by Allan Wall

The 2020 Presidential Election is forty days away.  President Donald Trump has the most powerful forces of our society arrayed against him.

The overlapping forces of the Mainstream Media, the Democrats, the Deep State and traitorous Republicans are out to defeat Trump.

How are they doing it?  By running a great campaign?  No, they haven’t even tried very hard to run a good campaign.

They’ve done something even more effective.  What the Democrats and their allies have done is set up society to accept a narrative that Trump has failed, using two principal issues – the COVID-19 virus and the urban riots.

It’s very unfair, and it’s not true. But in politics, perception becomes reality to the uninformed.

Election Day is November 3rd, although early voting has already started in some states and mail-in ballots are to be used in some states.   So we don’t have much time.

We all need to do what we can to help Trump win.  Just imagine the results of a Democratic triumph and you know what I mean.

What the Trump campaign has to do is get out the vote.

It seem strange to those of us who follow politics closely, but many of our fellow Americans don’t really care much about politics.  Some don’t care enough to vote, or even to register.

But some of these non-voters would, if they voted, vote for Trump. So they need a little help and a little pressure.  They need to get to the polls and vote for Trump.

Remember too that presidential elections are decided by people in the middle, who might be swayed either way.  There are hard-core Republicans who will never vote Democrat, and hard-core Democrats who would never vote Republican. In the middle is the squishy part of the electorate.

That means that the most influential voters are the most uninformed and apathetic voters.  Your job is to find the potential Trump supporters from that squishy middle and get them out to vote.

Let’s think about what we can do to help the Trump campaign.  Here are a few suggestions:

[1] GET PEOPLE REGISTERED. If you know people who would vote for Trump if they were registered, and they aren’t registered, then by all means, get them registered.  Convince them to register and if necessary get them the forms with which to do it.   This is important because the registration deadlines are approaching.  Click here to see when your state closes down voter registration.

[2] DEFEND TRUMP. Organize a set of talking points, if you haven’t already, that defend Trump and might persuade friends and fellow citizens to vote for him.  There are people in the middle who might be swayed.  You can tailor your talking points to the issues that are important to your friends, acquaintances and neighbors.

[3] REACH OUT FOR THE UNCOMMITTED. Use those talking points to reach people in the middle who might be persuaded to vote for Trump. Of course, you don’t know who will or won’t, so you have to get the Trump message out. The internet is one way.  Write letters to the editor in your local paper, even small-town papers, there are people who read those letters. And have your talking points ready to defend Trump, in a friendly way, to undecided friends, relatives, neighbors and those who attend your church.  You might be surprised at the impact you have.

[4] DONATE TO THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN. The campaign needs money.  Click here to go to the Trump campaign website where you can donate.

[5] MAKE CAMPAIGN CALLS. Contact your local Republican party office, and see if you can make campaign calls.  Besides making calls in your own state, you may be able to make calls to other states, including swing states.

[6] SUPPORT STATE AND LOCAL CANDIDATES. See what you can do to support Republican candidates for Congress, your state legislature, or candidates in  your county or city.  Because if Trump wins, he’s going to need their help.

[7] PUT UP SIGNS AND BUMPER STICKERS. You never know, a Trump bumper sticker on your car or sign in your yard might be just the thing that catches someone’s attention.  The more of them that are up, the more of a pro-Trump atmosphere is produced.

[8] Don’t forget to PRAY for a Trump triumph.

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