When I was a little boy growing up in Cleveland my Dad gave me a stern warning.  Several times, he alerted me about an impending development.  “Before I would become an old man, what I have been taught to be good would be condemned as evil.”  In the reverse Dad warned, “evil would be heralded as the new standard of good.”  I knew my Dad to be the most honest and straight forward of people.  So, I sadly believed him, but secretly hoped like heck, that this would be one of those rare occasions Dad would have been mistaken.  Of course, Dad pointed out that that the statement about calling evil good and good evil is in the Bible, so my hopes of it being false were completely dashed at that point.

So here we are in 2017.  Unfolding before us is the Biblical prophesy concerning good and evil.  It used to be, at the very least, political figures tried to give the impression that they were trying to enforce the law and stand against what was known to be wrong.  For example, if you illegally ventured into the United States and committed a violent crime, you would face the long stiff arm of the law.

In 1954 during the Truman administration Joseph Swing, the Director of the United States immigration  and Naturalization Service in cooperation with the Mexican government implemented Operation Wetback.  Both the Truman administration and the Mexican government understood and agreed upon the need to protect our national sovereignty, American farmers and business interests with the efforts of countless illegal immigrants living in the United States without legal permission.

After implementation of Operation Wetback gave rise to arrests and deportations by the U.S. Border Patrol, that was widely considered the right thing to do for the overall good of the republic.  But my oh my how times have changed.  Today approximately 49 percent of the American people centered around cities like Chicago, Los Angeles and elsewhere are totally against the idea of protecting our national sovereignty by curtailing illegal immigrants from entering our republic.  Today their opinions rarely change.  Even after illegal immigrants rape, shoot, or even murder their fellow Americans.

Far too many Americans have reversed their view or the general concept of right and wrong.  It used to be that if someone ran for president on the promise to restore the economy, protect our borders, rebuild the military and bolster our national status in the world, they would be heralded, by both the media and the people.  That was the case with John F. Kennedy, when he ran for the Oval Office.

In more recent years, millions of Americans have been convinced by deviant government school educators crooked college professors that it is now bigoted, racist and downright evil to protect our sovereignty and way of life.  Those of us who reject political correctness and embrace authentic correctness are mockingly called nationalistic, because we simply want America to prosper and be strong.

Let me be the first to officially admit guilt to being nationalistic.  After all, I was born in the United states of America.  Despite the ongoing effort to of the leftists to spread their bitterness against all that is good about our republic, I will do the genuinely correct thing and defend her.  Many leftists like way out there Maxine Waters like to point out America’s faults. Of course, there are faults, human beings are not perfect so wrongs will occur.  But the good of America far outweighs the bad.  When one looks closely at what the leftists tout as solutions to America’s problems, those are not solutions at all.  But rather they are diabolical plots to bring about deadly harm to society.  Political correctness is an intellectual death march for America

“We the People” must seek what is authentically correct and work to reimplement those principles so that what is truly right can be reestablished into the fabric of America.  If not, the promoters of calling evil good and good evil will succeed in their mission to bring about the greatest national collapse in world history.  If you like the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, “The Edwards Notebook” is for you.  A page from The Edwards awaits you weekday mornings at 7:30 AM PDT/ 10:30 AM EST on AM 1180 KCKQ Reno, Nev. and www.americamatters.us.  Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday a page from The Edwards notebook awaits you on MoneyTalk with Melanie at 10:15 AM via SHRmedia, High Plains Talk Radio, daybreak USA, etc. Also catch “The Edwards Notebook” on the weekend Captain’s America radio show that emanates nationwide overnights from flagship station AM 860 WGUL The Answer and via www.am860theanswer.

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