By Shirley Edwards

May 7, 2022

(These are my views as a woman living in England, on how the culture and spirit of my country has changed over 50 years.  Why the country does not feel protected or strong any more, how it has lost, and is losing it values and decency, and how we are daily losing our free speech.)

“But don’t be afraid of those who threaten you. For the time is coming when everything that is covered will be revealed, and all that is secret will be made known to all.  What I tell you now in the darkness, shout abroad when daybreak comes. What I whisper in your ear, shout from the housetops for all to hear!  — Matthew 10:26-28

I have a very guilty secret.  I have been watching the Johnny Depp versus Amber Heard court case on a daily basis.  It is intriguing.  I have also followed it up with an analysis by body language experts to see if I agree with their observations.  One of whom schools the G7 participants!  I have been late for appointments and late going to bed.  One could say it has been a massive‘distraction’.  It has certainly been exhausting.

It is a fascinating insight into how lies and abuse can be so manipulated that an innocent person can be become the villain, and vice-versa. I am now wondering how many people who having watched this have made the correlation of this drama being conducted, into the experiences that we go through in life, and have especially related it to the drama we are all going through now?

Are you a perpetrator, a victim, or a survivor in life from abuse? Or just an innocent bystander?  What is the truth? They are hard questions we should all ask ourselves.

After listening to the exhaustive testimony of Johnny Depp without any interruption or cross examining, I thought how fortunate he was to have had the privilege of being able to tell his story.  Some people just don’t get the opportunity.  It was painful to listen to and yet insightful.  Yes, so called ‘fact checker’s’ were on hand, and some tried to trip him up and silence him, but on the whole free speech was allowed.

I identified with some of his stories and his mannerisms.  His lazy left eye, his stumbling over words, wrong accusations, the injustice and the bullying and the shame.  I also remembered how at some periods in life those childhood resentments had manifested in me and I had inflicted them on others.  However, as in all scenarios I think the one thing which I really identified with is that there somewhere there is always ‘Truth’ and above all else this is something we strive and long for regardless of the pain of our own mistakes. Maybe this is why I am watching this so intently.

Truth is light on a dark day.  It is clean and decent.  It requires no guessing, no prompts, no acting.  It possesses common sense.  It sets you free.

Mutiny on the Bounty

Truthfully, loving others, or loving your neighbor, as the Bible would instruct, has been particularly difficult these last few years, as I am sure it has been for many readers.

Although I am not a nurse, working in the health service, for me,has been particularly challenging to say the least.  It has been disturbing to know the harm that may have been caused to both adults and children alike, both physically and psychologically.

Exposing the sheer hypocrisy on what has been promoted as a world-wide ‘health initiative’ to protect our health, minus any risk assessment, long term data, or any type of acknowledgement to the damage that may be caused by an mRNA injectable, together with the long term use of plastic face masks, has seen some staff persecuted in my work environment, discriminated against, bullied and also accused of being selfish in their failure to comply or even quietly question some of the orders being forced upon them.

I would like to say that in witnessing this I have been like the pirate Jack Sparrow, and taken my sword, my eye-liner and boots, and stamped out the evilness of the one-eyed masters of lies and treachery, who with a ‘common-purpose’ mission, together with some neuro-linguistic programming, have seen themselves as the new and more insightful leaders of our society bullying my colleagues into submission.

The most I have done is refuse to walk the plank, worn a bit of concealer, and now with a bitter-sweet smile stand divided alongside thousands of unseen others in our health service who don’t want to cause a mutiny, but no longer feel loyal to the system who recently threatened to throw them overboard for questioning a vaccination, based on the orders of the actor Captain Johnson, the Prime Minister, who certainly likes to party.

I am very aware that for light relief, many succumbed to the pressure of not being able to stand firm or alone in what can only be considered coercive and ‘abusive’, and that there are some who feel proud at having become fully compliant into a belief they are now more competent and somehow more caring.  It is a crazy mix.  There are also many others who now also feel isolated themselves and regret having fallen to the oppressor.

We must always remember that.

How do you love or trust someone who has used you but then tells you to do as you are told otherwise there will be consequences?

Because of this, many have distanced themselves. The have jumped ship from the National Health Service.  It is my personal belief it was that they have been unable to take the injustice and no longer feel motivated by the system they have been loyally serving.  For six months prior to April 2022, health care workers had been told to take the vaccination, or else lose their job, although the terminology used was ‘deployed’ to a non-patient facing role. However, this requirement was also extended to non-patient facing staff who had been ‘scoped’ as potentially coming into contact with a patient.  GP’s and doctors have also moved on, left or retired.

