By: Devvy

Those Americans who know the big picture are constantly asking:  Why can’t people see the truth?  Why do they buy into the madness that’s been saturating our country for decades?  How come liberals and progressives cannot see the truth?

First one must remember the goals of the Communist Party International:  Take control of the media, the film industry, turn public schools into ‘transmission belts’ for socialism, mock Christianity by infiltrating churches, turn our Founding Fathers into white supremacists.

America’s “intelligence” agencies are infested with closet communists who identify as progressives or liberals as well as the [In]Justice Dept.  Oh, they will all say they don’t embrace communist ideology but if one has studied communism and all other forms of government, they’re liars.

Some are Fascists like ANTIFA, though most of their useful fools are too ignorant to understand how they’re being used because their minds have been washed through deliberate dumbing down techniques and propaganda curriculum in government cesspools called schools.  And by trained Marxists paid to create division in this country by pitting Americans against Americans.  The systemic racism mantra currently at the top of the list.

Second, is rather simple:  Mind control.  Conditioning humans to behave in ways that further your goals.  I feel comfortable saying a huge percentage of Americans probably think mind control is just something one sees at the movie theater or some streaming platform like Netflix.  Yes, they probably do believe the truth that the evil, vile Chinese Communist Party does to this day use “re-education” camps to bring those poor people back in line with their party’s ideology:  There is no god.  The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) owns you.  Obey or you will die.

The “Deprogramming” Begins: Public Defender Representing January 6th Defendants “Re-Educates” Them –  “A public defender named H. Heather Shaner, we’re assured by Ryan J. Reilly of the Huffington Post, has no option but to defend the January 6 “attackers” because “who can’t afford their own attorneys, as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and as laid out in the Criminal Justice Act.”  But she’s also taking the opportunity to re-educate her clients, so they aren’t racist anymore.”

How outrageous.  Every one of those defendants should tell the judge they want new counsel.

Mind control isn’t new.  The movie, The Manchurian Candidate, starring Frank Sinatra,  perhaps opened a few eyes but then it was back to day to day living.  After all, it’s just a movie.  A perfect example of a modern-day Manchurian Candidate is Barry Soetoro, commonly known as Barack Hussein Obama, which is not his real, legal name.  An empty suit with nothing more than being a community organizer and a listless term in Congress, took America by storm.

Tens of millions of Americans didn’t care, and to this day don’t care Hussein Obama was and is not constitutionally eligible to be president.  He was the choice of the shadow government and by fraud, he was in the WH for two terms.  How could one explain such an outcome?

Why couldn’t intelligent, rational Americans see Hussein for what he is?  In his Treatise on War, Sun Tzu, said: “Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him.” It is this strategy in the art of war which we saw during the presidential primary’s when he unlawfully ran.

In the case of “Change we can believe in,” Hussein Obama, baited voters with the usual rhetoric, making promises he had no intention of keeping.Obama’s bait was cloaked in what mother government can do for you with the biggest carrot being health care using fancy, deceptive double speak.  Victimhood was and is critical in keeping the herds in line.

On January 22, 2009, I wrote we don’t have a new president and this:

“What about the masses who responded to the prod and voted for Obama? It’s being reported that nearly two million people showed up for the coronation two days ago. It would have been convenient to have stands along the way to fit these people for their chains of bondage. I hope you can take time over the weekend to read a document I covered on my radio show as the coronation parties were in full swing. What made millions swoon, weep, raise their hands to the heavens, declare Obama the next Messiah and go over the edge for a nobody with a closed past – besides the color of his skin?

“As I told my listening audience, I am not a conspiracy freak. Frequently, I get very angry email from patriots for debunking some popular theories that don’t hold water. A couple of months ago, I read this paper and as I read the 67 pages, it all came together. Untold numbers of us couldn’t figure out this “Obama phenomenon” and what was causing it….until I read this explanation about conversational hypnosis. Not only did I read it, I spent six hours running down the foot notes and studying Erickson’s method used and accepted in the field of psycho-analysis.

