(These are my views as a woman living in England, on how the culture and spirit of my country has changed over 50 years.   Why the country does not feel protected or strong any more, how it has lost, and is losing it values and decency, and how we are daily losing our free speech.)

Part 2, Of Royal Birth Descended

It has always been fairly easy in some sense to view the laws of ‘cause and effect’ in action.   In relation to the human body, if it is subjected to a toxic substance, either physically or spiritually, it is more than evident that it will also result in disease, unrest, and eventually death.

However, all of us are born to posses ‘defects’, in some shape or form; it is part of the human condition, and we can also be subject to the many toxins of our environment. Overcoming them and doing the right thing appears to be a calling that some people will make, whilst others will not.

In terms of people born with a severe physical disability, one of the most insightful and inspirational people I have come across is a well known Christian international speaker.  (views may not be the same as the writers)

Born with no arms and no legs, he was once tempted to take his own life when he was a child.  He now travels the world encouraging and inspiring others to overcome their own personal disabilities; in every way.  He gives a message of hope.  After the initial shock of witnessing this man, in his very vulnerable state, you realize his spirit has become much more the person he is, than the obvious fact of his disabilities.    He is an over-comer and an encourager.  He is free.    After a short time of listening to him, his message is much more important. You can listen to him here.

It is my opinion that if there is a passage from the bible which sums him up, and epitomises who he is, it could possibly be from John 9:2, which surmises that some defects are for the purpose of Gods glory being revealed through them. Who are we to judge?

However, not all people see the potential that our very defected lives can offer. Could it be that there are some people who view others as an undesirable, a mere resource or a burden in society?   Is there a race of people who see themselves as superior?

Eugenics, ‘the selection of desired human characteristics in order to improve future generations’ has both positive and negative reviews, and whilst we mainly attribute negative eugenics to the atrocities/experiments carried out in Nazi Germany, there is a history before the holocaust, which stems from England and also the United States, from which, it is reported, Hitler, and Mengele also drew their inspiration from.

Briefly, British born, Francis Galton, related to Charles Darwin, and inspired by Darwin’s book, ‘Origin of Species’ believed breeding humans with superior mental traits was essential to society.   He coined the phrase ‘eugenics’ and became knighted in 1909 to become ‘Sir’ Francis Galton for his research and scientific contributions, and it is believed he is responsible for launching the eugenics movement in the UK and also the USA. [Link]

British Labour MP Archibald Church, possibly  inspired by selective breeding, had proposed the compulsory sterilisation, like Germany, of certain ‘mental patients’ in Parliament in 1931, and although not passed, many sterilisations were forcibly carried out in England.

However, previously in 1907, men, women and children in America thought to be insane, or idiotic, epileptic or even promiscuous were forcibly sterilised by authorities who saw them as unfit to reproduce.

Other countries in the 20’s and 30’s had also passed similar laws, including the Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.  Such was the trend in eugenics.

Forced sterilization ended in America in 1974

In researching the history of eugenics you will find a history of sterilisation of undesirable people that our countries would rather forget or overlook.

In Britain, there have been recent cases of forced sterilisation which has bought up the debate on whether it is impinging on a woman’s human rights to be forcibly sterilized whether she has the mental capacity to understand the consequences of her actions or not? [Link]

It also seems somehow ironic that Francis Galton, who was born in Birmingham, England and studied for two years at Birmingham General Hospital, is connected to Birmingham Children’s Hospital, who were accused of removing 1500 hearts from patients without permission from relatives just twenty years ago.

Tomorrow’s Children

It appears that whilst we are being encouraged to believe that only positive eugenics are taking place today, by way of research to improve genetic conditions or illnesses, that there is a spirit of superiority which still exists which believes that some human beings are there to be tested upon, saved or discarded in an experimental fashion for another more underlying motive.

Further, is euthanasia, disguised as a type of dignity in dying, abortion, promiscuity, now being promoted in order to depopulate society in order for those who consider themselves the fitter more elite person to survive?     No longer are people forcibly euthanized or sterilised, mankind does this to itself under the guise of ‘freedom to choose’ whilst it is really under the spirit of what we call negative eugenics, a culture of death and under the same spirit which we attribute to the evil of Hitler’s death camps!

Serious thought should be given to the question “are we now living in one big death camp, giving permission, and thanking our captors for killing and experimenting on us?” or “Are we free, kind and compassionate people?”

Has the positive and sincere quest for improving human life through genuine medical research and enquiry descended?

The outright denial of further medical help and care offered to the family of Alfie Evans, following on from Charlie Gard, and the arrest of Ashya King’s parents for removing their child from hospital, sadly gives us this impression. [Link], [Link]

Hiding behind a plethora of kind words the world was witnessing some very cruel actions.

Sadly, whilst supporters of Alfie Evans family were demonstrating and voicing their concerns, and were being condemned for bringing his plight to public light, celebrations were taking place for pro-choice advocates in London after the UK’s first PSPO order (Public Space Protection Order was passed which effectively bans pro-life advocates from being within 100 metres of a West London abortion clinic.  To break that law you can face a fine of up to £1000.  One can only imagine how PSPO orders will now be used against future pro-lifers or against any other demonstrations or objections raised on ethical issues.

It should be remembered that those who spoke out against Hitler’s regime also faced threats or imprisonment and some were even executed.  PSPO orders may not execute people who break its law but most certainly it seems to be persecuting those who defend life. [Link]

Almost 77 years ago, the Bishop of Munster, Clemens August Graf von Galen spoke out against the Nazi euthanasia programme.   He is known as The Lion of Munster, and you can read about him here in an excellent article.

He is quoted as saying:

“If you establish and apply the principle that you can ‘kill’ unproductive human beings, then woe betide us all when we become old and frail!. . . . Do you, do I have the right to live only as long as we are productive?. . . .Nobody would be safe anymore. Who could trust his physician? It is inconceivable what depraved conduct, what suspicion could enter family life if this terrible doctrine is tolerated, adopted, carried out.”

I love Von Galen’s motto.   Nec Laudibus, Nec Timore – Unconcerned about praise, or fear.

People who are pro-life should be encouraged by Von Galen’s stand.   Nobility is a spirit, in the same vein as ‘Grace’.   The blood which runs through your veins could be from the most royal of all births.   Only God knows…..

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