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We know illegal aliens have been voting in our elections for decades.  It’s underway right now with mail in ballots, ballot harvesting and soon early voting using electronic and counting machines easy to rig.

The U.S.  Department of Justice has done nothing to stop aiding, harboring and freeing illegals by non-elected bureaucrats and elected public officials – for decades.  Below is my snail mail letter to Attorney General William Barr.

All of this could have been stopped decades ago by Congress.  Instead, both parties have turned a blind eye to the strongest anti-illegal alien bill ever written – despite snail mail letters by many of us to them over the past six years; I’ve never received a single reply. Yet, Americans continue to re-elect the same failures back to Congress election after election.

September 4, 2020

William Barr, Attorney General of the United States
United States Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

Subject:  Why has DOJ turned a blind eye to elected public officials violating the law?

Dear Attorney General Barr:

I realize the Department of Justice is stretched thin tackling criminal anarchists, terrorists and a myriad of other criminal activities.  My purpose in writing is I want to know why DOJ continues to ignore entities like banks, non-elected as well as elected public officials who violate our immigration laws?  Especially with the November election coming as we know illegal aliens have been voting in OUR elections.

Just a few days ago 19 illegals in North Carolina were charged with vote fraud during the 2016 election – years after the fact.  That’s not good enough. When millions of them vote it can and has affected the outcome of elections.

No One Is Above the Law has become nothing but a popular catch phrase for politicians and non-elected public “servants”.   Politicians seeking reelection or partisan hacks on the boob tube.  As I and millions of others see it, if no one is above the law then why the Hell are career white collar criminals like Bill and Hillary Clinton, usurper Hussein Obama, Joe and Hunter Biden, just to name a few are still walking around free?

Let me give you a few oldies then move on to the here and now.  Going back to March 21, 2005, from a transcript, Lou Dobbs show:  “The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is encouraging banks to sign up illegal aliens in the banking system, calling the growth of the market a compelling incentive for U.S. banks to enter this largely untapped market.” And the FDIC program demonstrates that unbanked Latin American immigrants can be brought into the financial mainstream.

“But there are clear laws on the books for the integrity of the immigration system. United States criminal code, “It is a crime punishable by 10 years in jail for aiding and abetting someone in this country illegally for commercial gain.” And the Bank Secrecy Act of 1972 makes it clear banks must know their customer, and any illegal activity must be reported to the government.”

Nothing was done to anyone at the FDIC.  Apparently, the law doesn’t apply to them or banks.

In one of my columns I wrote:  “Why hasn’t the Director of the U.S. Census Bureau been indicted? (February 2, 2010)

“Keeping with the Obama Administration’s mission to conduct the most diverse outreach campaign in history, the director of the U.S. Census Bureau is touring Mexican border towns with high illegal immigrant populations to personally assure that those who fill out questionnaires this spring will not be deported.

“This is a safe thing for everyone to do regardless of your immigration status,” the president’s handpicked census director (Robert Groves) told residents of a renowned illegal alien “colonia” in south Texas this week. He visited several dilapidated makeshift homes off of a dirt road in a Laredo neighborhood called San Carlos to stress that census data will be kept confidential and not turned over to immigration authorities.”

Why wasn’t the Director of the U.S. Census Bureau indicted and charged for violating our immigration laws? Where is ICE?  From my column:

“County Gives $100k To Group That Aids Illegal Immigrants, April 20, 2010: “In a disgraceful waste of tax dollars, a community group that assists illegal immigrants in the U.S. and helps them evade arrest has received $100,000 from a county that ironically has increased immigration enforcement in the last year. “The public funds went to Progreso Hispano, a nonprofit in Fairfax Virginia that proudly helps illegal aliens and aims to empower them and improve the quality of their lives and communities. The charity also counsels illegal immigrants who get arrested and offers a handy guide for “undocumented” residents dealing with federal agents.”