“Finally, it all made sense. As a lay person not trained and with little prior understanding on this issue, all I could keep wondering is are these people all mad, desperate or did they all take the same pill? No, Obama simply used a technique of hypnosis on mass crowds and turned them into little better than melting butter. A master orator without an original thought in his head, he used his voice and hands to mesmerize.

I learned a great deal from that document. At some point the stupefaction will wear off and millions of people, except for too many black Americans who voted for one half of Obama’s race (most of them forget Obama’s mother was Caucasian), will begin to wonder why they voted for Obama as he blunders along and the economy worsens. Except, of course, those blinded by skin color. Read this document: Obama’s use of hypnotic technique during his speeches

“You can decide for yourself. I’m certain those who support Obama will poo-poo it away. They’ve got too much riding on his campaign promises. These very same people haven’t done a minute of research on Obama’s background, his proven communist ties and Marxist beliefs. Obama’s faithful will not see or hear his slick lies because the thought of betrayal is simply too much to handle. As Judge Andrew Napolitano so accurately named his book, A Nation of Sheep, can you hear the baaa-baaa still echoing from the Washington Mall?”

MK-ULTRA has received a lot of attention over the past twenty years or so but, still, most people know nothing about it.  Project MK ULTRA:  The CIA’s Program of Research in Behavioral Modification –  see this from the Congressional Record.”

How many Americans and Canadians know anything about MK ULTRA?  Maybe 1/100thof one percent?  A super secret CIA program conducted both here and in Canada.  Some test subjects knew what was going on but the majority didn’t.  They were simply used as guinea pigs.

MK-Ultra was a top-secret CIA project in which the agency conducted hundreds of clandestine experiments—sometimes on unwitting U.S. citizens—to assess the potential use of LSD and other drugs for mind control, information gathering and psychological torture. Though Project MK-Ultra lasted from 1953 until about 1973, details of the illicit program didn’t become public until 1975, during a congressional investigation into widespread illegal CIA activities within the United States and around the world.

Operation Midnight Climax

“Operation Midnight Climax was an MK-Ultra project in which government-employed prostitutes lured unsuspecting men to CIA “safe houses” where drug experiments took place.

“The CIA dosed the men with LSD and then—while at times drinking cocktails behind a two-way mirror—watched the drug’s effects on the men’s behavior. Recording devices were installed in the prostitutes’ rooms, disguised as electrical outlets.”

Victims of CIA’s MKUltra Mind Control Program Are Fighting Back, May 31, 2018:  “The recent Netflix series, Wormwood, reignited mainstream attention on the horrors of MKUltra– the government-funded mind control program of the 1950s and ‘60s that used experimental brainwashing techniques on unwitting citizens. And now a number of families are coalescing to bring a class action lawsuit against the agencies involved to gain reparations and a modicum of closure for the horrific experiments their loved ones were subjected to…

“Last year, one victim’s daughter, Alison Steel, was quietly awarded a sum of money from the Canadian government for her mother’s unknowing participation. Jean Steel was admitted into the Allen Institute program in 1957 for manic depression, quickly becoming one of Cameron’s test subjects. When she was released, she was never the same.”

There were several high theater hearings in Congress.  This is from the Congressional Record:  Project MK Ultra, the CIA’s Program of Research in Behavioral Modification, Joint Hearing Before the Select Committee on Intelligence and the Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research of the Committee on Human Resources United States Senate, August 3, 1977.  I know from research some of the major players like Stansfield Turner.  On page 169 of that document, reference is made to Wormwood and Project CHICKWIT.

Paid for by taxpayers.  MK ULTRA was just the tip of the iceberg.  Documentary titled, The Minds of Men, 2018, “The Minds of Men is a 3+ year investigation into the experimentation, art, and practice of Social Engineering and Mind Control during the Cold War. It is a mind-bending journey into the past, that gives startling insight into the world we live today.”

The film is very long, 3:42:24 so I watched it half an hour at a time.  Horrifying.  Evil conducted by mad men drowning in their own narcissism.

