/September 2020

Obama is the Power Behind the Biden Teleprompter

President Trump was accused of going too slow on a coronavirus response. Now he’s accused of going too fast. “Danger of rushing vaccine” screams the headline over the political gossip publication Axios, designed for elites in the Big Tech industry who don’t read too much but want to know what to say and who to censor. Meanwhile, the liberals in the media are in ecstasy over Barack Hussein’ Obama’s new book

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Conversation With a Foreign Cabbie

We’d come to another stoplight, and he looked over me as if to ask, Are you that much of a dolt? “Of course it was made,” he said. “If not there, then in your country and brought to China and released in Wuhan. I don’t know that, but COVID provides a cover for everything they’re doing. The disease isn’t that big of a deal. A bad flu.

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Insurrection – or Just a Peaceful Protest?

At no time in 240-years of American history, has our nation and way of life faced such a massive threat and although this threat is funded from all over the world, the enemy is operating from within the halls of our own government, the college lecture halls, mass and social media giants, and countless left-wing 501 and 527 groups.

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Political Leftists And Parasites It’s hard To Tell the Difference

The Founding Fathers understood and asserted that the United States would fail if it lost its Christian foundation.  It is now up to Patriotic Christian believers to stand up and battle to reaffirm and reclaim our Christian influenced educational heritage with the same passion and commitment of the Founders.

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Banned by United Airlines

I will not be flying anymore.  I have had enough of it.  America used to be free.  Now America is fearful.  Tyranny has become normal.  It will only get worse. Where will you draw the line?  Airplanes today, automobiles tomorrow.  The “Land of the free and the home of the brave” is perishing.

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Scaring Ourselves Silly

I saw a rather bizarre sight the other day. Children were coming out of St. Francis’ school, across the street: all of them wearing face masks. Instead of laughing and talking as they always do, they were completely silent. And to pay their deep respects to Social Distancing, they walked with their arms outstretched in front of them, as if they were wearing blindfolds.

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When We Had a CIA That Worked for America

Obama’s director of the CIA was John Brennan, who voted for the Communist Party (CPUSA) ticket when he was in college but was hired by the CIA anyway and quickly rose through the ranks. He is implicated in the Deep State effort to destroy the Trump presidency.

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You Caused It. You’re Guilty. Shut Up and Comply

Of all the emotions that control human behavior, guilt, fear and anger are the most destructive. Guilt can make us change our behavior for the good or bad. Fear can stop us in our tracks. Anger can make us act in an uncontrollable manner, where reason, logic and common sense are absent. Government has mastered the use of guilt, fear and subterfuge to manipulate and control the people.

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BLM and ANTIFA: Death to America

Here is the disturbing question, what if this violent domestic group known as Antifa offers perfect cover for jihad and secretly works with the Islamic organizations as an arm of violent jihad? On numerous occasions, Antifa has openly threatened to massacre American patriots and even President Trump.

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Karl Marx, The Satanic Prophet of Darkness

In democrat-controlled cities, today’s subversives are not only destroying and defacing businesses, but they’re attacking synagogues, churches and religious statues, but mosques have not been targeted.  Hamas-linked CAIR and other subversive groups have been issuing pious statements of support for the “demonstrators,” without a word of condemnation for the violent riots.

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We Have All Tested Positive For Cov-Idiocy

As I said before, the data is clear that wearing a mask depletes the oxygen to the brain and these young children are being forced to where these hideous masks by their parents and public school systems.  I think it is child abuse, don’t you?  In the video you will see what your Government has in store for our children and grandchildren.

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Democrats’ Destroy-Trump Efforts Almost Comical

No doubt, these frantic, Democrats will keep up the anti-Trump drumbeat until Election Day on November 3rd––fabricating explosive headlines, leveling damning accusations, and working overtime to rig the election. But this effort will earn them a Z for zero success. That is because I suspect that most Democrats are not that dumb

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Another Black Robed Tyrant Strikes – Again

The same Congress that will rob you to pay for programs for illegal aliens, and in fact, want to give illegals a free pass, further denigrating the meaning of citizenship and allowing criminals, rapists and terrorists to remain illegally in our country has been rewarded. The same members of Congress (both parties) are being returned to seats of power

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Why You Should Cast a Vote Against the Media

They are worried that Trump voters are standing with the president and swing voters perceive that the mentally frail Joe Biden is not up to the job and that he will be a puppet of radical socialists who will undermine the economic recovery.

