By Dennis Kelly

I had been avoiding writing this article for many weeks and it wasn’t until I received a recent video (which I will attach near the end) that prompted me to finally sit down and bang this out.  You see, in a way, haven’t we all tested positive for Covid-19?  How is that you might say?  Even though we’ve never taken an actual test nor do we have any of the standard symptoms of this horrifically contagious disease such as Fever, Dry Cough, Tiredness, etc., I for one find myself suffering from the lesser known symptoms of this terrible illness.

You see, often times I find myself frightened and bewildered when I walk into a large 5 acre retail store such as Wal-Mart or Home Depot and I’m the only one not wearing a mask on my face.  It’s as if I’m in the TV series “The Walking Dead” and I’m the only one not dead.  I notice many of the mask wearers stare at me but due to the mask I cannot tell if they’re smiling or frowning.  I want to think they’re smiling.  Occasionally I spot another un-dead and we look at each other with a slight wink and a nod and slowly shuffle on.

I’ve also witnessed this bizarre behavior while sitting in a restaurant and I see people walk through the door with a mask over their face but remove it when they are seated.  Then they’ll put the mask back on to walk the 10 steps to the rest room and do the same as they head to the exit all the while no one else is wearing a mask sitting at the tables.  I’ve even seen people eating a meal with a mask hanging from their ear by a mask loop.  It truly frightens the hell out of me.

Another mind warping phenomenon is the parking lot mask wearers.  These poor individuals are so susceptible to this disease they don their mask 50 yards from the door of the grocery store in order to protect themselves or more importantly protect other patrons  who they might pass traveling the 50 yards back to their own vehicles.  I also notice many of these kind souls wear their mask under their chins for quick and easy access and they always know where it is.  I think that’s smart.

I know that in almost ALL cases establishments have now posted at the entrance that masks are required upon entry.  Some even post “IT’S THE LAW” when it is not.  In all cases the Government stipulates exemptions as this one states:  The order exempts those who “cannot medically tolerate a face covering,” but doesn’t specify what that means or how a person proves it.   But try and convince a Mask Bully that you are exempt and you’ll have a fight on your hands.  I happen to be one of these unfortunate souls who cannot medically tolerate a face covering and the American Disability Act protects me from sharing with anyone why I cannot wear a face mask.  Many people think I’m just being insensitive and uncaring but it’s just another insidious aspect of this disease I have to suffer with.

My latest fear is that this mask wearing is not really about protection at all but perhaps may have another agenda behind it.  Your Government has absolutely no specifications whatsoever regarding these masks.  You literally could scotch tape a couple of toilet paper squares to your nose and meet the Government guidelines.  I remember when this terrible plague first came to our shores we were told by certain medical experts that face masks would not be required.  Even today you will find dozens of articles and videos of medical professionals who espouse the uselessness of wearing a face mask.  There are actual studies proving that it is harmful to you by reducing oxygen intake let alone the fact these masks are filthy.  They’re used over and over again.  It’s comparable to never changing your underwear isn’t it?  Imagine your surgeon about to perform your appendectomy and just as you’re about to go under they pull the red bandana from around their neck up over their nose and say we’ll see you in the post op.  That’s what we’re dealing with aren’t we.  Aren’t the discarded surgical mask, gloves and gown treated as bio-waste material?  They just don’t throw them in the dumpster do they?    So why is our Government trying to enforce these ludicrous demands of face covering to protect each other and “STAY SAFE”?  No one is staying safe.  Are we also to think that we are staying safe from a virus that cannot quite make the 6 foot leap or that the virus knows on which aisle you are walking?

In truth my biggest fear is how Covid-19 has infiltrated and corrupted the rational thinking process of the vast majority of our adult population.  People who I thought were bright, intelligent, independent thinkers are the ones I describe in the beginning of this article who dutifully and promptly slap on a mask where ever and whenever they see a sign that tells them to do so, never giving it a second thought.  What makes matters worse is they are doing it to their young children.  As I said before, the data is clear that wearing a mask depletes the oxygen to the brain and these young children are being forced to where these hideous masks by their parents and public school systems.  I think it is child abuse, don’t you?  In the video you will see what your Government has in store for our children and grandchildren.  If it doesn’t turn your stomach then you suffer from another side affect called Cov-Idiocy.

In all seriousness, haven’t you had enough of this Covid-19 garbage?  Isn’t it clear that they’ve weaponized the common cold and seasonal flu?  Even the CDC has published that their death rates were wildly erroneous by as much as 90 percent!  So why are you still putting up with this non-sense?  When will the light go on?  We are seeing mass protests in England, Germany, and Italy against their Governments crackdowns and mandates.  When are the good people of these United States of America going to stand up and shout FREEDOM!

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