Over the decades I have referred readers to a book by a dear lady who became a friend.  Jeri Lynn Ball was a thorough, accurate researcher who dedicated a zillion hours analyzing what was being done to Americans without them realizing it.  Jeri wrote a synopsis about her book.

MASTERS OF SEDUCTION:  Beguiling Americans Into Slavery and Self-destruction

“This book presents facts that are completely at odds with the information being spread on amass scale by the media. In light of the tremendous power of the press to shape public opinion, probably over 90 percent of Americans have never heard these facts before. The truth may shock and astound you. It may seem staggering, inconceivable– beyond reality. What are the unheard-of facts, the unsuspected truth? Is it true that Americans are the targets of a full-scale psychological war?

“Is it true that there has been a deliberate attempt to attack their minds, to undermine their institutions and beliefs, and to obliterate the United States? Is it true that to achieve these ends the masters have gained virtual control of America’s educational system, the universities, the entertainment industry, and the media? If so, how have they acquired this enormous power and why they are attempting to manipulate the thoughts and emotions of the whole American people?

“Masters of Seduction zeroes in on the answers, showing that Communist masters who ran the“former” Soviet Union and East Bloc nations during the Cold War are still in control of these hapless countries today and that they are waging psychological warfare, using the same powerful secret weapon to subjugate Americans that they used to enslave their own people.

“The Russian totalitarians, Red Chinese, and their globalist American “partners” are using this secret ideological weapon, among other things, to achieve world domination. This book provides overwhelming documentation which proves that Communism is not dead and that it’s spreading like cancer. In fact, America itself is now in imminent danger of being devoured by this pernicious, rapidly-spreading evil.


“At the Sixth Party Congress held in Moscow in 1928, Communists wrote and approved “The Program” to bring in the New World Order. What most Americans don’t know is the real nature of this diabolical criminal scheme. The Program of the Third International called for a global environmental program and for the transformation of all human beings on earth to accept the New World Order.

“These and other facts are brought to light by General Benton Partin in his videotape, Globalism: The Program. The Communists planned to use the global environmental program as a means of eradicating national sovereignty and creating a world dictatorship. All nations, nationalities, and national boundaries were to be replaced by an omnipotent, one-world government and regional governances. The Communists did not want the American approach to liberty, with individual God-given rights protected by a government with limited powers.

“The Communists did not want the American concept of rule of law. They wanted unrestrained despotic government, power without limit, a world without laws—a brutal, terror-inspiring global totalitarian police state which could smash all laws of justice,launch campaigns of enslavement and mass murder, and eliminate opponents of the New World Order. Twenty delegates from the U.S. voted for the 1928 Program of the Third International.”

Gen. Ben Partin was a dear friend of mine for a long time.  He went to our Lord in 2019.  Ben was truly a wonderful human being with a heart of gold and one of the most intelligent people I’ve been blessed to know.  Ben’s bio is extensive.We had many long discussions over the decades about the plans to destroy our Republic.  Larry Becraft and I put on an event in June 1998, Ben was one of the five speakers.  While he speaks about OKC and WACO, Ben spends a good amount of time on the goals of the Communist International.  Watching Ben’s presentation is 45 minutes of well spent time.

Deadly Failures in Intelligence Analysis and Defense Unpreparedness by Gen. Ben Partin – “One is the evolution of technology whose extrapolation is a sophisticated science itself, and the other is the Program of the Communist International Adopted at its 6th Congress in Moscow on September 1, 1928. [Reference: The Communist International 1919-1943 Documents. The Communist International 1919-1943 Documents, Jane DeGrasse, ed., Volume 11, 1923-1928, London, Oxford University Press, 1960.]​”  I have the same documents among the thousands in the Reading Room on my web site.

