By Lex Greene

Many of the most published and celebrated scientists and doctors all over the globe have been screaming as loudly as they can, to STOP THE VACCINATIONS due to “never before seen” massive adverse reactions and permanent damage to human beings, including death. But ALL “mainstream” communication outlets are blocking their dire warnings from reaching the public, forcing them to use any platform they can to get the word out.

As usual, Pavlov trained citizens are questioning the science of the highly accredited front line doctors and scientists issuing these many warnings, simply because they are being forced to use secondary platforms to warn people, blocked, removed, deleted, fact-checked and otherwise silenced by all government controlled outlets and corporations.

YES – people are getting sick and dying… Every year, every day, people get sick and die, from a long list of illnesses.

In the USA, approximately 0.9% of Americans die each and every year, all causes combined. In 2019, the overall USA death rate was 0.878%. In 2020, it was 0.888%, up only one-one hundredth of 1% during “the world’s most deadly pandemic.” So far for 2021, we are on track to an annual overall death rate of 0.897%, another one-one hundredth of 1% increase, even with the so-called “delta variant.”SOURCE NOTE: Life Insurance Company actuaries are the very best in the world at tracking all causes of death and death rates in order to know their risk levels and set insurance premiums accordingly. These stats are from AIG Insurance Company actuaries. These numbers are used by the CDC and W.H.O. and are recorded in the CIA World Book of Global Facts each year.

These stats are literally impossible, if we were really under a “global pandemic threat” of any kind. Based upon fake government reports and tyrannical guidelines, you would think the entire world was dying of COVID19 at a rate never before seen. If this were true, the overall death toll numbers would not be experiencing the same one-one hundredth of 1% fluctuations that the USA (and world) sees every year.

People are NOT “trusting” any REAL science. They are just trusting their government and the government controlled news and social media.

“Compared to previous years, where the numbers in the 2019-2020 season saw roughly 22,000 flu deaths, and the 2018-2019 season had more at 34,000 deaths, 600 [flu deaths in 2020] is a 97 percent drop. So why is that happening? Are the typical flu deaths being categorized as something else?” SOURCE

As confirmed by the CDC, no current test can tell the difference between COVID19 or Influenza A and B, much less any alleged “variant.” Also confirmed by the CDC is the “fact” that over 80% of all COVID19 labeled “positives” in the USA (37,899,325 to date) are “false positives,” showing no symptoms. Last, the CDC has also confirmed that 94% of the COVID19 labeled deaths in the USA (640,102 to date) were from multiple causes, aka “comorbidities” and not COVID19. Only 6% of the COVID19 labeled deaths were from COVID19 alone. NOTE: Yes, government controlled Marxist “fact-checkers” are working around the clock to hide these prior statements by the CDC and any real facts.

Government health officials have publicly stated on numerous occasions that even if someone is in hospice care for a multitude of illnesses, given only a week or two to live, THEY WILL BE MARKED A COVID19 DEATH if they “test positive” – including with no related symptoms.

Here’s what all of this real science means…

  1. COVID19 labels replaced Flu labels from January 2020 to date
  2. No one dies of anything anymore, except COVID19
  3. At the very most, there has been 7.5 million symptomatic cases of COVID in the USA
  4. At the very most, there has been 40,000 COVID19 deaths in the USA
  5. There have been more than 60,000 U.S. deaths by vaccine just since January 2021

It’s a well-published known scientific fact that none of the masks you are being forced to wear are designed to, or capable of, preventing the spread of any virus, and that breathing your own exhale, germs, and spittle (carbon monoxide) all day every day is far more hazardous to your health.

It’s a well-published known scientific fact that there is no cure for the common cold, also known as “corona virus.”

It’s now a known scientific fact that COVID19 is NOT a natural virus at all, but rather a “gain of function” poison created in the Wuhan Lab, funded by Dr. Fauci’s organizations. (Bio-terrorism)

It’s a known scientific fact that none of the so-called “vaccines” are actually vaccines. They are instead, a very dangerous and deadly “gene therapy experiment” that is designed to alter human DNA and turn the body against itself. (Bio-terrorism) None of the so-called vaccines are stopping any illness and we all know it now.

It’s a known scientific fact that the FDA has NOT approved any of these experimental gene therapies for use on humans, and that every person Pavlov trained to do whatever their corrupt government tells them to do, without asking any questions, are mere lab rats for their corrupt government.

So, why are you still following all of the lies and your corrupt government, instead of following the real science?

Everything I just said is easily verifiable, for anyone seeking the truth. But most are not seeking the truth. They are simply following whatever Simon says and doubting all of the highly accredited real doctors and scientists that have been blasting warnings for months now, just because CNN and the likes won’t allow any real doctors or front line caregivers to speak truth.

Why do you think nurses and doctors are leaving their professions after many years of service, to avoid being forced to take the shots that so many Americans have already taken voluntarily? You doubt all of them, but never doubt the corrupt politicians behind the greatest mass killing spree mankind has ever seen.

Hitler’s Nazi Germany was nothing compared to what these mad doctors and scientists are doing to mankind, all over the world, as the average “go along to get along” citizen simply cannot seem to tell fact from fiction or right from wrong.

When will enough be enough? How much more death, destruction, division, chaos and loss of freedom and liberty do you need to see, before enough is enough for you? How much?

God help a people so ignorant and trained to go along with blatant evil, as if they can survive that choice. God help us all!

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