Just when the world tempts you will a little bit of encouragement, along comes a sting, an attack, a short sharp shock, or an injustice, to try and knock the shine right out of your joy, and throw you straight back in to a cycle of confusion. It is now happening daily. It is a good lesson in observing how such tactics can be used as a form of control.

After basking, just for a while, in the aftermath of the decision for the UK to leave the EU it was announced on the 13th July, that MP for Maidenhead, and Home Secretary Theresa May, has now been elected by her party as the new leader for the Conservative Party, and hence is now officially the new Prime Minister for the UK. She replaces David Cameron who resigned immediately after the Brexit decision was made, and has now stepped down from his role.

The Queen has instructed Theresa May who was also an advocate of remaining in the EU, to form a new government!

It is early days, and although Theresa May has duly appointed David Davis as her new Minister for Brexit, and has promised to swiftly fulfil the UK’s decision to exit the EU, unfortunately her track record does not instil very much confidence in some of the electorate. They have significant concerns based on her very changeable views, some of the statements she makes, and the decisions she has made over the years.

Born in 1956, the daughter of an Anglican minister, she seems to have changed some of her once moral votes on certain issues, into a more popular humanistic view of the world.

If the first female Prime Minister for the UK, Margaret Thatcher, was known for her motto “this lady is not for turning” Theresa May is a woman who is known to consistently change her mind on different issues.

Of course, changing your mind, is what any person would say is their ‘prerogative’. However, there is a difference with having a change of heart which is based on a revelation of truth, and doing what is right for a country, against changing your mind to go along with an ever changing world.

But isn’t this what many leaders do. It is why we quickly distrust and loose all confidence and respect for them? So what is going on?

It seems that double speak, going back on your words, or constantly changing your views, are now the pre-requisite requirements for instigating this cycle of confusion which the world is now falling prey to through every system in society.

In her first speech outside No 10 Downing Street which you can listen to here, she spoke of the ‘one nation government’ and her pride in unionism, which she intends to continue to promote, where all citizens are treated equally, whoever they are, and wherever they are from. She made no mention of terrorism, which is the main concern of practically every person living in Europe, regardless of their race.

Her speech will have appealed to everyone who is attracted to the idealist philosophy of us all ‘being one’ and all being treated equally. It sounds good, and it sounds strong; it has a reminiscence of why some people liked belonging in the European Union. Unity and reconciliation are ideals we strive for. However, many people will tell you that the reality of trying to live under those ideals, resulted in them feeling displaced and discarded, and their points of view deemed irrelevant. Many people complained that the spirit promoted under the EU was that it was always implied that people did not know how to make their own decisions. Only those in control knew best.

This has also been defined in the growth of name calling.

Brexit supporters were called poorly educated, thickies, immoral, illiterate, or uneducated losers, calling for a “Little Britain” And that was from politicians! Did those politicians also mean those who have risked their lives in service for their country?

What Love is this?

In essence, it appears people are really being played off against one another indiscriminately by a system which claims to promote fairness and unity, instead of using sensible rationale and time honoured boundaries, with boundaries being the operative word.

Your own individual soul and the soul of a nation can be killed if you ‘love’ your neighbour in the wrong way and do not retain your own individual conscience and sense of self worth created by this boundary.

Are all leaders’ humanistic instigators of reform using us and leading us into an Orwellian nightmare interspersed with glimmers of false hope believing we are heading to heaven on earth, instead of hell on earth with a new breed of love? I hope not. It sounds oppressive. We must therefore still have hope

A one world, one brain, group think, is not really respecting individualism or diversity in its truest sense. If you loose your individualism in servitude to the wrong type of unionism, it is then that you get a ‘Little Britain’. Phew…..

Loving your Neighbour

Whilst it has been said that the decision to leave the EU was primarily based on the fear and the consequences which have already witnessed from uncontrolled mass immigration, little has been said on the number of legal immigrants and the genuine refugees which the UK have welcomed; something which the UK has always shown genuine compassion towards. Loving your neighbour is now being used as a leverage to instil guilt rather than discernment. When is enough, enough? We have given up our own sense of self worth to serve a wrong master. There is nothing respectful or honourable in doing that for you or for your neighbour.

And whilst Theresa May now launches an independent review into the reported misuse of Sharia law in up to 100 Sharia law courts across the UK; many people have questioned why another form of law which some say is incompatible with British law, is being allowed to run parallel in our country?

From an official government site in relation to the review, she is quoted as saying:

“Many British people of different faiths follow religious codes and practices, and benefit a great deal from the guidance they offer”.

This statement attempts to justify an acceptance of Sharia councils by including all other faiths, but it has raised some outrage by some parliamentary members and also the public.

The review which can take up to 18 months will be looking to see if forced marriages are being legitimised and if divorces issued to women are being dealt with unfairly.

A daily emphasis on Islam, is of course wearing people down predominantly in view of the many terrorist attacks being carried out across the world.

From France, who are our closest neighbors, it is known that Prime Minister Manuel Valls was unceremoniously and loudly booed and jeered recently whilst attending a service in memory of the victims killed in Nice. This was not only as a result of a weak approach in the protection of citizens on the Cote d’Azure, but also from his statement:

“The French people must learn to live with terrorism”
After continuous attacks, this is not what the French people wanted to hear during their time of mourning. Who is writing these speeches?

The BBC reported that the solidarity that the world witnessed after the Charlie Hebdo attack is no longer there anymore. The mood has now changed in France. Verbal attacks on the government are increasing.

There is an awful lot of unrest being created. What people must never do is retaliate physically.

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Do Not Love This World.

So how do you build stability in an unstable, argumentative, and mixed up world; where yes means no, evil means good, and good means evil?

In so much as some have mocked the Christian approach of praying for their country and its leaders, and turning back to godly principles; it was also Christian evangelist David Hathaway who first alerted many people about the EU through his well known film called The Rape of Europe, which was made 15 years ago, and has been shown to many people since. There is no arguing that some of the links he has made connect the EU to a new Babylon.

Just one of those links is how Europe takes its name from Europa. In Greek myth Europa was a woman who was raped by Zeus who took the form of a bull. Europa became ‘Queen of Heaven’ replacing the ‘King of Heaven’. The EU regularly uses the image from Revelation 17 of the woman on the beast. You can also see her statue outside the European Parliament building in Strasbourg, a building which also closely resembles the image of the Tower of Babel painted by Pieter Brueghel in 1563. If symbolism is something we should take note of, it is through history and prophecy where we can also find the most reasonable explanations into what is happening in the world today.

However, through observation and common sense alone you can also witness how another world is attempting to transfer itself over the one it should be. You can feel it. You can see it imposing itself upon you. Just like a rapist. Another love is replacing a genuine love. Controversial laws are replacing sensible laws. Injustice is replacing true justice. Fear is replacing hope. Confusion is replacing clear thinking.

If British people benefit from the guidance that belief offers it helps greatly that Christ promised to give perfect peace to those whose minds were stayed on him.

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid”

This is something really worth striving for and hanging on to in our double speak world.


The term comes from the George Orwell book 1984
War is Peace
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength



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[These are my views as a woman living in England, on how the culture and spirit of my country has changed over 50 years. Why the country does not feel protected or strong any more, how it has lost, and is losing it values and decency, and how we are daily losing our free speech.]


© 2016 Shirley Edwards – All Rights Reserved

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