Republican George W. Bush promoted a Christ-less Christmas. Santa Claus was acknowledged in the White House and Rudoph the Red-Nosed Reindeer but Jesus Christ? No! President Trump was on T.V. on 10/14 telling us we are going to celebrate Christmas this year.

Robert Chandler in his 2008 book SHADOW WORLD says the Italian Gramsci-motivated radical Leftists continue to erase Christmas from the public domain.  Italian Gramsci went to Russia to study how Stalin and Lenin would get control of a country but came away claiming they did it all wrong by attacking the capitalists, which unfortunately, is what Christmas has become. He said what they had to do was to destroy the traditions and create Secular humanism, a political philosophy that rejects all forms of religious faith and worship, except the worship of man. When this philosophy of worldly things is placed into the hands of declared Marxists, it becomes an intellectual cudgel to smash the underpinnings of Christianity in American culture.


Chandler describes how university professors and other intellectual elites, the news media and politicians, often in cooperation with the homosexual and feminists (pro-abortion) lobby groups, lead the charge against Christian values. By pulling new Marxist intellectuals from the population, the Left also capitalizes on any number of dupes, dopes, and useful idiots to pick up the arguments and repeat them over and over in a variety of communication channels. We saw that happen in the October Las Vegas massacre. Talking heads were all reading from the same script handed to them by the perpetrators of this tragic event.


Wouldn’t it be helpful if the media pundits gave the same coverage to the U.S. policies throughout the Middle East where members of those communities are having a difficult time escaping the destruction caused by Republican George W. Bush’s war on terrorism after 9/11 where Christians are being refused refugee status and face persecution and many times certain death for their religious beliefs while whole Muslim communities are entering the U.S. by the tens of thousands per month despite the fact they face no religious persecution.

A letter to the editor in the 7/9/2012 NEW AMERICAN magazine thanked New American for the great lead article in the April 12 issue: Christian Massacres – a result of U.S. Foreign policy. It was from a first-generation American, born and raised in a New England Armenian community of remnants from the Genocide of 1915 in Turkey.  He said how much his honest, hard-working people in the Walmart story, he said he keeps seeing history repeat itself.  Both of these testimonies are less than ten years ago, folks.


John Gibson of FOX News began his book, THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS, with one of the most inane true stories of modern America. A father accompanied his son to grammar school only to find banners and drawings celebrating “Happy Hanukkah” and the “Miracle of Kwanzaa,” but without the slightest reference to “Christmas.” However, a small undecorated tree was called a “Friendship Tree” was sitting on a table. Then the father asked the principal why it was not called a “Christmas Tree,” the chief educator replied:  “Oh, we’re trying to make sure we don’t offend people.”  The war on Christmas is a major battle between traditional American culture and the future envisioned by the radical Left.

“Traditional Christian beliefs have always been counter-cultural,” Michael Novak at the American Enterprise Institute explained. “It was so in the days of Ancient Rome, through the Middle Ages, in the early period of the Enlightenment, and it is so today.”


Score one for the Marxist humanists. And then read Gibson’s book and score several more points for the progressive-socialist-Marxist ultra-Left  that shreds the religious meaning of Christmas; however, it was Republican George W. Bush who promoted a Christ-less Christmas. Santa Claus was acknowledged in the White House and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer but Jesus Christ? No! The White House had the Hannukkah celebration for the Jews. They had the Ramadan celebration for the Moslems. But when it came time for Christmas, supposedly the birth of Jesus – Santa Claus was there dressed up in a red costume with a white beard. And there also was Laura and George Bush. The White House official website had no one mention of Jesus Christ, and the world’s press noted that. No Jesus. And the official White House Christmas card was not a Christmas card this year but simply a greeting card.

John Gibson selected several telling case studies that underline the successful efforts by the Left to make Christmas politically incorrect. This “War on Christmas” has many Americans uncertain: Shoulder I say “Merry Christmas”  Or would saying “Happy  Holidays” be safer, since the individuals may be of other faiths? Or should I say nothing at all? Will our politically incorrect president should he still be in office in December say “Merry Christmas” and to H_____ with the politically incorrect crowd and may the rest of us follow… To be totally honest, we should have never allowed Christmas to become so commercialized in the first place. But to replace it with other religions  is utterly absurd!

