By Lex Greene

January 7, 2022

According to recent polls, “President Joe Biden’s overall disapproval rating reached a new high in December as more voters signaled their unhappiness with his handling of the economy and the Covid pandemic. Results from a CNBC/Change Research poll show 60% of respondents said they disapprove of Biden’s handling of the economy as he nears the conclusion of his first year in office. A 55% majority of survey respondents also signaled disapproval of his leadership during the pandemic, an area in which he previously excelled.CNBC SOURCE

Even worse is the disapproval rating for the Democrat controlled congress, with a 77% disapproval rating.

In reality, Joe Biden has the same approval rating that he had with Democrat voters during the 2020 DNC primaries. Before Barack Obama met with Sanders and Warren to talk them out of the race, Biden was running a distant 3rd in his own party, behind both Warren and Sanders at around 32%. Of course, Harris dropped out of that race early with around 1% support from her own party.

Even after Warren and Sanders were forced out by Obama, Biden “won” his party nomination with only about 52% support of the Democrat Party, 48% opposed.

Yet, a few months later, the 3rd place finisher and last place finisher in their own party primary, allegedly won the general election in November with more votes than Obama received in either of his Presidential races. It’s mathematically impossible and anyone able to do basic math knows it.

However, following the totally fraudulent 2020 election cycle, no future election is going to be any more honest. Because the American people have not addressed and corrected the 2020 fraud, every future election will be even more fraudulent.

Anyone who thinks for even a second that the upcoming elections will be any more honest than the last, isn’t even a thinking person. Unless and until the people responsible for the massive election fraud in 2020 are held to account, and all of the methods used to commit that fraud are eliminated, there will be no election solutions in the future.

Two years into the COVID19 scam, we now know with certainty that COVID19 was created and released from an NIH/CDC Wuhan Lab to usher in the deadly COVID19 mRNA human experiment, still falsely referred to as “vaccines.”

We also know that the entire COVID event was created and released to usher in the stolen elections of 2020, by causing unwarranted lockdowns and untraceable mail-in balloting…to make it possible for the most unpopular candidates in U.S. history to allegedly defeat the most popular President since Ronald Reagan.

Only a fool would think that Republicans can win any elections without addressing the fraud of 2020 and making certain that it can never happen again in our land.

But we are talking about a nation of fools, now. Millions of healthy Americans are standing in line to be tested for an illness for which they have no symptoms, using a test already proven to be more than 80% false, for an illness that had a 99.5% survival rate without any “vaccines.” Clearly, we are not dealing with the sharpest knives in the drawer here! In fact, the average American isn’t sharp enough to cut melted butter now.

Nope, so long as the American people remain ignorant of so many facts and unwilling to confront the evil we have witnessed in the past two years, we can forget about solving anything with elections. We don’t have legitimate elections anymore, and until we confront the fraud and corruption in 2020, we will never have legitimate elections ever again.

Most Americans have been dog-whistle trained to believe that legal precedence of any type is law, and even a means of amending the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Allowing the 2020 fraud to stand sets a new “precedent” for all future elections. Ignorance can be fixed with facts, but when all facts are irrelevant, you can’t fix stupid!

Here we go again…headed into another election cycle with more “variants” showing up daily. Guess what comes next? More lockdowns to protect you from yourselves, followed by even more mail-in balloting, fraudulent ballot harvesting, corrupted election machines and another stolen election. To add insult to injury, numerous bills are pending at both the federal and state levels to legalize non-citizen voting, both legal citizens of foreign countries and illegal invaders.

Maryland, California, Illinois, Vermont, District of Columbia, New York, and Massachusetts already allow non-citizen voting, with more on the horizon. That pretty much explains our open border and the real purpose of sanctuary states in direct violation of all related U.S. laws. America is the only country on earth stupid enough to allow citizens of foreign countries to vote in our elections.

“The League of Women Voters, a group whose mission is to “Empower Voters” has challenged proof of citizenship on federal mail-in voter registration forms in Kansas, Alabama, and Georgia.Despite support for the measure, a federal appeals court has blocked the requirement, allowing people to vote without providing proof of citizenship.” (SOURCE)

RED states are turning BLUE at a breakneck pace, taking city by city until states that have been RED forever turn BLUE. Rather than stopping this from happening in their own BLUE states, many simply move to another state, and spread their garbage to RED states targeted for BLUE status. They still vote BLUE in their new RED home.

Americans don’t confront and fix their problems anymore. They just run from them and hide, until there’s no place to run or hide.

The same “vaxxed” people who think I need a vax to protect them, also think the elections are free, fair, transparent, and totally legitimate. Vaxxed democrats refused to get “Trump’s JAB,” but got the same JAB when democrats told them to. Likewise, Trump fans who know better than to trust any democrat, got the same JAB because Trump told them to… idiots everywhere!

Face it…this is no longer the land of the free or home of the brave, it’s the land of Pavlov trained idiots and home of the terminal hypochondriacs. Even if we could have a legitimate election, there’s little hope that the average American is smart enough to vote for freedom over a false promise of free stuff.

The thing is…every time you allow evil to exist for even a second, it will root and grow. Americans have allowed evil to root and grow unchallenged for so long that it has spread like wildfire, or should I say, Omicron, across this nation.

It’s not that the American people can’t do anything about it…it’s that they won’t do anything about it.

And THEY are the reason the greatest free nation ever known to mankind is headed for the ash heap of history. People who think they are going to “take America back in 2022 and 2024” didn’t do anything to stop the steal in 2020. They created their own demise! That’s the end of that!

We had best find another solution and fast!

“Those who expect to be both ignorant and free, expect what never was and never will be.” ― Thomas Jefferson

Shall I address why the “Convention of States” con is just another form of national suicide next?

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