By Ron Edwards

In the midst of these up and down times, it is comforting to know that one day in the distant future, Jesus Christ will return to reign supremely for a thousand years.  After that time God will bring forth a new heaven and a new earth for all his adoring children to enjoy eternally.  But as we can plainly observe, things are far from heavenly at this time.  Of course, so nobody gets it twisted, I am not declaring that every single detail of our lives are bad, nor current times hopeless.  But to every observant sovereign citizen, it is plain to see that ‘We the People’ need to be concerned, but not worried about current events.  In some respects, there is righteous indignation over the civil unrest and lawlessness being encouraged by leftist democrat politicians to spread everywhere, including to where you reside.

No sooner had we sensed a little sigh of relief from the ravages of the Coronachinavirus, then like clockwork, the preplanned ongoing racial and civil unrest began.  The perfect opportunity for the outbreak of destruction was the death of George Floyd, who struggled with police officers and then expired after while experiencing an eight minute knee smash to the neck.  Vociferous protests immediately erupted and are still happening in certain locations.  By now it is reasonably easy to conclude that the Black Lives Matter and Antifa Marxist/rioters/community activists are over their fake mourning period.  It is so disingenuous for the variety of America haters to be posing as people that are  concerned over the death of black Americans.  If their concern was genuine, then there would be ongoing discussion and concrete actions to stem the ongoing effort by black Americans to murder their fellow black Americans, both inside and outside the womb.

I believe there are three important areas to be addressed in order to properly address the ongoing effort of using the cry of racism to literally destroy our beloved republic.

  1. Engage in healthy “truthful” debate regarding ways in which we as sovereign Americans can work together to rebuild our republic that owes us nothing, but through opportunity offers us everything.
  2. To consistently teach the truth now and to succeeding generations regarding our national Bill of Rights and demand that government assume it’s proper position as defender of those rights. Also the reestablishment of personal responsibility for one’s own actions and reminding people that our rights actually come from, God Almighty.  That all men are created equal and their freedom is not permission to burn down the town for political, personal or so-called peaceful protest reasons.
  3. The time has come for the roots of foolishness to be ripped up and replaced with real solutions to certain problems like race relations. First and foremost, neither Antifa, or black lives Matter were created to foster real solutions to any problems whatsoever. They are both full blown Marxist organizations hell bent on the literal destruction of our land of liberty, and the death of anyone who disagrees with their evil mission.

What began as a maddening series of protests accusing police of racial bias quickly assumed the real motives of the perpetrators, to wreak massive destruction of any and everything beneficial to normal society.  Part of their deep, deep, dark mission is to also demolish our great institutions, history, the traditional God ordained family, male authority and the free market.  It is a shame that hotels in our national capital must board up all but one of their entry points, because arsonists and other brutes are allowed and encouraged to destroy property and threaten people.  But that is what Marxists do and have always done.  Then there is the old and worn out class envy card the activists/Marxists consistently throw out.  Both they and the political democrats hope to literally wipe out the middle class.  The reason is, the leftist goal of fundamentally transforming our republic into the peoples republic of Amerika will not happen, so long as the majority are reasonably successful and secure.  The middle class represents the opportunity for anyone to experience success and strive for greater achievement.  Unfortunately, the leftists/democrats want to take that away from us, so they can wield control from cradle to grave.

As we witness and engage in the epic battle over our republic, we must never forget that between the years 1917 and 2017, oppressive communist/leftist regimes were responsible for the unnecessary deaths of over 80,000,000 110,000,000 [million] people, most of whom simply wanted to live free and unmolested by cruel and inhumane dictatorships.  In our own hemisphere, the nation of Venezuela did not have to deteriorate into the abysmal communist state that exists there now.  It serves as a glaring warning for our own republic as anarchists seek to bring about those brutal conditions to our land.  The humanist root of communism/socialism must be destroyed and replaced via the reestablishment of America’s unique relationship with He whom the Founding Fathers recognized as our Creator.  As I have stated in my award winning radio commentary, The Edwards Notebook the number one enemy of the USA is the government indoctrinating school system.It must be abolished and reconfigured within the original framework to properly educate students.  If not, like Ronald Reagan said we would then be one nation gone under.  God bless you, God bless America and may America bless God.

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