Going back to Jeri’s synopsis of her book, Masters of Seduction, published in 2000, she masterfully explains in great detail how the communists were well on their way to creating the ‘new Soviet man’.  Reconstructing Americans through the use of psychological warfare on the American people.  20 pages that will shock most Americans if they take the time to read how they’ve been used.  How psychological warfare was being used to wash people’s minds that’s had a profound impact on our society.  We are 21 years from the time Jeri published her book.  One cannot deny what she laid out isn’t happening here in America because it is and it’s toxic.

Today these same evil malignant narcissists have used the media (print, electronic, boob tube & social media) to condition not just the U.S., but the world to accept “the new normal” regarding COVID-19.  Accept giving up your God-given rights.  Accept walking around for a year or more with a diaper on your face that’s absolutely, scientifically worthless for preventing the spread of a virus.  Isolate yourself, your family, live in fear.

I say go to Hell with your new normal.  A “new normal” whose foundation is a mountain of lies enough to choke a horse.  Jon Rappoport wrote a great piece,  Pandemics Are Staged on Television, July 3, 2021.  Jon uses the movie, Network, to make his point. Spot on.  The “mainstream” media for decades has had an agenda; only those who never stray from ABC, CNN and the rest of them still believe their well crafted and deliberate lies on just about every issue.

My last column, COVID-19’s 800 Ton Elephant in the Room, shocked a lot of people.  So much email and still coming in.  You see, once one is able to blow away the brain fog and start connecting the dots, things begin to make sense.  Several doctors emailed me.  “A trusted friend sent the link to your column”.  Basically, they all said the same thing:  We’ve been lied to and ‘why couldn’t I see it’?  Because you trusted the source of this phantom virus, the CDC.  You trusted Mike Pence’s choice of the big cheese, globally well connected, career criminal top dog expert to lead us all into a valley of death, Dr. Anthony Fauci.  Because the method used by the disgraced MSM was exactly as Jon says in his column:

“An emergency medical vehicle on a street. EMT personnel, in hazmat suits, load a man strapped down to a stretcher, into the van. On another street, a man collapses on the sidewalk. We see a quarantined man sitting inside a huge plastic bubble on a third street. Cut to an airport lobby. Soldiers are patrolling the space among the crowds. Cut to a lab. Close-up of vials of liquid.

“Camera pulls back. Techs in light green scrubs are placing the vials into slots of a table-top machine. Auditorium—a man on a platform, wearing a doctor’s white coat, is pointing a wand at a large screen, on which a chart is displayed, for the audience. Back to the street. People are wearing face masks. These images wash over the television viewer. Meanwhile, the anchor is imparting his prepared meaning: “The government today issued a ban on all travel into and out of the city…hundreds of plane flights have been cancelled. Scientists are rushing to develop a vaccine…”

Today, it’s called optics.  It’s also, in my humble opinion, treating the American people like Pavlov’s dogs:  Pavlov’s Dogs and American Education, Sept. 19, 2008 – “Although the communists took control of Russia in 1917, Pavlov was able to continue his work unhindered in what became the State Institute of Experimental Psychology supported by government funding. Since Pavlov was both a Darwinist and a behaviorist, there was no ideological conflict between him and the new Marxist-Leninist government, which denied God and viewed man as nothing more than an animal whose behavior could be shaped by the State.

“In 1920, Pavlov and his colleagues embarked on a long-term experimental investigation. The aim of the experiments was to learn how to artificially create human disorganization for the purpose of controlling and reorienting human behavior. In The Nature of Human Conflicts (1932), influential Soviet psychologist Dr. A.L. Luria gives us a full account of the experiments and what they revealed. “The chief problems of the author,” Luria wrote in his Preface, “were an objective and materialistic description of the mechanisms lying at the basis of the disorganization of human behavior and an experimental approach to the laws of its regulation.”

“Why would these Soviet psychologists spend so much time and effort trying to find out how to deliberately drive people crazy? The answer is simple. The Soviet Union believed itself to be the leader in a world revolution to convert everyone to communism, which required the conquest of all its capitalist enemies. And this was to be done not by military invasion but by psychological warfare under the guise of objective science.”