On another level, says Chandler, images related to Christmas presented in public can be troublesome – not just crosses and nativity scenes, but also Christmas trees, Santa Claus, and even Rudolph’s red nose. Christmas carols? Forget it. Christmas may be Macy’s busy season and so it is for the ACLU and its three major anti-god consorts.


Chandler said four organizations lead the anti-Christian secularization of American culture. American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), American United for Separation of Church and State, People for the American Way, and Freedom From Religious Foundation. Each of the four anti-Christian groups apply the “Establishment Clause”- “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion: – of the First Amendment to the Constitution as a cover for their attacks against the “Free Exercise Clause-“ or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

In addition, the anti-Christian groups are experts on the use of legal challenges to bludgeon communities and social groups into submissions.  Local government leaders often find it far less expensive to eliminate a Christian cross, no matter its historical accuracy, or eliminate a ChrIstmas crèche on public property than to defend these community-supported actions in legal battles.

Together, the secular Marxist warriors, many of whom are from the ACLU, leave no stone unturned as they scour the countryside for even the slightest reference to Christianity on public signs, flags and banners, or use of the people’s property. When the ACLU obtained a photograph of a massive ceremony honoring the birthday of the Marine Corps, for example, a spokesman stated: “For them to pray is clearly an establishment of religion, and we must nip this in the bud immediately.”

Chandler says the ACLU has collected millions of dollars in awards from federal judges. Who pays? The cities, towns, and counties across the nation.  Ultimately, of course, the ACLU and its ilk is picking the pockets of the American people who build their coffers to pay their legal staff and for more assaults against the traditions of Americanism.


More than ten years ago, in August 2003, Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore told thousands of supporters he would be guilty of treason if he didn’t fight to keep the 5,300- pound  monument of the Ten Commandments in the rotunda of the state judicial building  After U.S. District Court Judge Myron Thompson in Montgomery ordered Moore to remove the monument from the judicial building and a three-judge panel of the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the monument was an unconstitutional endorsement of religion by  government, a rally was organized   While about 35 atheists held a counter-protest across the street, buses and vans came from as far away as California and  brought Moore supporters to Montgomery for an enthusiastic rally on that hot and muggy morning. The police estimated the size of the crowd, which appeared to be several thousand people, possibly as many as 10,000.  Moore said his vowing to keep a monument of the Ten Commandments in the Alabama Capitol had nothing to do with him wanting to bolster his career but instead was an acknowledgement of God and Washington despises Judge Moore’s stance on this.

In spite of the strong support by the GOP for his Republican opponent in the election to replace former Sen. Jeff Sessions who became appointed as U.S. Attorney General, “ Moore’s success seemed to be an indication that America is waking up and is fed up with the Satanic immorality put forth as politically correct by many of the powers that be and they are ready to deep-six that nefarious gang”, said a police advisor.

And then he added “Moore has been persecuted for his support of traditional Christian values and has been removed as Alabama chief justice twice, once for refusing to remove a monument to the Ten Commandments from the state hall of justice, and a second time for telling local officials to ignore the U.S. Supreme court ruling favorable to same-sex marriage.

And now, 40 years after Moore won the Senate race against a Democrat are these women surfacing with their sexual allegation stories? Where were they when he filed to run? Or before he became a Judge?


Meanwhile, back in liberal, socialist state of Oregon, Republican and Circuit Court Judge Vance Day, appointed to his position by Democrat Governor Kitzhaber who said he would bring much needed civil experience to the bench and would make the difference in people’s lives for the better is now being persecuted for opposing samesex marriage.   Judge Day quietly recused himself from performing any marriages once the Supreme Court recognized same sex marriages. The Oregon Commission on Judicial Fitness which investigates complaints regarding Oregon judges and a judge may be censured, suspended or removed.  There was no formal complaint and Vance has had far fewer affidavits of prejudice than his peers having received only 15 while most of his fellow judges have an average of 93.  Judges in our area said he’s one of the best judges they’ve ever seen calling him fair on both sides but now he is being called a hateful bigot and unfit to be a judge and, as usual, this Commission has unlimited funds to legally persecute him whereas he has been forced to hire an attorney and pay all the legal fees associated with this ridiculous charge.