Why weren’t those Fairfax County Virginia elected officials indicted and charged for violating our immigration laws as well as personnel at Progreso Hispano?  No One is above the law? Apparently, the whole bunch of them are.

EEOC Signs Deal With Mexican Government To Protect Illegal Aliens in American Workplace, September 2, 2014

“When asked how employers who have broken federal law by hiring illegal aliens can be sued for discrimination or abuse, a spokeswoman said EEOC does not require “documentation” to handle a claim.

Yes, under federal law, it is illegal for employers to hire undocumented workers,” Kimberly Smith-Brown told via email. “However, when someone does come to us with a complaint, we will assist them with their claim.

“The EEOC does not ask the documentation status of anyone that comes to our offices,” Smith-Brown said. “An undocumented worker is afforded the same protections under the law as everyone else.”

Since it’s illegal to hire illegal aliens, pray tell, Ms. Smith-Brown of the EEOC, how is it illegal aliens who have no right to work in this country are given the same protections under our laws as natural born and naturalized U.S. citizens?  No one is above the law?  Apparently, the EEOC feels they are with the blessing of Congress paid for by my tax dollars.

In 2013, members of Congress brought illegal aliens as “guests” to the State of the Union address given by usurper, Hussein Obama:  Sen. Mark Warner [D-VA], Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez [D-IL] and Rep. Marc Veasey [D-TX].  Guests?  Why wasn’t ICE there to arrest them since it was in the media?

No one is above the law?  I guess that doesn’t apply to the Gods of Olympus aka Congress.

State legislators and governors (14 to date) who sign bills into “law” that issues driver’s licenses to illegal aliens are in violation of federal immigration laws yet not ONE has ever been indicted and prosecuted. Illegals get drivers licenses to work. Illegals who’ve killed hundreds if not thousands over the years driving drunk on our roads and highways.  No one is above the law?

April 15, 2020, California governor Comrade Gavin Newsom announced a sickening cash pay out to illegal aliens in his state:  $70 million paid for by U.S. natural born and naturalized taxpayers in violation of our immigration laws.  Exactly why my late husband and I left California in 2006.  We were tired of being raped in taxes to pay for illegals who have no right to be on U.S. soil.

March 15, 2018: California Appoints Illegal Alien to State Office – by a member of their legislature; the man’s parents are also illegals so where is ICE?  2015, the city council of Huntington Park, California, also appointed two illegals to city commissions.  Why hasn’t ICE picked them up for deportation and indicted whoever appointed them?

No one is above the law?  What a sickening joke and a mockery of our immigration laws.

There’s no such legal entity called a ‘sanctuary city’ or state that harbors, protects and funds illegal aliens.  In February 2018, Oakland, California mayor, Libby Schaaf, publicly warned illegal aliens an ICE raid was imminent.  Aiding and abetting illegal aliens. Schaaf and countless mayors across this country are above the law because DOJ has not gone after them with indictments.  Do your cease and desist letters and when they don’t comply, indict them and send a clear message that has teeth to ‘No One Is Above the Law’.

And now this:  New Jersey Governor Okays Work Licenses for Illegal Migrants (Breitbart) “New Jersey’s Democrat governor signed a bill on September 1 that allows illegal migrants to take well-paying licensed jobs from Americans and legal immigrants, even amid the dramatic recession that has pushed many Americans out of jobs.

“Previously, [people] were required to have a “lawful presence in the United States” to qualify for a license. This law (S2455) removes that barrier. [Gov. Chris] Murphy’s office said the law — which takes effect immediately — will benefit about 500,000 undocumented residents in New Jersey.

“The law allows illegals — including DACA recipients — to get licenses for many blue-collar and white-collar jobs.The license will allow illegals to work as electricians, plumbers, HVAC workers, lab technicians, nurses, doctors, architects, and many other careers.”

