Corruption is worse than prostitution. The latter might endanger the morals of an individual, the former invariably endangers the morals of the entire country.   Karl Kraus

Our country is now taking so steady a course as to show by what road it will pass to destruction, to wit: by consolidation of power first, and then corruption, its necessary consequence.  Thomas Jefferson

Instead of a reported collusion between presidential candidate Donald Trump and Russia, the real collusion became obvious when Hillary’s Uranium One deal was finally exposed.  Clinton also illegally paid a foreign company (Fusion GPS) to compile opposition research and sell it as intelligence that was then dropped in the lap of former FBI Director James Comey, thanks to traitor John McCain.

Comey used the dossier to give the Obama administration cover for filing for a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant, signed off by an Obama crony judge, to conduct National Security Agency surveillance of certain American citizens like former foreign policy adviser, Carter Page and National Security Adviser, Michael FlynnLink

Fusion GPS has been an influential hidden hand in Washington, with entree into the city’s most powerful news bureaus.  Behind the scenes, the private intelligence firm run by former Wall Street Journal reporters was particularly active last year working to defeat Trump.  Fusion leader Glenn Simpson, who railed against sleazy opposition research as a reporter, harbored a strong desire to bring down the builder of hotels with his own nefarious research.

The real collusion lies with the Trump hating Mueller investigators and the FBI schemes to destroy Trump during the campaign and now during his presidency. It’s the Hillary loving leftists who meddled over and over again in the election.

So, where the hell is Jeff Sessions?  President Trump…it’s time to send your AG back to Alabama where he could have been helpful in the Senate and bring on Rudy Giuliani!  We need someone with chutzpah and teeth to go after the corruption!

Mueller’s Ultimate Goal

Robert Mueller is looking for an impeachment. Even the left has admitted this investigation is a charade.  Mueller assembled a team of rabid Trump haters, and   he is tight with Comey and Rosenstein, the latter of whom appointed him. Now Mueller is seeking revenge for his close friend, James Comey.  Here is the timeline of this attack on our President.

Hit by hit, we’re learning the truth and the entire Mueller crew is being exposed for their bias.  McCabe, Rosenstein, Comey, and Mueller are all enemy combatants against our President.

Strzok’s Anti-Trump Text Messages

Last August we learned of Peter Strzok’s removal for bias against Trump, but now we are learning more about the texts he sent to FBI attorney Lisa Page with whom he was having an adulterous affair. She also left the Mueller investigation last summer.  This is a bombshell story showing the Deep State’s attempt to derail President Trump, and support Hillary Clinton.  Strzok and Page were discussing some sort of action.

There’s a steady leak of text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.  Besides the many “f” Trump texts, and the support Hillary texts, there is one that is more than likely the encore to the phony dossier paid for by the Hillary DNC and the FBI.  Strzok texted Lisa Page the following:

I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office (Andrew McCabe the FBI Deputy Director) that there’s no way he gets elected (Trump), but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk.  It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40.

Now if that doesn’t speak of a plan to go for the filthy phony dossier, I don’t know what does.  And these two were members of the Mueller investigation which was started by this phony dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton!

I believe the action discussed in Deputy FBI Director Andy McCabe’s office led to the dossier that started this entire pile of Deep State shite. And, knowledge of the dossier project during the campaign extended into the highest levels of the Obama Justice Department.

Dobbs Interviews Jim Jordan

Lou Dobbs interviewed Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) following Rod Rosenstein’s despicable performance and continuing cover up of the overwhelming corruption at the DOJ and FBI.

Dobbs asked him what his reaction was when he heard Rosenstein dismiss everything.  Jordan told Lou that he believes Strzok is the central player in the entire scheme, and that it’s quite obvious Strzok was planning something in case Trump did get elected.  Jordan said, “He’s the guy who ran the Clinton investigation, interviewed Cheryl Mills, interviewed Secretary Clinton, he’s the guy who took the exoneration letter and changed the term ‘gross negligence, which is a crime, to ‘extreme carelessness,’ which is not a crime. He’s the guy who ran the Russia investigation, he’s the guy who interviewed General Flynn without his own lawyer, and he’s picked by Mueller to be on his team and then kicked off for these text messages.”

Jordan Points out that Strzok, “is no different from Lois Lerner who thought that she had to go after conservatives because they’re having too much influence in politics. It’s the exact same mindset. But here we have the guy who I think took the dossier, the discredited, disproven dossier, fake news garbage dossier, took that document that the Clintons paid for, took that dossier, I think he dressed it all up and presented it to the FISA court.”

Jordan says when you boil it all down it’s really about two questions. Did the FBI pay Christopher Steele and, “Did they take his work product, the dossier, and present it as real intelligence and take it to the FISA court to get warrants to spy on people associated with Trump’s campaign?”

Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley is demanding documents related to all activities of Strzok. In a letter to FBI Director and Mueller crony Christopher Wray, Grassley wrote, “The communications between members of the Clinton email investigation team raise questions about the integrity of that investigation and about the objectivity of Mr. Strzok’s work for the special counsel and in the FBI’s investigation of Flynn.”  The reality is, Strzok, and countless others belong in Leavenworth.

Rosenstein was asked about the politics of the Mueller gang, and he said, “You can have a political persuasion, which doesn’t mean you have bias.”  What a bunch of horse hockey.

Bruce Ohr

Bruce Ohr wore two hats at Justice. He led a drug enforcement task force and was associate Deputy AG. As a close aide to Rosenstein, his office was only four doors down from the Deputy AG. He has relinquished the latter role.