The Commission on Judicial Fitness has volunteers serving for four years and includes three judges appointed by the Supreme Court, three are lawyers appointed by the Oregon State Bar and three are citizens appointed by Democrat Governor Kate Brown and confirmed by the Democrat controlled Senate.  Brown is the highest ranking openly bisexual politician in the nation.   And out of the nine who currently serve, six are women.


Starting in the mid-1960s, the Left made a concerted effort to take over our colleges and universities.  By converting American schools and universities into progressive-socialist-Marxist re-education camps, the radical Left anticipated that it would be able to trigger a cultural transformation within the next generation.  The curricula would no longer include Western civilization, civic education and other courses essential to understanding one’s linkage with traditional American institutions and values and if that malignant culture continued to metastasize we’d soon be a full blown Marxist country in one generation and America died while the church slept.  They’ve taken control, they’ve trampled on free speech, virtually banished conservative professors and turned our schools into little more than huge megaphones for anti-American rhetoric from coast to coast.

[Read “The Coming Battle” Originally published in 1899, how the European socialists took over our colleges, universities and seminary’s in the late 1800s]


Progressive, Socialist, Marxist professors proclaim expertise in “cultural studies” and focus on “social constructs” rather than the realities of life. By assuming this intellectual “high” ground, they are allowed to practice Marxist politics from the shadow of Plato’s cave by inflicting their students with their hate filled explanation of American society.  The Marxist professors and other members of the radical Left scored enormous achievements on the underside of American society with carefully planned and executed political warfare. Making itself behind “political correctness” extremism, the radical Left convinced many Americans that an extreme social and cultural transformation is needed to cleanse the U.S. for a better future.

Vance believes that Liberty of Conscience is a right given by God but if the U.S. Supreme Court eventually takes his case, he will need another $250,000 or more but they take one day at a time. (Matt 6:34) He writes that the State of Oregon has raised the stakes in this battle because he is the first judge to fight back and their plan is to drive him from the bench but so far have failed so they’ve taken the historical step of charging him with two felonies of “aiding and abetting a felon in possession of a firearm.” He was helping a disabled veteran get back on his feet and one of his sons showed him an unloaded handgun, which the veteran picked up. Vance was not involved nor did he know his son had the gun with him.  “It’s obvious we have arrived at a place where our government has decided to criminalize political differences,” said Day.

Vance and I have both been Marion County GOP chairmen.  VANCE SAYS HE IS IN THIS BATTLE FOR THE LONG HAUL (Matt. 5:10-12) but his legal defense fund needs help, so donations can be sent to: JUDGE DAY LEGAL DEFENSE FUND,  P.O. BOX 1962, MERRIFIELD, VA 22116.1962 He has no idea I’ve included his story in this article. The bumptious scallywags at the Judicial Fitness Commission have taken the joy out of Christmas for him, his family and wife of more than 30 years but some donations to his fund will assure him we are standing with him.

Within hours as I was getting ready to submit this article for posting, I received a note from Elizabeth, Vance’s wife who said the justices presiding over Vance’s ethics case decided not to dismiss the case. They have sold their home to pay for legal bills and are currently making the move to a 4th wheel trailer.  Phil. 4:19

Before signing off, let me share with you a response I got from my last article.  “…parents guilty until proven innocent” are the exact words spoken by the family court judge in Jefferson County, NY over my wife and I the day we were brought before him to be officially charged with child abuse and educational neglect. (My guess is they were home schoolers) Over a year later we were completely exonerated by CPS witnesses but the judge refused to release our handicapped daughter to our custody unless we admit to the original abuse and neglect charges. I’m sure we still appear on the state registry of convicted child abusers. Thanks for ringing the alarm again…”

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