Warning ‘many’ care workers will not return to jobs despite vaccine rule change | Nursing Times

In responding to the latest GP workforce Data, January 2022.   Dr Farah Jameel, GPC England chair at the BMA, is quoted as saying

“At a time of significant upheaval, long waiting lists and increasing sickness in our communities, it is a terrible indictment of the current state of the NHS that highly qualified GPs are leaving the profession in such large numbers. The latest data show that over the last year England has lost the equivalent of 279 fully qualified full-time GPs, with 91 having left in the last month alone. This loss of 91 GPs works out as the equivalent of more than 200,000 patients having lost their family doctor between December and January”

Declining number of GPs shows no signs of abating without a workable plan to recruit and retain NHS staff, says BMA – BMA media centre – BMA

Unvaccinated nursing staff who have remained and have always dedicated their lives into caring for others who were told they would now not lose their jobs, have also discovered that the re-validation requirements that they require to practice may in the future require evidence of a vaccination.  From personal experience I am aware that applying for a job in the NHS, whatever it might be, also requires revealing your vaccination status.

News | Royal College of Nursing (

Jobs Not Jabs (UK) – Proposed group action for healthcare

The National Health Service, known as the NHS which the British were once so proud of is apparently sinking.

Founded in July 1948, in the UK, it has been one of the biggest employers in the world.  Employing over 1.3 million staff it has been promoted as being a government funded medical and health care service which anyone can freely use.  However, contrary, to the narrative of it being a free health service, the NHS is actually publicly funded for by the taxpayer, and in some areas, such as in the case of prescriptions or private consultations; patients do have to pay for that service.  In some areas such as dentistry or ophthalmology, payments are also made, albeit at a reduced rate in comparison to private care in those fields.

In 2019, prior to the pandemic it was announced by Boris Johnson that there was a bounty of gold amounting to £34 billion being put into the NHS to save it.  I’m sure it won him some favor, but in light of how the money has been mis-used, the continual cry of the NHS needing even more money to still save it is becoming tiring in the face of what we have now witnessed and experienced.

The £20.5 billion NHS England spending increase is the largest five year increase since the mid-2000s – Full Fact

The mental health of people is a real world-wide epidemic which is now taking place. The harm we have inflicted upon children has always outweighed the risks of a virus.

It is also reported that whistleblowing by care home staff was up by 66% during Covid 19.  Vulnerable adults should have always had a family member or guardian to physically visit and support them.  Elderly patients who were discharged from hospital were also placed in care homes across the UK and were not tested for Covid 19.

Former minister Baroness Altmann said the “shocking rise” in whistleblowing complaints was “clear evidence” of a “broken social care system”.

Jayne Connery, founder and director of Care Campaign for the Vulnerable, said she was “saddened” but not surprised by the rise in complaints. Jayne said the corresponding fall in safeguarding reporting was because local authorities and the CQC were not visiting care homes

Whistleblowing by care home staff up 66% during COVID-19 (

COVID-19: Government acted unlawfully when it sent patients into care homes without coronavirus testing | UK News | Sky News

Dr Cathy Gardener, whose father died from Covid in a care home after untested patients were sent there from hospital, also took legal action against Health Secretary Sajid Javid, NHS England and Public Health England.

Despite the request by the government to throw the case out, in a ruling made in April this year, it was concluded that the government indeed acted unlawfully.

Knowingly, or unknowingly, this is the abuse which has been inflicted upon us.  Various spokespersons including thousands of professional and qualified health professionals and scientists world-wide have tried to warn others.  They have even exposed the abusers to the detriment of their own livelihood.  Missiles were thrown at them. The isolation and the division that has now been created in the workplace is heartbreaking.  I don’t believe it can be repaired.

Working in the health service I have witnessed some very dedicated staff.  Some of them I have known for over 17 years.  They are like family to me.  I am aware that some have been vaccinated and some have not.  I am much more aware of those who have been vaccinated as they still have much more freedom to talk about it.  Sometimes I notice they seem indifferent to the fact that others are not afforded the same freedom or respect. There is sometimes a silence now as I watch from a distance not knowing what will happen long term to those who are still part of this psychological trial and the experiment which has taken place upon us, but I am encouraged that more people are coming forward to talk about the adverse reactions that have been experienced from the vaccination and that people are becoming more aware of the yellow card system where doctors should record side-affects.

Exclusive: Sir Christopher Chope MP on vaccine adverse reactions and the need for compensation | UKColumn

However, who can count the number of psychological problems, the pain, the division and the hurt that has been created in the home and the workplace.

This is Domestic Abuse.

The jury will soon be out on the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard case.  The outcome will soon be revealed. I can hardly wait.

Are you a perpetrator, a victim, or a survivor in life from abuse?  What is the truth? These are hard questions we should all ask ourselves

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Warning ‘many’ care workers will not return to jobs despite vaccine rule change | Nursing Times

Declining number of GPs shows no signs of abating without a workable plan to recruit and retain NHS staff, says BMA – BMA media centre – BMANews | Royal College of Nursing (

Jobs Not Jabs (UK) – Proposed group action for healthcare

The £20.5 billion NHS England spending increase is the largest five year increase since the mid-2000s – Full Fact

Exclusive: Sir Christopher Chope MP on vaccine adverse reactions and the need for compensation | UKColumn

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