So, going back to Jon’s comparison above, Americans were subjected to 24/7 mass hysteria created by the prostitute media; conditioned to react in fear seeing a doctor’s white coat, face masks, cherry picked hospitals in “hot spots”.  Over and over and over for nearly a year now and still, despite the overwhelming scientific evidence, people are still wearing masks outside here in my city in 95-degree temperatures.  Viruses hate heat, folks.

Remember, in 2018, 900,000 people were hospitalized during the annual influenza season; runs Dec. – Feb but can run into May.  That’s six months.  This COVID is now 18+ months with 120,000 people hospitalized up until March 4th.  Hospitalized for COVID from Mar. 15, 2020 – Mar. 4, 2021:  120,000.  Why did they stop tracking hospitalizations?

Thanks to independent media we have been able to reach millions with the truth and the fight is on to stop forcing Americans to take a COVID-19 injection or lose your job or be ostracized in society as someone who is selfish and wants everyone to die!  Until Americans who’ve been destroyed over this phantom virus understand how they’ve been manipulated by evil narcissists, they will continue to live in fear.  Continue to react as desired by those with a diabolical agenda. 

All of this is too much for some and so they will remain in denial.  They had “COVID”.  They had a loved one die from a virus that has not been shown to exist.  Trust science Fauci bellows!  Fine, do what I covered at the end of my last column and we’ll see what science shows.

The yearly influenza flu season was underway in December 2019.  As I’ve written so many times before, COVID has been a cash cow.  Influenza flu virtually disappeared, COVID became the big bux producer and now those dangerous experimental gene editing technology injections being passed off as vaccines are worth tens of billions of dollars with the American people as their guinea pigs.

Is it COVID or Is it the Flu? Not Even Your Doctor Knows for Sure.  July 3, 2021:

If you’re wondering about the loss of taste or smell, do read the article above.

Kelleigh Nelson has spent a huge chunk of time researching players, who works for who, who benefits and so forth.  Her archives are here.  Americans need to understand how they’ve been lied to and manipulated.  They need to demand the one big question gets answered:  Since neither the CDC or any other world health agency or independent institutes  (lab studies) has a purified isolated particles sample of this “new novel coronavirus” discovered through THE solid scientific method, Koch’s Postulates, just what are people getting vaccinated for?

COVID-19’s 800 Ton Elephant in the Room  –  Demand your lawmakers in your legislature get the answer as I laid out to Sen. Hall in my last letter which is my column.  First one they need under oath is Dr. Robert Redfield, former Dir. Of the CDC.

Otherwise, come winter it will be a repeat of last year.  Influenza flu a thing of the past; all will be COVID-19 forever if this nightmare isn’t stopped.  It will only be stopped by all of us because if we do nothing, another round of lock downs on top of what’s underway with the economy is too terrible to contemplate.  And the upcoming school year where schools, colleges and universities will demand your child get one of those injections.

The current screeching over this ‘Delta variant’ is more scaremongering.  How can you have a variant of a virus the CDC doesn’t seem to have it proven exists? Top Experts Say COVID-19 ‘Delta Variant’ Symptoms Are Identical To ‘Hay Fever’, Common Cold

I hope you’ll send this to your email lists and post on all social media.  The very worst is coming as far as fighting against mandatory vaccination and the economy.  Knowledge is power but we need to share that knowledge.  Those orchestrating this world government nightmare and population reduction programs are evil to the core and I do mean evil.  Extreme narcissists who believe only they should hold positions of power and authority over a greatly reduced population.  Only we can stop it by putting intense heat on state legislatures:  Stop all vaccinations now.

Updated VAERS data as of June 25th6,985 dead, up 849 since June 18th data post.  Adverse reactions:  411,931, up 24,643 since June 18th data post.  All categories continue to rise.  I learned last week they are three months behind in reporting.

Note: For a thorough, comprehensive education on the Fed, the income tax, education, Medicare, SS, the critical, fraudulent ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment and more, be sure to order my book by calling 800-955-0116 or click the link, “Taking Politics Out of Solutions“. 400 pages of facts and solutions.

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