By Lee Duigon

Should parents have any say in what their children are taught in public schools?

“Hell no!” say the—ahem—educators.

So in Rutherford County, Tennessee, “school officials” are demanding that parents sign a waiver promising not to listen in on their kids’ lessons in the virtual classroom. This would be the remote learning provided by the school district, using its own teachers.

They want the poor devils who pay for all this “education” to waive their rights as parents—and waive their responsibilities, too, while they’re at it. Shut up and pay—six-figure salaries, and benefits that most taxpayers can only fantasize about.

Once upon a time the people in the communities served by the schools, who paid for the schools, decided what was taught and who taught it. Government wrested that right away from them, creating a federal Dept. of Education, with Title This and Title That, and the various state departments of education. Local school boards, elected by the people, can only do what the state allows them to do; and in the unlikely event that the state sides with the people against the educators, a friendly Democrat judge will whip them right back into line.

So now, smug and secure in their power, and in their friends in politics, school officials tell parents, “Just butt out! What we teach your kids is none of your business. Your business is to shut up and pay your taxes.”

They say it’s for “privacy.” They say it’s so they can teach the kiddies all about “diversity”—which the rest of us know as coerced uniformity of thought—and America’s profoundly incurable racism. With a little bit of Climate Change and Green New Deal thrown in. They don’t want parents interfering in this process.

So they make us pay them to browbeat our children and turn them against their families, their country, and their God. Your hard-earned tax dollars pay for it.

If the parents can’t hear it, and discuss it, then it just plain shouldn’t be taught. Everybody used to understand that. Then along came the radical teachers’ unions—“Red for ed,” they call themselves—and the insatiable demands of government, and that was the end of the people owning the schools they pay for.

Homeschooling advocates and public commentators have been warning you about this for years—but who listened? Public school was so convenient! You didn’t even have to write out a check for it; they just sucked it out of your property and income taxes. Without a care in the world, you just sent your kids off to school each day and that was all there was to it. Simple. Easy. You didn’t have to devote any thought to it at all. Seductive.

And now they’ve got you where they want you. Far Left Crazy doesn’t have to reproduce: they just turn your children into clones of themselves. And you pay them for it.

“Conservatives” nationwide are loudly calling for the public schools to be re-opened, enough of the COVID-19 quarantine already. How stupid is that? Do they think those Red for ed teachers are going to teach the kids to love their country? How can they not know the truth? Thousands of reports have been made public; and yet too many people still say, “Oh, no! That doesn’t happen in our schools!”

Because if they ever accepted the truth, they’d have to do something about it. They’d have to take responsibility for their children’s education—and who wants more responsibility? Homeschool, Christian school, local education cooperatives: these are only three of the available alternatives to public schooling. But they all translate into extra effort, extra time; and who wants that?

So now they’ve got you, people. Now they feel secure enough to tell you just back off and leave them to it, indoctrinating your children into the wonderful world of woke. Let them get on with the business of fundamentally transforming your country out from under you.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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