By Frosty Wooldridge

Part 2: Quality of life, standard of living, species extinctions, planetary balance, eco-systems

“Thank you for joining me, again,” said Mr. Carlson. “We received hundreds of responses from your first visit.  You’ve opened a can of worms for the American people.”

“Well, as a teen, I used to go fishing on Hogback Lake in LeRoy, Michigan, so I know how to open a can of worms,” I said. “When Americans are given the facts, they can use the knowledge to create a national discussion on what kind of a civilization they want to hand over to their kids.  Right now, we’re on the same course as the Titanic.”

Carlson: After watching those two videos, I can’t say as I can argue with you.  Those are some pretty nasty scenarios.  In fact, I would encourage all Americans to watch Roy Beck’s “Immigration off the Charts” video.  There’s no way to escape the facts that we cannot sustain another 100 million immigrants.”  Immigration by the numbers—off the chart” by Roy Beck

Wooldridge:  You know, Tucker, thank you for being one of the first at the national level to bring these startling realities to all Americans. It doesn’t matter what your race, creed or color is, because you and your children will be in the middle of an ecological-sociological-economic tragedy around the year 2050, if not sooner.  It’s not “if” it’s coming, but “it’s” coming if we don’t change course.

Carlson: You’ve promoted a book by Christopher O. Clugston with a wrenching title: Blip: Humanity’s Self-Terminating Experiment with Industrialism.  In that book, he shows how our entire civilization will collapse because we’ve exhausted all the minerals-metals and NNR’s that allow us to function.  Do you have any follow-up on that?

Wooldridge:  Clugston is the Einstein of knowledge of resources on this planet. He methodically shows that we accelerate on a collision course with the finite-limited resources on this planet by 2050.  At that point, we will have added 100 million people to America and 3 billion more to the planet.  There’s no way to water, feed, house, work or sustain those horrific numbers. His conclusion shows that all our great cities will collapse for want of metals-minerals-water-energy and the like.  Many other experts corroborate Clugston’s findings.

Let me read a paragraph from Clugston’s findings: “Our impending collapse will result from our irreparably and irreversibly impaired global natural environment, specifically, from Earth’s extensively depleted and/or decimated finite and non-replenishing non-renewable natural resource reserves—a circumstance that cannot be remedied.”

Further, “Restoration of our irreversible and irreparably impaired global natural environment will be physically impossible. Through industrialism, humanity set out to accomplish great things; and we have accomplished great things. Unfortunately, we have obviated ourselves in the process.”

Carlson: Reading it gave me a chill about my own family’s future.  So, what other negative aspects do we face as we near 2050?

Wooldridge:  Do you have another three hours?  We humans have proven ourselves very clever creatures, but we lack the long term understanding of living within the carrying capacity of a finite planet, finite fresh water, finite arable land, finite animal kingdom, finite quality of life, and most of all, a delicately balanced biosphere.  When you add billions and billions of tons of carbon into the atmosphere over the decades—you’re overloading the planet’s systems.  When you kill off one-third of all animal life by 2050 as the Harvard Professor Edward O. Wilson predicts at current extinction rates—you’re destroying the Web of Life too quickly for Mother Nature to recover or maintain a balance.

When we poison the soils, rivers and oceans 24/7 with 70,000 deadly chemicals—we’re poisoning ourselves.  Notice the cancer rates. Notice the drug usage. Notice the despair and depression.  Notice the enormous amount of obesity in America. Notice the addictions of millions. Notice the heat trends. I’ve said it before that the ocean may look placid on the surface, but a riptide cannot be seen as it traps you, and finally, carries you to your death.  We’ve pretty-much created a terrific riptide called human overpopulation in America and worldwide.

Tucker, do you think we stand a chance of surviving another 100 million people?  Then, why would we choose that path? Why are we letting our leaders take us on this endless growth path? This is a scientific fact: exponential growth always leads to collapse.

Carlson:  I don’t know the answer to your question, but I can see the calamity of another 100 million people trying to scratch out a living in America?  Besides, you’re the expert, not me.

Wooldridge: We had all better become experts if we hope to survive what’s coming.  We need a national discussion-debate with the finest minds in this country and around the world.  We need guys like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos with all their billions to organize conferences that bring solutions.  We need a president in this country that comprehends science, reality and the multiple dilemmas of this ‘monster’ of a civilization we’ve created during the Age of Oil.  Neither of the two major candidates possesses a clue as to what’s coming.  They are stuck in the past or in the here and now, and simply cannot grasp the realities of the future.

Carlson:  This is the most depressing interview I’ve ever conducted. Can you give the audience some hope?

Wooldridge: Tucker, how about you bringing on the top population experts, climate experts, species extinction experts, water experts, energy experts, arable land experts, quality of life experts, energy experts and another dozen specialists each week to educate a really deaf-dumb-blind public as to what we face. And give them 15 minutes or more to explain their expertise on particular subjects. Americans can’t know what they face because the mainstream media suppresses and ignores the facts that I’ve given you in this interview.  Why? Because corporate money-mongers own the MSM, think only of their bank accounts and could care less about the future. It’s totally ‘stupid thinking’ at the highest levels.

Carlson:  Why aren’t more experts and leaders alerting or at least educating the American people?  Why not start bringing solutions that will actually have us changing course?

Wooldridge:  Would you like to see my 90-minute talk-slide show of what’s coming?  It’s titled: “The Coming Overpopulation Crisis Facing America: and what you can do to change course.”  In that program, my audiences’ jaws drop because once they understand what our country is facing, it’s like a tube of squeezed toothpaste—you cannot ‘un-know it’.  We need a national discussion at every city council meeting, governors’ conference, corporation heads, U.S. Senators and all Americans. This topic must be at the center of NPR, PBS, 60 Minutes, CBS, ABC, FOX, CNN and all local stations.

Carlson: Yours has been the most sobering if not depressing interview of my career. I hope you take this message to all the media outlets.

Wooldridge: Well, let’s take action instead of becoming victims of history.  We can change course.  We must change course, now!

Carlson:  Thank you Mr. Wooldridge.  We’ll have you back.  And that’s it for this evening folks….

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