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Here we go again. As if it were not enough that 82 people died, 17 injured and 82k displaced in 2018 Paradise, California. I guess because the sheeple did not catch on to what was happening they thought they could pull it off again.

When I happened to catch the footage on mainstream lying media, by chance, of the fires currently burning in California, I said to myself, it looks like directed energy weapons once again. I saw a tree burning on the inside and the color of the flames of the fires was a bright orange.

In 2018 there were similar fires in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and Greece. The purpose of the fires seems to be not only reduction of the population but acquisition of land. In California the route of a planned rail line just happened to be in the area of the fires.

I have tried and tried to find people awake concerning the current fires but I can find little written or in video format. What I did find was a fire chief that stated that wooden poles only burned where there was metal or wire attached.

When one looks at a conventional fire there will be black smoke and after the fire is over there will be charred material around such as wood and other building materials. Not with these fires. They burn with a white gray smoke and everything is obliterated. I am telling you there is very little recognizable in the houses that have been destroyed. Even the commodes made of porcelain are pulverized. The cars have become so hot that the aluminum wheels have completely melted into a puddle on the pavement.

In viewing videos of the current fire of cars on the highway that were burned, I was amazed to see that there was no pattern of the burn and the cars were randomly burned while others were not burned at all.

Also it is amazing to see lawns that are not burned and trees alongside houses that are still intact and not burned. One should note that plastic trashcans and mailboxes were not burned which does not make sense.

One video I reviewed had about 3/4 of the house totally gone and the remainder looked as though nothing had happened. Another video pictured a business out in the middle of a parking lot totally destroyed. Obviously there were no trees or vegetation to catch the building on fire.

I am not advocating that there were not forests that were on fire, it is just not what destroyed many of the homes and people. I am convinced that what we are seeing is the result of a directed energy weapon such as a laser. There are numerous videos that show beams of bright blue light coming down in a bright flash.

Also it appears that a number of individuals are setting the fires. One video shows the police coming upon an individual who said he just came upon the fire. A lady officer said “didn’t I just see you at that other fire.”

He want on to say that he had lost his camera and was looking for it. He then related that he found $100.00 in a Walmart parking lot and turned it in and was rewarded $50.00. He also mentioned he was drinking Gatorade.

Could that have been some code to get him off the hook? He should have been arrested but was let go.

It is my opinion that an arsonist caught in the act of setting fire should be shot on sight. Perhaps this would give them something to think about before going about their nefarious business.

It was reported that there was an increased amount of chemtrail spraying just before the fires broke out. This would explain why the fires were orange hot because the aluminum on the ground and buildings will act as an accelerant. Smart meters may be involved, but I have not seen satisfactory evidence to say it is positively true.

Reading comments on the fires, one lady that had been in the military stated that the burned out cars looked just like those she had seen in Iraq. Could it be that the same type of device is being used?

I know that laser devices have been mounted on land vehicles, and they have been placed in aircraft. What I am not sure about is whether they have been placed in space. The star wars program of the Regan era was supposed to have had similar devices but it is very classified.

In conclusion masses of people are leaving California. It was stated that you could not turn the corner of a street without seeing a moving van and they are not just moving a few miles away. They are leaving the state. It was reported at one time that there were between 500 to 600 separate fires. I then came across a figure of 22,000. All I can say is that it looks like the entire Western half of the US is on fire.

Deborah Tevaras is reporting on the fires as is Richie From Boston. Otherwise the other reports have nothing to relate to directed energy weapons.

I have so much sympathy for those that have lost their homes and loved ones. Also for the firefighters that are risking their lives for others. It makes me sad when I tell people about it and they have an I don’t care attitude.

Wake up people!!!!! You could be next.

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