by Lee Duigon

I saw a rather bizarre sight the other day.

Children were coming out of St. Francis’ school, across the street: all of them wearing face masks. Instead of laughing and talking as they always do, they were completely silent. And to pay their deep respects to Social Distancing, they walked with their arms outstretched in front of them, as if they were wearing blindfolds. It reminded me of Lou Costello imitating Frankenstein.

Good grief, they’ve made school even worse than it has always been. Around the block, at Campbell School, the kids don’t come out at all, except to leave. No recess. Empty playground. Unless it’s bad weather, that playground’s always full of children… playing. But it’s been beautiful weather all week, and the kids can’t go outside. King Virus will getcha if you go outside.

In fact, when it comes to the dreaded coronavirus, outdoors is the safest place to be. Sunlight kills the germs. Even a little breeze scatters them. King Virus would surely rather have the kids cooped up indoors all day. But who ever says our schools teach things that are true? Can you say “the 1619 Project”?

We’re scaring ourselves silly and freaking out our kids. There are many diseases more deadly than COVID-19. Are we supposed to shut our country down from now on, whenever a disease is on the loose?

And as if that weren’t enough to bear, there won’t be any marshmallow Peeps this year. That’s right—no Peeps. What kind of civilized country has no Peeps? But the company’s afraid to re-open the factory. King Virus will getcha if you go to work. But of course it’ll totally let you alone if you go out to riot. The virus is a fan of Mostly Peaceful Protests.

But if you want something you can really be afraid of, don’t go yachting just now in the waters off Spain and Portugal. It seems killer whales have been attacking yachts and fishing boats, ramming them repeatedly, damaging the steering gear and injuring the crews—and scientists do not know why. It’s not something you have to worry about if you live in Kansas, but it really does sound kind of scary. And the scientists are baffled.

Britain’s premier Far Left noozepaper, The Guardian, is not baffled, though. Not for a minute. The whales are getting nasty because of [trumpet fanfare] Climate Change! And we’ve only got another “51 days to save the planet!” Otherwise it’s the End O’ The World. Well, someone had to inject new life into the Climate Change boogieman, which is past its sell-by date. Can’t blame The Guardian for trying. You hate to lose a good apocalypse.

So we’re all gonna die from Climate Change, we’re all gonna die from the virus, we’re all gonna get bushwhacked by the white supremacists who are hiding under every bed, and if none of those get us, sooner or later the big bad orcas will. And don’t forget Systemic Racism! Maybe that’s what has cheesed off the whales.

Only government can save us, say the progs. And not just any government: this is a job for Global Government. Give ‘em absolute power and watch ‘em do their thing! Put The Smartest People In The World in charge, and they’ll deliver. Hell’s bells, if Joe Biden can’t get us out of this predicament, who can? While you’re waiting for Antifa and Black Lives Matter to come and torch your neighborhood, take a few minutes to reflect on what a wonderful job they do of raising our consciousness. What are a few burned-out city blocks, compared to that?

I don’t believe in an all-powerful, all-devouring government, but I do believe in God. Psalm 24 teaches us, “The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.”

And I trust in His providence, and in His righteousness, to see us through—

In spite of all our foolishness.

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