Deputy AG Bruce Ohr has been demoted for highly suspicious meetings with British spy, Christopher Steele, the creator of the Clinton bought and paid for fake news, Russia propaganda, anti-Trump dossier and for a meeting with Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson.  Ohr knew Steele and had repeated contacts with him when Steele was working on the dossier.

In a statement last week, Devin Nunes, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said, “Pursuant to the House Intelligence Committee’s prior subpoenas and information requests, the Department of Justice should have provided the committee with information on contacts that DOJ official Bruce Ohr had with Fusion GPS representatives and Christopher Steele. The committee will issue a subpoena to Bruce Ohr for information on this matter.”

Why aren’t these guys being fired?!

And now we learn that Ohr’s wife, Nellie, worked at Fusion GPS last year when the firm was working for the Clinton presidential campaign compiling the anti-Trump fake Russian dossier. She was actually hired by Fusion GPS to get dirt on Donald Trump.  Nellie Ohr is listed as working for the CIA’s Open Source Works Department in a 2010 DOJ report.

With news of Ohr’s contacts with Steele and Simpson, Republicans on Capitol Hill, and perhaps some Democrats too, will wonder just how far the Obama Justice Department officials went in the effort to stop Trump.

Nellie Ohr applied for a ham radio license…why?  Because apparently the NSA doesn’t monitor short wave conversations.  Obviously, they wanted what they were discussing to be kept secret.  How many others have done the same?

And what about Aaron Zebley, Mueller’s right-hand man, who represented Information Technology (IT) staffer Justin Cooper, the man who destroyed Hillary Clinton’s blackberries for her.

Mueller’s Right-Hand Man, Aaron Zebley

PJ Media reported that Aaron Zebley served previously as Mueller’s chief of staff at the FBI and as a senior counselor in the National Security Division at the Department of Justice. He also served as an assistant U.S. attorney in the National Security and Terrorism Unit in Alexandria, Virginia.

In 2015 when he was a lawyer, he represented Justin Cooper, the IT staffer who personally set up Hillary Clinton’s unsecured server in her Chappaqua home, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson revealed.  Cooper, it so happens, is also the aide who destroyed Clinton’s old Blackberries with a hammer.

Senate investigators were incensed that Zebley stonewalled their ability to interview Cooper.  In fact, Zebley telephoned Homeland Security Committee staff to inform them that Cooper had chosen to cancel the interview.

It should be extremely disturbing that the same attorney who played a defensive role for Hillary Clinton was tapped by Mueller in June to play an offensive role against Clinton opponent Trump.

Congress Questions Wray and Rosenstein

When Senator Grassley was interviewed by Maria Bartiromo, he told her he is moving Judicial Committee focus to the widespread DOJ corruption, and well he should.  Getting answers out of anyone in the DOJ seems next to impossible.

During FBI Director Wray’s testifying on capitol hill, Rep. Jim Jordan asked him,  “Director, did Peter Strzok help produce and present the application to the FISA court to secure a warrant to spy on Americans associated with the Trump campaign?”

Wray answered, “I’m not prepared to discuss anything about a FISA process in this setting.”

FBI Director Christopher Wray walked a tightrope on the so-called “Steele dossier.”  When it comes to the dossier, Wray said, “We are dealing with very, very dicey questions of sources and method, which is the lifeblood of foreign intelligence and for our liaison relationships with foreign partners.”

Don’t forget that Wray is a crony of Mueller, Comey and Rosenstein who should never have been nominated in the first place.

Like Rosenstein, who used the Inspector General’s investigation of the counsel to avoid answering direct questions from Rep. Ron DeSantis, Wray didn’t want to go there.  And when Rep. Steve King tried to question Deputy AG Rosenstein about how many people were present when they questioned Hillary Clinton, Rosenstein again invoked the DOJ Inspector General’s report as being a possible source that would provide the information but that he personally did not know the answer to the question.

Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe is soon to testify behind closed doors of the House Intelligence Committee, and I’m afraid we’ll get the same non-answers from him.


Gregg Jarrett interviewed Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch who pointed out that there is still no underlying crime to support this whole ridiculous, anti-American charade. Jarrett observes that now that there are individuals who have been charged as a result of the process, its legitimacy can be challenged.  That means both Paul Manafort and General Michael T. Flynn.

Jarrett later confirmed that he’s read the applicable law and there is nothing that prevents AG Sessions from un-recusing himself for the express purpose of cleaning up Mueller’s mess by appointing a special counsel to investigate the special counsel. Link

Entities like Judicial Watch are uncovering documents that show the corrupt and criminal actions of these traitors. Due to diligent reporting from Dobbs, Hannity, Varney, Carlson, Gateway Pundit, Limbaugh and others, along with efforts of a few honest congressmen, the deep state is being shown for what it is.

FBI officials Peter Strzok, Bruce Ohr, Aaron Zebley (and now agents Carl Ghattas and Joshua Skule, part of the McCabe cabal) had severe biases while being involved in the Trump and Michael Flynn investigations.  Don’t forget Andrew Weissman who attended the Clinton election night party.  And then there’s the obvious politicization with Mueller team member Jeannie Rhee, who represented not only Obama liar, and serial illegal unmasker Ben Rhodes, but the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s anti-Trump investigation is dead, even if he does not yet realize it, and it stumbles onward with life support from the biased media. The viability of any criminal case Mueller could bring has been gutted thanks to the news reported by alternative media.

AG Sessions, shut this leftist DC dung down!  Do it now!

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