That so-called “law” is in gross violation of our immigration laws.  Allowing illegals to steal jobs that belong to Americans.  Companies and corporations are prohibited by law from hiring illegal aliens.  ICE raids meat packing plants for hiring illegals and now a governor is doing basically the same thing by giving them licenses to work.Aiding and abetting for financial gain.

So, what are YOU going to do about it?

Prosecuting must include sheriff department personnel: Sanctuary Los Angeles County Vows to Free Criminal Illegal Aliens into U.S., August 12, 2020

“Los Angeles County, California — a sanctuary jurisdiction — will not cooperate with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency, vowing to free all criminal illegal aliens into the United States.

“The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office had already ceased most cooperation with ICE agents, freeing up to 100 illegal aliens every day into the community, according to Homeland Security officials.”

Freeing more rapists, drunks, thieves and murderers back into communities.  Illegal Alien Accused of Raping 7-Year-Old Girl Freed by Maryland Sanctuary County, July 6, 2020; Criminal Illegal Alien Accused of Killing Colorado Father of Five, August 8, 2019;  67-year-old Vietnam veteran Samuel W. Jackson killed by a drunk illegal alien driver in Norristown, PA, Nov. 15, 2019; the week before another drunk illegal killed Mark Knapp in Wayne County, New York.  How many more drunk illegals being protected by elected public officials is it going to take?

No one is above the law?  Well, Attorney General Barr, if that’s the case when is YOUR Department of Justice going to start indicting and prosecuting governors, mayors, state legislators and sheriff department personnel for violating immigration laws?

If that would happen, I damn straight guarantee they would all scramble like the rats they are and cease and desist in their unlawful protection of illegal aliens.  If you do nothing, the lawlessness will continue. Metaphorically, cut off the head of the snake.

Since Congress – both parties – have failed to fix this mess, it’s your job to uphold the law.  Unless No One is Above the Law means mayors, legislators, Congress critters, sheriffs and governors are exempt.  How many more coffins will it take for DOJ to uphold our immigrations laws?  How many more babies, teens and adult women have to be raped for you to do your job?

8 U.S. Code § 1324 – Bringing in and harboring certain aliens? Section 8 USC  1324[a](1)(A)[iv][b](iii)

Enforce it.


Devvy Kidd

CF:  President Donald Trump

Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf

(For your convenience:  President Donald Trump, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC 20500; Chad F. Wolf, Acting Secretary of Homeland Security, Washington, DC 20528)

I didn’t bother sending a copy to my U.S. House rep, Arrington or Sens. John Cornyn and Ted Cruz.  Will you join me in sending your letter to Barr?  Maybe a million letters piled on his desk as well as a copy to Wolf at DHS would be a good start.  If you want, use the text in mine, condense it if you want;maybe add your personal story.

Letters to unelected and elected public servants should usually be kept short if possible.  Not this time.  Shove it down Barr’s throat.

If you or a family member are harmed in any way by an illegal alien released by law enforcement or elected officials know the law. From the great Jon Christian Ryter many years ago:

“It was Truman who pushed the Federal Immigration and National Act of 1952 through Congress in the closing days of his administration. Under Section 8 USC 1324[a](1)(A)[iv][b](iii) any US citizen that knowingly assists an illegal alien, provides them with employment, food, water or shelter has committed a felony. City, county or State officials that declare their jurisdictions to be “Open Cities, Counties or States are subject to arrest; as are law enforcement agencies who chose not to enforce this law. Police officers who ignore officials who violate Section 8 USC 1324[a](1)(A)[iv][b](iii) are committing a Section 274 federal felony. Furthermore, according to Federal Immigration and National Act of 1952, if you live in a city, county or State that refuses to enforce the law for whatever reason, the officials making those rules are financially liable for any crime committed within their jurisdiction by an illegal alien.”

There are immunity laws regarding law enforcement and elected officials so one should consult with a good constitutionally grounded attorney.

He who yells the loudest gets heard.

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