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Part 3: Creating new non-citizens with no compatibility toward America

In this series, you watch the disintegration of your own society as your own U.S. Congress jam packs America into a polyglot of incompatible foreigners who carry no sense or need to become Americans.

Brenda Walker, living in San Francisco, suffers a front row seat as to how her city no longer enjoys American roots, but has become a foreign city within America. Much like New York City, Detroit, Minneapolis, Miami, Los Angeles and more to come.

“If only today’s schools still presented America as a nation of great ideals and progress, instead of a racist failure,” said Walker. Out on the left coast, California has been busy re-interpreting history into a diversity fable where every tribe has its turf, and assimilation is not required. In 2012, Governor Jerry Brown approved a bill encouraging social studies teachers to present material about the bracero program that imported Mexican workers. In 2016, after a decade of study, the state Department of Education rewrote the history curriculum for the more than six million public school students to emphasize diversity. So coming textbooks will enumerate the contributions of Sikhs, LGBTs, Filipinos, Japanese, Chinese, Mexicans, black Americans, Hindus, and every other group that the diversity bean counters could think of. In short, the kids will be studying a modern socialist handbook to train junior activists.

“Unfortunately, as other states turn left as a result of excess immigration, they tend to follow California’s bad example.

“Today’s educational leaders have apparently given up on excellence as a value that students should pursue: now striving to be the best is considered “acting white.” As observed in a Wall Street Journal article titled “The Attack on Educational Excellence,” Jason Reilly argued that “In the upside-down thinking of affirmative-action advocates, academically rigorous schools should be more focused on achieving racial balance and less focused on maintaining high standards.”

“It should be noted that some tribes really don’t want to assimilate into America: they want to live in their ethnic neighborhoods, maintain their own culture, and collect their welfare checks in peace. Somalis come to mind in this regard and are arguably some of the most stubborn. Hostile, culturally inappropriate groups like Somalis are a bad choice for immigrants and cost the taxpayer a pile of money as a result. They arrive with a dislike of western values, and the young men act out via crime, gangs, and Islamic violence.

“In January, Minneapolis news reports indicated that violent crimes had increased by more than 50 percent in the “Little Mogadishu” neighborhood of the city from Somali gang activity. In 2015, documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz interviewed young Somali men in Minneapolis with the question of whether they preferred living under Islamic sharia law or the American system. Nearly all said they favored sharia, yet they remain in this country even though their homeland has Islam in abundance. Hint — flights leave for Africa daily.

“Lewiston, Maine, is another town overwhelmed by unfriendly Somalis. In 2012, Mayor Robert MacDonald said that the Somalis residing there should assimilate to America. For that normal expectation, the mayor faced protests and demands for his resignation. So, it’s not a stretch to say that many Somalis are hostile to the idea of assimilation and becoming American.

“Some tribes are simply a bad bet for positive adjustment to this country, and Somalis must top that list. Plus, admitting historic enemies is unwise for a nation that claims to care about national security and public safety.

“The ideal solution for failing assimilation would be to end immigration entirely, period, which would stop the input of diverse persons insisting on special treatment. Eventually some might figure out how to be Americans without the hyphen.

“Ending immigration is not an extreme idea. As I have written for years, massive job loss from automation is coming and will hit low-skill employment first, making millions of immigrants obsolete as workers. As soon as machines can perform a task more cheaply than a human, the worker will be replaced. Sen. Tom Cotton is a rare politician to see the connection, revealed in a 2018 tweet: “It can’t simultaneously be true that robots will take all the jobs and that the West needs millions of new immigrants to do the grunt work.”

“Washington’s stubborn ignorance about the automated future does not serve the people well. When the government acts as if America is the welfare office to the world, multiple evils are promoted. In particular, border anarchy leads to local communities being overwhelmed by needy foreigners, and Third World migrants have abandoned their home countries rather than working for reform there. Diminishing the rescue mentality of mass immigration proponents would be a great benefit for a planet with more than 7.7 billion residents. Unfortunately, there’s too much money in the migration business, both legal and illegal, for it to go away easily.

But there’s no question that too much immigration makes assimilation harder and less valued. Less immigration would definitely be better for America and the world in general.”

As you can see, Brenda Walker walks the walk and sees what she sees in California, which might be deemed our latest third world country with its 11,000 homeless. But that’s combined with 60,000 homeless in Los Angeles, 6,000 homeless in Seattle and 10,000 homeless in my city of Denver, Colorado. While we import another 1.7 million third world immigrants annually, on our way toward adding 140 million by 2050—you must ask yourself if your country, America, will survive this invasion. Answer: it won’t.

Brenda Walker is publisher of the websites and She lives in the San Francisco Bay area.

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