By Steven Yates

If, as looks likely, (S) Election 2020 has been stolen by Democrats in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and possibly elsewhere, Joe Biden will assume the presidency over a country a substantial fraction of which considers him illegitimate … far more than those who thought Obama was illegitimate, and with far better evidence (here, here, and here, with additional supporting links; see also this.)

It’s a recipe for four more years of continued conflict….

I have a better idea. I can only hope and pray either that Trump is already thinking along these lines, that someone is who close to him and whom he trusts, or that an article like this one comes to or is brought to his attention. Maybe even this one. Dare I even think this? Who am I? A somewhat nerdyex-academic with a PhD in philosophy who moved overseas during the Obama years, manages his own small online writing business, writes articles for websites like this one, turns out the occasional book, and sees nothing to lose by getting a Big Idea out there.

The Establishment may have won a battle — a big one! Even if the battle was “won” in the media instead of by legitimate means.

But the Establishment has not won the war!!

It is extremely important to keep this in the forefront of our minds in these dark days….

The Establishment’s more intelligent writers understand, moreover, that Biden will preside over “Trump’s America.”

Look at it like this: we’ve been in a battle of narratives for years. That will not change, whoever sits in the Oval Office.

So here’s the Big Idea:

Trump Media!

I had the impression that Trump had something like this in mind if he lost to the Hildebeest in 2016. Maybe he still does….

Let’s face it. Trump’s skills trying to reinvent himself as a politician in the Asylum-on-the-Potomac were always haphazard,and never reached their potential due to nothing more than his lack of Insider status and Washington-style people skills. President Trump had no way of knowing in advance who his friends would be, and as it turned out, the old adage held: if you want a friend in the Asylum-on-the-Potomac, get a dog.

Especially if the Establishment sees you as outsider, an anomaly, a fluke. A disruptor of the status quo, of the Insiders’ plans for the world. Which Trump clearly has been.

Command of media, on the other hand, is Trump’s superpower! His strong suit!

Candidate Trump’s media savvy, both of legacy and social, won him the GOP nomination in 2016 and then the presidency. He was able to amass the support of a base for whom all the mainstream narratives about globalization, the war machine, political correctness, and possibly “democracy” itself, had collapsed. This base was ready for something other than politics as usual, and Candidate Trump was therewith memorable lines like: America’s foreign policy is a complete and total disaster, and in his inaugural address: Americanism, not globalism! 

Now imagine the spirit of Candidate Trump restored,and at the helm of a Trump Media empire, into which he and his family pour their money, their message, and their energies!

Trump could oversee the branching off and formation not just of at least one television network able to put the insipidly inconsistent Faux News out of business. He could recruit the best web platform developers and create a social media environment able to compete head-to-head with Flakebook and the Twitter verse.

Imagine us being able to say: Mark Zuckerberg, move over! The equation has changed!

For no longer would conservatives with good ideas for alternative social media platforms (I know a few)need to flounder spending the bulk of their effort just trying to get up cash to pay a decent website developer.

Trumpian alternatives to Big Tech would be bankrolled, so those in them could focus on their superpowers (raising money isn’t it).

Likewise a Trump Media affiliated YouTube site, Trump Media affiliated ISPs, and more!

Imagine a near future world in which Establishment censorship of unwanted ideas and information would be over, because it would be impotent.

Are you interested in why the Covid-19(84) lockdowns not only have caused more health problems then they’ve solved, and why they were never about protecting public health in the first place? Come to Trump Media and find out!

This would all portenda very interesting future!

Not only would Big Tech be stymied, the Biden / Harris / globalist / SJW axis would be all but neutered. However solidly ensconced the former would be in the Asylum on the Potomac, Trump Media would be there, too, ready and able to expose its every shenanigan!

Trump Media could report on the number of times President Biden lost his way back to the Oval Office from the nearest bathroom, for example. Both his and Kamala Harris’s efforts to further the anti white racism, antimale sexism, and gender-fluidities of the Cult of Woke would be answered with real, credible exposure and competition.

Harris’s threat to disarm the American citizenry would go nowhere. Chances are good, any such effort would die in Congress. An executive order would be unenforceable if no one enforced it.

Imagine, moreover, actual universities or other academic / intellectual centers furthering ideas other than scientistic materialism, left-liberal wokism, and globalism. Trump U might have failed, but this does not mean any of a range of possible successors must fail. Especially if it’s not about real estate but a worldview, a vision of the future in which people are free and not enslaved.

Speaking of which:

Were Trump able to get his media empire up and running in time, those eagerly laboring under his watch might even be able to head off the bulk of the superelite-planned Great Reset!

Especially if Trump were persuaded to give up whatever small support he offered for an unnecessary and possibly dangerous vaccine for Covid-19(84). It is possible, of course, that this was never more than a survival strategy. Perhaps more people would view this, then go back and get this, see more of who the big super elite players are,and come to the realization (if they haven’t already): the Great Reset is about control— about using technology to enslave our bodies instead of free our minds. A Covid vaccine would be just one means to that end.

Trump Media — using globalists’ own technological systems to go international almost at once — could head off the growing technocratic system based on surveillance and control that threatens to descend on top of us during this decade.

Dare we think that a Trump Media could stop the global war on cash, just by pointing out that cash transactions cannot be tracked and traced?

By repurposing and refocusing the support of the base that supported him four years ago. Trump Media could accomplish something else of great importance right now.

It could head off an in-the-streets civil war. Some have mistakenly romanticized this sort of thing, but the truth is, it would accomplish nothing except getting a lot of people killed and helping the globalist Establishment.

For who else would be around to pick up whatever fragments are left if the present cold war turns hot?

It’s time to focus on something other than the broken political system. It’s time to do something that will actually work, if The Donald is there to jump-start it. He can do it, because of who he is.

Summing up:

First, in a money political economy, those who have the money have a head start.

Trump Media will have the money, if Trump and his family have it. Unlike invisible alternatives to Flakebook, Trump Media will begin with a place at the table, immediately exposing whatever Biden-Harris try to foist on the public. There would be nothing any Establishment entity could do about it (short, perhaps, of having henchmen fly a plane into its headquarters,or send in anthrax, or plant a truly lethal virus in its midst—reasons why, once set up, an actual Trump Media had better be sure to hire top flight security personnel operating 24/7 at every level!!).

Second, in a media-saturated culture, those with superpower media savvy win in that arena, regardless of who sits in any political office!

Trump Media will go off Trump’s command over media, based on attention.

If Trump Media gets attention, its messages get out. And it would get attention.

I see this as worth promoting, as the best conceivable plan in the wake of this disaster of an election!

We can only hope Trump is thinking along these lines, and that whatever lawfare used by the Establishment to try to punish him for the past four years does not get in his way.

Heck, if I see something like this in the works, I might even consider returning to the U.S. to work with it, or in it, or promoting it, using my own superpower skill: writing!

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