By Laurie Roth

This week our liberal, Trump hating,  Governor Jay Inslee put out an executive order that all state workers in our state must get the Covid-19 vaccine in just a few weeks or they will lose their job.  Our economy is already struggling from the insane lockdowns that crushed thousands of businesses throughout our state. Some will never recover.

You may remember the many months of the ‘antifa party’ with all their terrorist friends, attacking random motorists, burning business to the ground, taking over several blocks of down town Seattle and essentially, running the city.  Governor Inslee did nothing but watch.  while police were thrown out of their own places of work. Inslee just watched some more.  Perhaps he roasted hot dogs as he watched his historical city burn.

Now, our Governor Inslee, attempting to enhance his legacy is ordering a known, dangerous, experimental vaccine on all his state workers.  May I cut past the code speak and professionalism and say it like it really is?  He has unleashed genocide on his own people, thinking he will be a Vaccine leading movie star.  In fact, he is staring already in the movie ‘Governors who sell out, sleep around and fail.’ we are all watching now. This movie also stars his buddies, sell out = Governor Cuomo and Gavin Newsom who is being recalled.

Using his beloved executive power, he is forcing all state workers to take the deadly vaccine that is killing hundreds of thousands of people already.  Does the Governor not read the mountains of Whistleblowers and Doctors exposing the suffering and deaths at the hands of these vaccines?

What about the whistle blower who fled the CDC after they lied about the vaccine deaths, saying there were only 11,000?  She showed evidence that there were 45,000 at the time they were hiding.

Back to Inslee’s death swab order for state workers

As the people organize and explore their response and how to fight this, at least there are two objections included in the order – Religious and Medical.

I beg all of you working in state, education and related jobs that have been targeted by Inslee.  Stand, organize and fight.  Approach all media and make noise.  Contact your sheriff and explore options and patriotic attorneys who might could lead you in a class action suit against Gov. Inslee.  Your very life depends on it.  Do not say yes to the vaccine so that you can die in 2-4 years and Inslee can gloat in his continued ‘traitor’ legacy.

Pray about what you can do to fight this.  I am.

Would you allow someone to force their way into your home and put a gun to your head without a huge fight?  Of course, you wouldn’t, so don’t allow a rogue Governor on ‘control steroids’ to do the same with forced, experimental vaccines that facts say don’t keep you from getting Covid-19 anyway.  Stand and fight. “Inslee, burn down your own home and give yourself the vaccine, but leave our jobs and bodies alone.”

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