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Part 2: Disintegrating America with endless foreign immigration

As you look around America’s major cities, you notice foreign flags, strange languages and foreign dress that counters everything “American”.

A conversation with California writer Brenda Walker gives you an idea of how fast our country devolves into a polyglot of cultures, foreign languages and strange customs.

Walker said, “As the American population grows to have an ever larger proportion of foreign-born, assimilation becomes more important to maintain a cohesive society, yet more difficult to achieve. Like newbies in previous generations, immigrants often move straight into an ethnic neighborhood populated by their countrymen. It’s just easier to live among fellow foreigners who speak your language, share your values, and understand your jokes. But it prevents assimilation because new residents are unlikely to acculturate if there are no models of American values to follow.

“Human nature seems to be hard-wired to prefer one’s own tribe, and our history shows a reliance on the close group of family and clan for safety. Immigrant neighborhoods are a modern expression of that urge.

“Some immigrants residing here want their homelands remembered by designation of those ethnic neighborhoods. In 2014 the  Los Angeles Times reported on the idea in an article titled “Advocates seek to carve out official Latin American areas in L.A.” A map included with the story showed streets marked as Guatemalan Mayan Village, Little Venezuela, and such. A leader of the Peru Village effort remarked, “This is us uniting and saying, ‘Hey, we contribute. We belong.’ It’s time we are all recognized.”

Did immigrants in earlier times demand that their tribe be “recognized”?

“Sadly, the simple expectation of U.S. citizens that immigrants should eventually become Americans in fact and in spirit has many difficulties, both situational and imposed,” said Walker. “Some immigrants work long hours at low-paying jobs that leave little time for learning English and going to PTA meetings. But too many foreigners come only for the American dollar, not understanding that prosperity is the result of a free and productive culture.

“Not that long ago, assimilation was expected of immigrants. It seemed a fair deal that when foreigners came here to live permanently, they should learn English, be loyal to America, and adopt our values of liberty, equality, and fairness. But now there are massive educational and media campaigns propagandizing diversity in opposition to traditional integration. Even so, citizens continue to prefer assimilation. A 2011 Rasmussen poll found “An overwhelming majority (73 percent) of voters say people who move to the United States from other parts of the world should adopt America’s culture, language, and heritage.” A 2015 survey by the same pollsters on the topic had fallen to 68 percent favoring immigrant assimilation, still solid although somewhat diminished.”

In Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55 percent of the Somali immigrants preferred Sharia Law over American law.  In fact, they de facto practice it. Problem: Sharia Law runs counter to U.S. Constitutional Law. No women’s rights, animal rights, no free speech, no free choice of dress, no choice of religion, etc.

“It’s a no-brainer that newbies should assimilate for their own benefit and also to maintain a culturally unified nation, but now mass immigration and the ideology of diversity have marred the idea of acculturation to the nation foreigners have chosen to join,” said Walker. “One sub-topic of assimilation is the place of speaking English in this country, and it continues to poll strongly: a Rasmussen/ProEnglish survey from April 2018 found that 81 percent of Americans believe that English should be the official language of the United States. A Frank Luntz poll from July 2018 found that nearly two-thirds of respondents believed immigrants should be able to hold a basic conversation in English.

“But huge and rapid arrivals of foreigners can alter the calculus by changing the people. In some locales of extreme diversity, like Miami, learning to speak English is not necessary and the foreigners can live their entire lives speaking Spanish only.  Problematic for assimilation is its array of enemies, ranging from ideological to political and national.

“Some believe that allegiance to the nation-state is a retro concept that needs to be tossed out as too old-fashioned for an increasingly global society. The late political scientist Samuel Huntington wrote in 2004 about “Davos men” — elites who “have little need for national loyalty, view national boundaries as obstacles that thankfully are vanishing, and see national governments as residues from the past whose only useful function is to facilitate the elite’s global operations.”

If you fail to maintain a single, dominant language in a society, people who speak different languages, think differently and see the world differently.  With enough of them, you find rips and tears in the fabric of the ethos, culture and way of life.  At some point, they cannot be repaired.  At that point, you lose all unity of the citizens. That turns to conflict and civil war.

Walker continued, “Those beliefs are reflected in transnational amalgamation projects like NAFTA and the European Union: they were designed to take power further away from the annoying voters who want their local concerns addressed and put into the hands of elites with globalist philosophies.

“One group of anti-assimilationists is the immigrant-sending nations, many of which benefit greatly from the remittances sent by immigrants to their relatives still in the home country. For example,$53.4 billion in remittances were sent to Mexico and Central America in 2018. That’s easy money, so the homelands don’t want their emigres to forget about them and drift away into life in the U.S. And we shouldn’t be surprised that poor countries like Guatemala ($7.7 billion in remittances in 2017) and Honduras ($3.8 billion in 2017) want to see their workers relocate to the U.S. and send lots of money home. Preventing illegal immigration does not benefit the homelands at all: they want maximum open borders.

“By comparison with its southern neighbors, Mexico is quite rich and routinely scores around 15 on national GDP rankings. But it also has a great number of very poor people, so any freebie stuff than can be mooched from America is a plus. Mexico had an agency under Presidente Vicente Fox then known as the Office for Mexicans Abroad, designed to maintain connections with its emigre community. It was run for a time by dual citizen Juan Hernandez, who remarked on Nightline in 2001, “I want to get the third generation, the seventh generation in the U.S. I want them all to think ‘Mexico first.’”

“On April 3, Fox News host Tucker Carlson interviewed Hernandez, who is now the Secretary of Migrants and Foreign Affairs for the Mexican state of Guanajuato, and read back a couple of his notable quotes: “Mexican immigrants to the United States are, quote, ‘going to keep one foot in Mexico.’ They are not going to assimilate in the sense of not being Mexican,” and also, “We’ve recognized that the Mexican population is 100 million in Mexico and 23 million who live in the United States. We are a united nation.”

“In the same segment, Carlson further explained, “The Mexican government now says it will spend $150 million on a campaign to help convince Mexicans living here in our country to keep speaking Spanish.”

“Mexico has big plans for its immigrants to the U.S., but clearly assimilation to American values is not included in the package. A major player in assimilation should be the schools, because often the original immigrants are too busy with getting physically and financially settled to be involved in cultural integration. So the kids, either born here or little immigrants themselves, have the opportunity to grow up as Americans. And not that long ago, our public schools did the job of teaching American values and history.

“Author and historian Victor Davis Hanson wrote an article in 2002 titled, “The Civic Education America Needs,” which described his 1960s school experience in California’s Central Valley, where the classroom demographics were quite diverse:

“The class was about 65 percent Mexican-American, 10 percent Asian and African-American, the rest mostly poor rural white whose parents had fled the Dust Bowl. Yet I cannot recall a single reference by our teacher, a native Oklahoman, to race, class, or gender, which might so easily have divided us. Instead, we repeatedly heard that President Lincoln, Mark Twain, and John Henry belonged to a heritage we all shared—that we natives had no more claim on FDR or Guadalcanal than did the new arrivals from Oaxaca or the Punjab.”

As you see, America faces a breaking up of her culture, her language and her sense of “country.” Mass immigration spells the doom of the U.S. Constitution.

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