by Lex Greene

The people must have free, fair, transparent, and honest election systems they can have confidence in, or everything will collapse, and street justice will reign. Evidence of election fraud must result in holding people accountable for their actions, or fraud is the new norm for as far as the eye can see.

Election fraud is a crime. It’s not just mere politics…it’s a criminal act.

People at all levels, who engaged in election fraud must be legally held accountable under criminal statutes and they must be held accountable the minute we have evidence of the act taking place.

Proving the point, Emily Rose Grover was 17 years old when she and her mother, Laura Rose Carroll, were arrested in March on several charges, including unauthorized use of computers, unlawful use of a two-way communication device and criminal use of personally identifiable information. She turned 18 in April, Assistant State Attorney John Molchan told NBC News on Wednesday.

Following a mathematically impossible election outcome, a subsequent investigation resulted in the arrest of teen student Emily Grover and her mother for election fraud in Florida. But it has nothing to do with the fraudulent 2020 elections. In this case, the fraud took place in a high school homecoming election…altering the outcome of the vote for homecoming queen.

Soon, a mountain of indisputable evidence proving massive election fraud in the 2020 elections will emerge from ongoing forensic ballot investigations in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and other states wherein like the homecoming election, the outcomes were mathematically impossible.

To date, the best guess by forensic investigators into the 2020 elections indicate President Trump legitimately won re-election with some 80M votes to 66M votes for Biden and Harris, a 14M vote margin of victory. This level of fraud cannot be hidden forever.

The question is, what happens when the evidence is indisputable, like the evidence that resulted in the criminal arrest of Emily Grover and her mother?

NBC News was fast to report on the election fraud that apparently took place in the homecoming election for Homecoming Queen Emily Grover. The criminal prosecutor was also very quick to issue arrest warrants for Emily and her mother, following their theft of the homecoming election via fraud.

But will a criminal prosecutor and news media be equally as fast to act on the evidence of the massive fraud that landed Biden and Harris in Federal power, via fraudulent acts that far exceed that of the Grover family in Florida? Will the 2020 elections be overturned on that evidence, the way the high school in Florida stripped Grover of her crown?

Surely if stealing a Homecoming Queen election is a crime, then stealing a national election for the most powerful political office in the world must be a crime as well. If fraud in a high school homecoming election results in criminal charges and arrest, certainly the theft of an entire nation must result in criminal charges and arrests, no?

Time will soon tell how the USA is going to deal with the reality that the Biden pseudo-administration in Washington DC is the most massive fraudulent theft of a nation in the history of nations. The evidence will be massive, and it will be indisputable. At that point, there will be only one right thing to do and unless the right thing is done at that moment, legitimate elections in the USA will be done and gone forever.

The people involved in the theft of the 2020 elections committed crimes far beyond that of hijacking a high school homecoming crown.

In my opinion, the 2020 election crimes rise to nothing shy of high treason. Will we have the courage and decency to treat it as such when that time soon arrives?

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