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What To Expect When Trump Wins

George Soros also funds the Open Society Foundation which is a major supporter of blm and has been since 2015.  Soros uses the Open Society Foundation to do a lot of his dirty work.  He has transferred the bulk of his fortune, $18 billion, to that foundation.[4] I would think that this would be classified as treason by funding sedition but Trump my address this in his second term.

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Rage and Vain Things

Mere frogs in the pot as the water temperature rose, and we, as the church, enjoyed the warm, comfortable bath water, until we found ourselves boiled. It’s our own fault, my friends. We let this happen. We did not fix God’s Word in our OWN hearts and minds; we certainly didn’t tie them as symbols on our hands or bind them on our foreheads.

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Republicans Can Still Win

When all else fails, remember that Democrats seem to have a unique ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  Biden currently seems unable to give intelligent answers to spontaneous questions unless the answers have been provided for him on a teleprompter or unless he has memorized them in advance.

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Insurrection Underway, Bloody Civil War to Follow

Democrat Communist shock troops known as Black Lives Matter, Antifa, et al, have started an insurrection by burning, looting, killing and destroying our cities. Their objective is clear, to make life miserable for Americans so they will accept a Chinese Communist Type Dictatorship rather than freedom under our Constitution.

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In Remembrance of 9/11

We the People must re-evaluate and amend all that has been fed to us for years by crafty politicians and the leftist mainstream media. America is not safe and it is only going to get worse. Islam’s invasion is currently in progress just under your nose via subversion. Unfortunately, many Americans are not even aware of it.

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Our Constitution Provides Two Separate and Independent Methods for the Federal Government to “Call Forth the Militia” to Suppress Insurrections

We would be wise to celebrate the President’s constitutional and statutory authority to protect us from the death and destruction being brought about – with the connivance of State & local officials – by the Marxist revolutionaries. When State and local governments refuse to protect their people from such death and destruction, the President has a clear power to intervene.

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The Truth About Marx and Satan

Nevertheless, we have an abundance of strong and faithful believers in God and in freedom and liberty. Our Judeo-Christian foundation is one that encompasses the old and new testaments of the Word.  It is really up to all of us who love America to fight against the fiery darts of the evil one and yes, to take our stand against the evil which permeates from communist doctrine.

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President Trump’s Self-Inflicted Wound Could be Fatal

The death toll from the virus, after all, is approaching 200,000 in the U.S. alone, and Trump understands better than most that China bears criminal responsibility for releasing the disease on America and the world. This attack, which is continuing, is worse than 9/11.

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American Traitors

How much more of this are we Americans going to take? What would our forefathers have done? Trusting and electing evil men to do good has not worked. Voting for RINO Republican's has not worked. We’ve been betrayed.

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Trump’s on Our Side

First he banned “Critical Race Theory” from being “taught” to federal employees in just about every branch of the bureaucracy. “Critical Race Theory,” a poison concocted by our academic establishment, proclaims that all white people are evil, born racists, to blame for everything that’s ever been wrong in our country...

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The “Diabolical” China VirusIs Worse than 9/11

The facts show that China has been directly involved in controversial coronavirus research funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). In the middle of this scandal is NIH director Dr. Francis Collins, an Obama holdover who publicly affirms his Christian faith...

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The Psychology of Belief

Beliefs, be they religious or otherwise, are tied to a central figure such as a prophet, a philosopher, or a social reformer. Particularly in religion, the central figure and his high disciples occupy a rarefied, nearly superhuman, sphere. These figures wield great power over their followers.

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The “October Surprise” Confrontation with Russia

The “October Surprise” is here. Now, less than 60 days before the presidential election, Trump finds himself in the middle of a confrontation involving Germany with Vladimir Putin and Russia. He can stand up to Putin and Merkel at the same time, while exposing the communists on the streets of America

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Emperor’s New Clothes, Anyone?

President Trump has offered immediate help to all the mayors of the Democrat-run cities in which this violence is taking place, but following orders from the moneybags who are funding this mayhem, they refuse his offers, leaving the citizens they’ve taken an oath to protect in abject fear.

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DOJ:  Elected Public Servants Are Above the Law

We know illegal aliens have been voting in our elections for decades.  It’s underway right now with mail in ballots, ballot harvesting and soon early voting using electronic and counting machines easy to rig. The U.S.  Department of Justice has done nothing to stop aiding, harboring and freeing illegals by non-elected bureaucrats and elected public officials – for decades.

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Resistence and Rebellion in the UK – Where are the Men?

With voices being silenced from singing in church together with mandatory mask wearing for church goers, the conformity and the absence of any enthusiasm or bravery towards this oppression from most churches, whilst in the same are as there are open restaurants, café’s and pubs, unfortunately denotes a certain weakness which is not inspiring.

