by Lee Duigon

Joe Biden says that if he’s elected president, Heaven forbid, one of the first things he’ll do is issue a nationwide face mask mandate. And everyone will have to Obey—to hear is to obey—even if you’re out alone in the wild, fly-fishing in Montana.

One wonders when all this face mask business will end—but why should it ever end? It springs directly from the ideology of messianic statism, if I may coin a phrase.

Messianic statism is the proposition that the state, and all the little tinhorn tyrants who serve it, shall be as God. It’s a weird ideology, maybe even a pseudo-religion. And it works like this.

There is no God, so the very highest authority must reside in the state and in its consultant, Science. Science knows everything and the state can do everything. Nothing bad should ever happen, but the only way to make sure of that is to grow the government to prodigious size and give it more and more power. And ultimately it will be big and powerful enough, and guided by the omniscient wisdom of its pet scientists, it will wipe out everything that makes life bad—war, poverty, disease, income inequality: you name it, it’ll be gone.

Communists used to describe this as breaking eggs to make the omelet, except they never, ever got beyond the breaking eggs stage. That’s simply because you can’t create an infallible state and infallible Science when all you’ve got to work with is eminently fallible human beings.

Oh, but it’s a seductive ideology! If you are poor, they’ll make you rich; if you are sick, they’ll make you well; and they throw in complete sexual license to sweeten the pot, if that’s the kind of thing that sweetens it for you.

So along comes the Chinese Communist Party Doomsday Virus, COVID-19; and based on chock-full-o’-nuts computer models that predicted 2.2 million deaths in the USA alone, they shut down the world’s economy, subjected all the healthy people to a global quarantine, and issued mandates on everything from having to wear face masks all the time to not being allowed by buy seeds for your garden. Suddenly everywhere you looked were signs reading, “By Order of the Governor.” ‘Cause we’re all gonna die unless we do what they say.

When’s all this mask stuff going to be over? After all, there are many diseases more deadly than COVID-19. Shouldn’t we be protected from those, too? Why should anyone get sick and die, when the state has the power to prevent it? Or rather, if we can give the state that power? It’s for our own good, you know! Besides, freedom itself is overrated: it’s so White Male, like the Constitution. It’s a luxury that invites disease.

Controlling other people’s lives is what makes statists’ lives worth living. They can’t get enough of it. And that messianic ideology is all they need to cast themselves as the good guys, doing what’s best for people even when they’re too stupid and ungrateful to appreciate it. Not only do they get what they want—control of other people’s lives—but they also get to look in the mirror and say “What a good boy am I!”

And we are left to wonder why, if everything they’re doing is for our good, they let criminals swarm into the streets and shoot our cities’ crime rates up to High Olympus. They protect us by defunding the police? But we don’t call them the Far Left Crazy for nothing, do we?

We may also wonder why we stand for such abuse, why we let them get away with it. Well, ordinary people are often at a disadvantage when dealing with fanatics. Evil is usually permitted to run wild for a time before we pluck up the courage to smack it down.

Which we will have an opportunity to do, this November.

Crush the Democrat Party, and you put messianic statism out of business.

Until, given the dynamics of our fallen world, we have to do it again.

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