By Lex Greene

In a phone call on June 29, 2021 – from the Massachusetts Department of Veterans Affairs, they announced that “the COVID19 pandemic emergency is officially over!” The call is going out to all veterans who had been receiving COVID19 emergency funds during the economic crisis created by the government’s mishandling of the event nationwide.

It’s a “good news – bad news” call. The call is notifying veterans that because the “COVID emergency is officially ended,” they will no longer be receiving the COVID assistance funds they had been receiving over the past year. The good news is, “the emergency is declared officially over.” The bad news is — the COVID financial assistance once available to veterans in need, is also over.

As all COVID19 “mandates” were allowed only under “emergency declarations,” masking, social distancing, quarantines, lockdowns, business closures, limited public gatherings, and experimental vaccines, now that the “emergency has been officially ended,” these things all end too.

With this declaration of the “end of the emergency,” the end of all “emergency mandates and guidelines” must also end, immediately.

No longer can anyone force anyone to take an experimental vaccine which was only approved by the FDA for “emergency use only” under a “state of emergency.” In fact, as the COVID19 vaccines were only approved by the FDA for “emergency use,” it’s now illegal to administer those vaccines to anyone, because the “emergency” allowing for “emergency use only” has ended.

News that the COVID19 pandemic has officially ended, and the emergency is over, means that life as we once knew it can return immediately without delay.All government issued guidelines were only able to exist under the emergency declaration. Without that, the government has no “emergency” powers at the Federal, State or Local levels.

Last week, the Biden regime extended the moratorium on home foreclosures and evictions that was set to end today, June 30, 2021. But they only extended it to the end of July 2021, once again, I presume because the “emergency has officially ended,” as announced yesterday by the Massachusetts Department of Veterans Affairs.

Of course, this also means that an announcement must soon come putting an end to all COVID19 relief funding. No more “stimulus” money. No more COVID grace periods on loans and debts. People will have to work for a living again if they can find work after 18-months of destroying millions of businesses across the country.

Tyrannical government actors forced the USA (and entire world) into a cataclysmic global financial catastrophe for the past 18-months. On the surface, everything looks fairly good to the average onlooker, all considered. But the chickens are about to come home to roost.

As all government financial aide to people locked out of their lives for the past 18-months ends abruptly, we will begin to see the real damage done to our country and the world by global Marxists who forced the world into this socio-economic toilet.

The fact is, even before the COVID19 Plandemic, the USA had more people receiving government assistance than at the height of the Great Depression. The tyrant’s COVID Plandemic forced over 70% of Americans onto the government gravy train, only to have that same government derail the COVID gravy train, leaving a massive number of citizens destitute and on the verge of homeless.

President Reagan said it best, the most dangerous words ever spoken are “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

Young Americans are about to learn exactly how and why socialism has failed every time it has been tried all over the world. British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was right too – “socialism sounds like a great idea, until you run out of other people’s money.”

It took democrats 70-years to dig our country into ten-trillion in debt. It took Barack Obama only 8-years to double that debt from ten-trillion to twenty-trillion. Then the democrat plandemic drove the national debt from twenty-trillion to well over thirty-trillion in just 1-year, followed by a hundred-trillion more in unfunded liabilities, all of it social (socialist) spending.

Yes indeed, the gravy train is about to come to a screeching halt. The nation will emerge from the plandemic more than one hundred-trillion in unmanageable debt. When the foreclosure and eviction moratoriums are lifted and millions of homes in default hit the foreclosure courts, the housing market will go into a steep nosedive, and we will switch from a sellers-market to a buyers-market overnight.

When the housing bubble breaks, the stock market will head into a deep correction, banks finding themselves under water again, as the housing bubble bursts.

All of it could have been avoided, all of it. There are still things that could be done to soften that hard landing we are about to experience. However, the people currently in charge of our country and the world, set these wheels in motion a long time ago. They want the landing to be so hard that it will force nearly everyone into total compliance and government dependency.

Unless Americans make an immediate regime change, there will be nothing they can do to avoid this crash or even soften the blow. Reversing the 2020 election fraud is the only chance we have to lesson the blow and put things back on track. Short of that, there’s nothing that can be done to stop what’s coming!

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