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The Truth is Out There

Most are so blind that they refuse to even look when you place clear facts, figures and evidence right in front of their noses.  It’s frustrating to me, because it seems that SO MANY now CHOOSE to believe the lies. The result is the chaos and havoc, fear and submission, blind compliance and obedience to things that are more and more wicked and evil every day.

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Righteous Obedience

You have to decide for yourself who you will obey!  The sooner you make the decision, that no matter what the cost, you are going to obey God, the easier it will be!  Remember Romans 6:16.  Your soul depends on it!

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The Evil Will Increase

Please understand that I support 100% a person’s right to PEACEFULLY PROTEST.  It is part of our Constitution but when that protest turns from peaceful to violence with the burning of buildings and looting and even murder, then that protest has stepped over the line and should be stopped at all costs.

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The Unnecessary Pain and Death of a Great Woman

In great health in 2015, she entered a nursing home where they took her food away from her and tossed her in a bed in which she was not secured. She fell out, badly hurting her head requiring stitches. She had been sent to the nursing home from a local hospital where they had given her the wrong medication that caused an acute brain disease...

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The Communist Led War On America’s Police

It is apparent, even to the most naïve or gullible, that there is a war against our police officers. This is nothing new; it’s been going on for many years. However, what we are now witnessing is the Marxist war against American society by first destroying those who protect us. This has been a Communist objective for over a hundred years.

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War is the Big Issue of the Campaign

As Senator Paul said, “President Trump is the first president in a generation to seek to end war rather than start one. He intends to end the war in Afghanistan. He is bringing our men and women home. Madison once wrote, ‘No nation can preserve its freedom in the midst of continuous warfare.’ I’m proud to finally see a president who agrees with that.”

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Muslims’ Insidious Objectives

As Muslim organizations march through with their own crusade here in the United States, under our nose, I have yet to see any officials stopping them. On the contrary, they have been assisting them.

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Humanism vs GOD – Socialism vs Liberty

In our own hemisphere, the nation of Venezuela did not have to deteriorate into the abysmal communist state that exists there now.  It serves as a glaring warning for our own republic as anarchists seek to bring about those brutal conditions to our land.

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I Ain’t Wearing No Stinkin’ Mask

I have already reached that point.  In fact, I never did buy into to the whole mask thingee. I have been around long enough to recognize a scam when I see one and from Jump Street the whole idea of wearing a mask seemed like nonsense to me. There are just too many was for ANY disease to spread.

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Now, Will You Listen?

Rutherford County, Tennessee, “school officials” are demanding that parents sign a waiver promising not to listen in on their kids’ lessons in the virtual classroom. This would be the remote learning provided by the school district, using its own teachers. They want the poor devils who pay for all this “education” to waive their rights as parents...

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Trump Has Already Won in 3 Big Ways

President Donald Trump has already won and will soon get reelected in a massive landslide victory.  This coming victory will magically escape most of the media and pollsters yet again as it did in 2016. ‘Ground Hog Day’ will repeat the Hillary and Trump election cycle in the media and polls.

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The Democrats’ Mental Problem

Not a single smile in four days––only relentless negativity. And not one word––from candidate Biden, VP candidate Kalamity Harris, the speakers, or their leftwing media whores––about the nearly three-month, non-stop rampaging destruction by the communist group Black Lives Matter and the anarchists of Antifa in committing daily and nightly acts of violence

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Conservatives Learn to Fight Back

In his great book, Unmasking Obama, Jack Cashill tells the story of those in the alternative media who uncovered a series of scandals involving Barack Hussein Obama, his campaign, and presidency. However, it didn’t help that the Republicans nominated two weak candidates, John McCain in 2008 and Mitt Romney...

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In The Human Species, All Roads Lead To Insanity

On January 1, 1958 Chinese Communist Party Chairman Mao Zedong announced his new “Great Leap Forward” for the people of China.  The net result of Chairman Mao’s plans for improving the economy of China resulted in the deaths of between 20 to 46 million Chinese, mostly from starvation due to a massive, government-created famine

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The Corona Virus, An Emergency or No?

The governor of Idaho must agree as he suddenly thinks that Idaho needs a law on the books giving Idaho government officials immunity from their “Covid-19 actions.” He just called a special session of the Legislature in the hopes the Legislature will pass such a bill.

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Privacy vs. Security

Since well before we eagerly leapt into the world of technology, we gave very little thought to the possibility that some day we would find ourselves at a perilous fork in the road as a society, culture and country.

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