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Masking, Just One Step More Toward Mandatory Vaccination And Total Control

This seems to be a question being asked all over the world. We have seen the Asian population wearing masks for years. I interpreted it as a means of protecting from pollution. Today it is for protection from illness. To prevent contracting a disease, or giving one to others.

My son called me the other day on his way to school for the first day. Shawn lives in Lincoln, Nebraska where we both graduated from Union College. Union is a Seventh Day Adventist four-year college. Shawn currently works at College View Academy and teaches physical education as well as history and is in charge of the athletic program. We spoke earlier about the possibility of not being able to compete against other schools as they have in the past in sports.

My son has studied the current situation extensively as have I and we are in disagreement as to whether a mask should be worn or not. I suppose it could be said that one is in the camp of a masker, or anti-masker.

For those of you that do not know me, I have been at physician for nearly 40 years. I have written several articles at this time on COVID 19, and you may read them under my name at NewsWithViews.com From my research I determined not to wear gloves nor a mask and have not done so.

Shawn told me that his school has decided to go ahead and have students come to class, but it will be mandatory for them to wear a mask at all times.

There is still debate as to whether this current situation is being mediated by a virus or bacteria or 5G radiation or perhaps a combination of many things. No one seems to have all of the answers, but everyone is telling us what we have to do in order to obey.

If in fact this disease is caused by a virus, they are 1/10 of one micron in size. It is also reported that the smallest pore size of a mask is approximately 3 microns. This means that a virus would have absolutely no problem moving through a mask. It has been related that it would be the equivalency of using a chain-link fence to stop swarm of mosquitoes.

As in any situation, there are always those who sit on either side of the fence. We have many physicians and scientists that state you should wear a mask, and others who say that you should not. London Real, with Brian Rose hosted a show when well over 150 doctors participated and the question was asked of them, how many of you think we should not be wearing masks. Raise your hand. They did not take time to make an exact count but estimated approximately 70% to 80% of the doctors raised their hand. They then asked if they thought mask wearing does little to protect from infection. The number was still approximately 70% to 80%.

Experts have pointed out why a mask is in fact detrimental. It is imperative that we have and adequate supply of oxygen. It is well known that we breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. A recent video on YouTube showed the oxygen concentration without a mask was much higher than when an individual wore a mask. It has been reported that there have been syncopal episodes of drivers of automobiles and subsequent car crashes as a result of mask wearing.

Dyspnea is the condition of decreased oxygenation and this is what is occurring when one is wearing a mask. The build up of carbon dioxide is referred to as hypercapnia and is also present when one is wearing a mask. One does not want the imbalance of low O2 and high CO2.

Also the interior of a mask tends to capture both viruses and bacteria and concentrate them on the interior of the mask. In a short period of time the mask has been contaminated. There are reports of individuals that wear the same mask in an out of patients rooms over a complete 8 to 12 hour shift.

When one is experiencing dyspnea the body is experiencing stress. When this occurs the adrenal glands secrete cortizone to help correct the situation. Cortizone is an anti-inflammatory. This is the same situation that develops in the fight or flight syndrome such as being scared by a bear in the woods. Also adrenalin is released and heart rate and respiratory rate increase. When this occurs the immune defense mechanism of the body is impaired. The end result is that one is more susceptible to catching a disease. In fact, what one is trying to prevent occurs more readily.

The argument comes up as to why doctors and nurses in a surgical situation wear masks. The answer is to prevent contamination of the surgical field from saliva or pathogen’s that may be liberated from a cough or sneeze. Or perhaps to prevent a drop of sweat or moisture that would adversely affect the outcome of the procedure.

One can readily say that there are all types of makeshift masks of every kind, shape and color that there is very little effectiveness in disease prevention. The mask is being worn under the nose, hanging on the ears, under the chin and every other way you can imagine.

Next there is the controversy of wearing a mask when out in nature, hiking in the woods, or walking on the beach. There are those who insist that one must have a mask on at all times and in my opinion this is ludicrous. I have even seen people driving down the road where both the driver and passenger are wearing masks in their own cars. It is possible that they are not living in the same household. Viruses are not to be found in these places. Ultraviolet light destroys viruses. They are not out in fresh air and sunshine.

I am not much of a Facebook participant. I think it can be helpful, entertaining, and fun, but it can also waste a tremendous amount of time. It just so happens then I looked at the medical school that I attended in Kansas City and was called the Kansas City College of Osteopathic Medicine, or KCCOM for short. Now it is called Kansas City University of Medicine and Bioscience. From what I could see from the photos they all are subscribing to being mask wearers. I wonder if it is always the same, that those going to a school or through any training like the military feel that it was so much better when they went through. I guess it will always just be, something to ponder.

At the conclusion of the phone call with my son he stated that he did not agree with my stance and that over the next few weeks or months we will see just how many students in his school become ill. I am not sure whether there are other schools that are opening but not requiring the students to wear a mask. For a complete study, one has to have a control group. I do not expect this to happen.

I was talking with my cousin Gerald, and he said his grandson in Houston was given a choice of going to class or doing work on line at home. He recommended doing the work on line because he expected the schools to go to that in the future and he will already have a better handle on things.

Summing it up, I believe people are getting sick and dying just like they always have. I am confident that there has been a psyop of gargantuan size with an endgame of decreased freedom, destroying the economy, going to a cashless society, and getting rid of the nonproductive and the elderly. Use good common sense and use the brain that God gave you to discern truth from error. Do not be a sheeple. Duck and Cover and remember the elderly have been through tough situations before. Visit with them and learn from them, and give them the respect they deserve.

Are you a Masker or an Anti-masker?

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