC’s “MSNBC Live,” 10/07/2019)

  • CNN’s ANDERSON COOPER: “Senator Harris, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said that members of Congress have to be, in her words, fair to the president and give him a chance to exonerate himself. You’ve already said that based on everything you’ve seen, you would vote to remove him from office. Is that being fair to the president?”

    HARRIS: “Well, it’s just being observant, because he has committed crimes in plain sight. I mean, it’s shocking, but he told us who he was…. And so Congress must act. But the reality of it is that I don’t really think this impeachment process is going to take very long, because as a former prosecutor, I know a confession when I see it. And he did it in plain sight. He has given us the evidence…. Donald Trump needs to be held accountable. He is, indeed, the most corrupt and unpatriotic president we have ever had.” (Democratic Presidential Debate, Westerville, OH, 10/15/2019)

  • SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN (D-MA), Presidential Candidate: “I think the evidence is clear. When Donald Trump released the transcript in which he solicited a foreign government to interfere in the 2020 elections, he broke the law and he did that in context of already having interfered with an investigation into the 2016 elections and Russia being invited to interfere in our elections… He’s made it clear that the law doesn’t apply to him and the point of the federal government is to put whatever resources at his disposal to protect himself politically and financially. That is not the case… What he has done is an impeachable offense, and he should be impeached.” (“Elizabeth Warren Says She’s Seen Enough Evidence To Convict Trump In Senate Impeachment Trial,” Washington Examiner, 10/4/2019)

SEN. AMY KLOBUCHAR (D-MN), Presidential Candidate: “At this point, I don’t see that. But I’m someone that wants to look at every single count. I have made very clear I think this is impeachable conduct.” (CNN’s “State of the Union,” 12/01/2019)

SEN. MICHAEL BENNET (D-CO), Presidential Candidate: “If there is no evidence that’s contrary to the evidence we’ve already heard in the House and the president continues to obstruct and continues to stonewall the legitimate questions that Congress has had, that I’m likely to vote to convict…. If the facts change from where they are today, I could change my mind about that. But that’s where I am today.” (“Sen. Michael Bennet: If The Evidence Heard In House Impeachment Hearings Isn’t Refuted, ‘I’m Likely To Vote To Convict,’” Colorado Public Radio, 12/18/2019) [1]

This is corruption at its best. They don’t even hide it. This is what the Democrat Party has become. Power at all costs even if the whole nation suffers in the process. They don’t just want power and control; they demand power and control.  If they’ll do this to a duly elected president, what will they be willing to do to you?  Remember this in November.

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