By Frosty Wooldridge

Part 9: With another 100 million immigrants, you get 100 million people from 196 countries with 196 different world views, religions, cultures and languages.  Do you think any of them will be on the same page as American-born citizens?

The single worst bill passed by our U.S. Congress: the 1965 Immigration Reform Act. The late Senator Teddy Kennedy, the perpetrator of the bill, could be named the “Father of the Destruction of America.”

He changed the 200,000 annual quota system of compatible Europeans migrating into America to 1.5 million annually in 2020 from all over the world.  He’s the reason for our adding 130 million people from 196 countries around the globe in the last 55 years.

He brought us millions of the most unskilled, uneducated, and uneducable people from around the planet, and the most incompatible cultures with our American culture.

Do you think that a bushman/tribal hunter-gatherer African Somalian immigrant with an average IQ of 68 can actually function in America’s first world economy and educational system?  Do you think such an immigrant possesses any affinity to American values?  The U.S. Constitution?  How many of them do you think even understand the Constitution let alone read it?  How many leech off the EBT cards?  Answer: hundreds of thousands.

Notice Ilhan Omar, a Somalia refugee that now resides in our House of Representatives. She foments anti-American rhetoric with every news conference. She wants all Muslims to make Americans “feel uncomfortable.”  It’s a bet she has NEVER read our Constitution.  She lacks any education, brain power or affinity for America. She lived on food stamps and scammed the U.S. Immigration System by marrying her brother.  She should be deported for her lawlessness.

Another House member, Rashida Talaib in Michigan despises America and when elected, wrapped herself in a Palestinian flag. Does anyone think Maxine Waters loves America? You can’t make this information up. It’s all on record.

Note that we now face millions in poverty, over 1 million homeless and 40 million on food stamps.  California looks more like a foreign country than an American state.  Los Angeles features over 60,000 poverty-stricken people living in tents in the streets of the city. Another 11,000 live in San Francisco.  With no solutions?  What happens when we import another 100 million third world immigrants that cannot be fed or housed?  And, what is the point?

Once they land on us, they enclave into their own cultures, languages and world views.  We’re talking about 100 million people that do not and cannot assimilate into America.

Can you imagine the fracturing and fragmenting of our national ethos?  What about OUR culture built up over 240 years? What about our cohesive English language being driven into a minority status?  What happens when all their world views compete for local and national offices?  Do you remember what happened to Detroit once Mayor Coleman Young took over in the 1980’s?  Exactly 1.2 million Detroiters fled the city over a 15-year period.  How do I know? Detroit degraded to jungle law. I worked in Detroit for twenty years to see it.

With only 125,000 Somalia’s in “Somaliland” in Minneapolis, Minnesota, they have already trashed the school systems. Americans are fleeing that “African” enclave of Muslim discontent.  What happens when we allow another 50 or 100 cities to be dominated by “Somalilands?”

What happens when Spanish becomes the dominate language?  Anybody see how successful Mexico stands today?  Why do you think 15 million illegal Mexican migrants now call the USA home?  They escaped the failed state of Mexico. What happens when they create the “Failed State of America?”

Does anyone in America understand that Europeans face becoming minorities in their own countries?  Do they understand that the arrogance of the Islamic religion has death-grip on their cultures, language and freedoms?  That barbaric religion maintains a strangle- hold with its political-religious-economic system that counters anything civil or anything about women’s rights, children’s rights, dress choice, spouse choice, freedom of speech, FGM, fatwa, and much worse.

If we continue on this path, and we import that 100 million immigrants by 2050—how do you think the American ethos and our language will survive?  Answer: it won’t.

We will be driven to the lowest common denominator of destroyed educational systems, civic pride, culture, jobs and loss of excellence.  And, how do we feed and house that many more people without destroying our own environment and resources?  Do you want that for your kids?  Do you want it for yourself if you’ll be here in 2050?

Do you think this series hits home?  Can you see it coming?  Have you read, The Strange Death of Europe by Douglas Murray?  How about, The Blackening of Europe by Clare Ellis.

“The Blackening of Europe is a critical analysis of the historical and ideological origins of the European Union, with special regard to the consequences of these developments for the indigenous Europeans who presently risk becoming demographic and political minorities in their own homelands.”

If we import enough refugees from the third world, we will, in turn become the third world ourselves. Demographics dictate destiny. Now do you see why the next 100 million immigrants will determine our society’s fragmented future?

Can you imagine Antifa and Black Lives Matter stomping around your city? Your neighborhood? Have you seen what they’ve done to 50 cities in America?  Thus far, $5 billion in damages as reported by NPR. These anarchists mean business.  Can you imagine enough third world refugees going on the rampage because our food stamp and other welfare systems collapse?  I can see it as clearly as the coming of the dawn.  Why not stop it today by creating a national outcry to cease all immigration?

If you do take action, here are some points to make with your elected officials:

What can we do to save our civilization? 

  1. We need to shut down all immigration into America, period.  We don’t need them, we can’t sustain them, and we cannot survive them.  Remember, the third world adds 80 million net gain, annually, so there is not end to the line.  Immigration remains futile for them and for us.
  2. Secure the borders with troops, walls and barbed wire.
  3. Start using tracking devices for all visas into the USA to make sure they exit after their visit.  Create prohibitive consequences of jail and fines.
  4. Stop all pregnant illegal alien mothers from birthing their “anchor babies” on our soil to gain instant citizenship. Simply amend the 14th amendment to negate birthright citizenship.  Deport them.
  5. Under US Code 8, section 1425, it’s a Federal Crime to hire, transport and house an illegal alien. Each one costs employers $2,000.00 and up to 5 years in prison.  Simply enforce that law to stop all illegal immigration, and slowly and methodically deport every illegal, all 25 million of them, as we catch them in housing, in cars, in jobs.
  6. DACA: if they want citizenship, they MUST graduate from high school, be proficient in English, work a full-time job, no welfare or EBT cards, and no criminal or DUI convictions. If they break the law, deport them.
  7. Finally, what kind of a civilization do we want to hand over to our children?  A viable and sustainable one?  Or the one being described in this series?  Ask yourself what you want for your children?

Finally, we need to move on these points NOW, not later, not in five years, and not sometime in the future. If you have more solutions, please write me. Do you see that I am describing a future that allows no escape if we don’t change course? If you don’t see it, what can I research and write to help every American understand the dire consequences of endless mass immigration?  In the end, would you like to see yourself living in America in 2050?  So, why would you condemn your kids to that harsh reality?

Immigration by the numbers—off the chart” by Roy Beck

This 10-minute demonstration shows Americans the results of unending mass immigration on the quality of life and sustainability for future generations: in a few words, “Mind boggling!”

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