by Dennis Cuddy, Ph.D.

In 1942, my mother, Peggy Cuddy, turned down a full first-year scholarship to a prestigious girls’ college, instead traveling the state with a doctor to help poor children. In the mid-1940s, she received an invitation to go to New York and work for the new World Health Organization (WHO) headed by Brock Chisholm, who was given that position by Communist spy Alger Hiss. She turned down the invitation and got the February 1946 edition of PSYCHIATRY, which included an article by Chisholm stating that the real problem of the world was the concept of right and wrong that parents and preachers were teaching their children. Years later, Dr. Ursula Anderson of WHO came to the U.S. to coordinate with the Carter administration a “Child Health Plan for Raising a New Generation of Children.” It said there would be one “health care home” in each county where people would have to go with all their medical records to receive health care! This would have been the beginning of Socialized Medicine in the U.S., except that my mother found out about it and spread the alarm around the nation, so this insidious plan was rejected. All Americans owe my mother a huge debt for saving them from this first movement toward Socialism.

In great health in 2015, she entered a nursing home where they took her food away from her and tossed her in a bed in which she was not secured. She fell out, badly hurting her head requiring stitches. She had been sent to the nursing home from a local hospital where they had given her the wrong medication that caused an acute brain disease (see Today’s Hospitalist, July 2018, page 10) costing me $160,000 out-of-pocket, taking all my life’s savings (see Whenever one asks Medicare to investigate, the matter is turned over to Kepro. When Kepro supposedly investigated what happened to my mother, I found that all they do is request the hospital records. When I asked them what happens if those records are incomplete or inaccurate, Kepro replied, “We trust them.” This is a multimillion dollar national scandal, and in the case of asking them to investigate what a hospital did to my leg, Kepro actually accused my doctor of saying something he never said!

Recently, mother was admitted to the same hospital, and for 14 days she was given only a small portion of the food I brought her (they returned 2 bottles of Ensure to me) . She was also given pain medication that “hurt her ability to fight off infection.” With her immune system “wiped out,” according to her dermatologist, her relatively small facial skin cancer quickly tripled in size! The Emergency Room (ER) where she was admitted incorrectly fed her causing her to aspirate and talk as if she had a stroke. An ER doctor later told her to “go home and suffer.”

A few days later, she had a slight temperature of 100.4, and went to the ER where her test for COVID-19 was negative. She was admitted for a urinary tract infection and was given no food for 3 days, making her weaker and weaker. Three times I asked for a COVID retest and was denied. The chief medical officer later admitted they probably should have retested her when her oxygen level dropped and she was sent to intensive care. Hospital staff are treated differently than the public, and if a staff member is suspected of having Covid-19, they wait 5 days to test them to cover any lag time in symptoms. Twelve days after admission, my mother was finally retested and told she had COVID all the time.

When I saw her in the COVID critical care unit, I was surprised to learn her nurse was from Wuhan, China where COVID originated ! I was told by her primary evening doctor that death was inevitable, and he pushed me toward letting her die even if she improved and left intensive care, becoming a regular patient ! Would you like to be told you should let your mother die even if she were upgraded out of intensive care and feeling no pain?

On August 2, I was told she had “a good day” after being put on a ventilator. On August 3, her day doctor said her heart, lungs and kidneys were stable, and she had “tolerated dialysis well.” On August 4 at 2:43 pm I and others were surprised to be told she had been pronounced dead ! Remember that my mother’s immune system had been “wiped out,” and I was told by her critical care doctors that Covid-19 had gone through holes in her lung membranes into the bloodstream, resulting in “multiple organ failure.” I was repeatedly told by all her doctors they were doing “everything possible” to help her, but this was not true! There was knowledge available to them they did not use!

First, the woman who gave my mother COVID was immediately given remdesivir, hydroxychloroquine and Zithromax, and in 5 days walked out of the hospital well. They didn’t even try this treatment on my mother, Next, according to Kevin Kimberlin (chairman of Spencer Trask & Co., which has backed research by Jonas Salk and others) “medicinal signaling cells (MSCs, remestemcel-L treatment is derived from allogenic mesenchymal stem cells provided by Mesoblast Ltd.) eliminate the virus, calm the immune overreaction known as a cytokine storm, and repair damaged lung tissue….In one pilot study in March, doctors at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York treated a dozen severely ill Covid-19 patients on ventilators with MSCs. Two infusions modulated their hyperactive immune systems, and 83% of those patients survived….A July 10 article in The Lancet reported on 13 critically ill Covid-19 patients also treated with MSCs. Eleven of those patients lived….The number of virus-fighting T-cells rose even as inflammation fell, suggesting that these cells can control the immune response as needed. In addition, chest X-rays showed that the drug repaired lung tissue, in some cases within 48 hours. Healing tissue is essential because the cytokine battle with the Covid-19 virus is so vicious that it punches holes in the delicate lung membranes, allowing the virus to flood into the bloodstream and body cavities. These holes must be repaired, as virus leaks create some of the complications (such as) multiple organ failure.” Some hospitals will use an excuse for not providing the treatment by saying final test trials have not been completed. However, Public Law 115-176 passed May 30, 2018 says if a seriously ill patient cannot enter a test trial, they may ask for the treatment immediately anyway!

I asked NC Governor Roy Cooper’s Department of Health and Human Services, headed by Dr. Mandy Cohen, to investigate what happened, but they refused! Therefore, you should all be vigilant regarding the care you and your loved ones receive at nursing homes and hospitals, because the pain and death experienced by my mother could happen to you or your loved ones if you don’t!

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