By Laurie Roth

The CDC is not even hiding the agenda to make concentration camps for people they define as high risk to place for at least 6 months in ‘Green Zone’ Camps.  It is so beautiful how the Communist left have destroyed the color ‘green.’   Read it yourself and then spread the word, while standing loudly against these…green zone heath camps, NO, these Emergency Health camps, NO, these Nazi style  camps designed to hide behind the ‘green’ emergency’ health’ rhetoric, YES.

Biden and the CDC are using emergency, pandemic lying propaganda about Covid 19 and no doubt the endless variations of it already starting to target the elderly, people fighting any disease, gun owners and the anti-Government and dangerous ‘unvaccinated.’

If you ever doubted the real agenda of Biden and the Democrats, doubt no more.  How could anyone justify seizing against their will, an alleged ‘high risk’ COVID 19 people out of their homes, separated from their family, animals, work, Church, life in general to be placed in Green Zone prison with other high-risk people 6 months or more?  Who gave the CDC and Biden, God power to even dare define ‘high risk’?  It reads like if you have a disease you manage of some sort, and are older, whatever that means, you could be grabbed and put in the Green Zone camp for at least 6 months but with them only deciding if or when you come home.

Even though the real science and facts about the delivered Bio Weapon, Covid 19 shows that only 1-2% of anyone who gets it dies and now with the WHO (World Health Organization) coming out this week and admitting that COVID 19 was just a flu,  The CDC proposes and is planning to extract people that they get to define as high risk, even though the real science and medical facts show almost zero risk and certainly no need for any response more than not coughing in someone’s face and staying home if you are sick.  You know, the common-sense behavior for any flu.

Remember in Nazi Germany as Hitler was unfolding his death campaign for the Jews and other irregulars in society, he was talking emergency for the country, health considerations, talking of a brief time away…on and on with the lies to get the Jews to step onto death trains and take them to death camps.  Remember, Satan rarely approaches first without a lollypop and gift.  He prefers to seduce you and pull you in close, then stab you to death. It’s a health crisis you know.

History shows us all what happened in WW11, the horrid and unbelievable!  Part of the madness then, looking back was a culture and those targeted who accepted the line, the propaganda, complacency was pandemic enough that millions got on trains and went to their death.

Looking back a moment –The time for a real war and bloodbath should have started back when Nazis started shutting Jewish businesses down and people were ordered to turn in neighbors The real response by those Hitler targeted, should have been organizing more ways to target Nazi soldiers, destroy railroad tracks and blow-up death trains.  If the NAZI guards were standing there pointing guns at everyone, maybe the solution should have been that everyone should have died if it was meant to be a ‘dying die’ for some. If only the masses stood up and fought instead of fearfully obeyed and got on the trains.

Through out history and with many during WW11, the masses got confused with being submissive to authority and Government. Many don’t think they have any other choices. They turned in neighbors, knowing in their heart and mind they were sending someone to their death and it was evil.  Many did it anyway.

If allowed, soon Biden and this Green Zone camp push will be used to get the masses to turn in gun owners, the unvaccinated and those who speak against the vaccines and Government policies.  People like me will be high risk for speaking the truth and not wanting to take a dangerous vaccine.

For the CDC to even be posting their intentions and details about the =Green Zone camps, tells you we are approaching NAZI Germany death camps, covered in green propaganda and Pandemic madness that doesn’t even exist

The truth is, if the Green Zone camps are allowed to go forward and the masses let it happen, thinking they have no power, then I predict that many millions will disappear and never come home.  It will be an organized genocide designed to get rid of the elderly (useless eaters) those with expensive diseases to manage. Again, this will also be the vehicle to finally get rid of the ‘high risk’ gun owners and unvaccinated.

Fight with all you have against this.  It is time to march in the streets, spread the word far and wide about this, pray and stand.  If we are even remotely complacent about this we will die and so will America.  Fight, Fight, Fight.

© 2021 Laurie Roth – All Rights Reserved

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