By Ron Edwards

My Dad and I used to have wonderful conversations about America being the land of the free and home of the brave.  Because of his desire for me to reap the full benefits of being an American He would often give me little pop quizzes on the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Dad did not just leave it to teachers to instruct me about our nations sacred documents.  I thank God he took it upon himself to make sure I had a good understanding and appreciation of the wonders of what written gifts the Founding Fathers left for “We the People” to live by.  The first Amendment reminds us of our freedom of or from the exercise of religion.  It also recognizes the right of the people to peacefully protest and to express grievances to the government for changes.  But nowhere in the hallowed Bill of Rights is a provision for people to become cretins and destroy the businesses and homes of others, because they may be hot under the collar.

Today, we are witnessing an unprecedented level of domestic anarchy and terrorism.  The tragic death of George Floyd at the hands of a rogue police officer gone to nutsville, played right into the hands of those who have been indoctrinated and preparing for many years to bring our republic to her knees.  The minions proclaiming to be enraged over injustice inflicted upon Mr. George was nothing more than a cover for their ongoing mission to carry out the Saul Alinsky, AliObama, Pelosi, General Mattis, etc. war against our exceptional nation way of life.  No one who desires a solution to any problem, purposefully only engages in action that only magnifies the horrors of the original problem.  Unless of course, their goal is destruction.  The protests/riots remind me of the American cancer Society, who’s spokespersons tell the world they are working feverishly to find a cure for cancer.  But in reality, the American Cancer Society takes in more money, puts forth lame and in some cases harmful to deadly solutions.  While at the same time along with their allies in big government and big pharma, preventing actual solutions from being utilized.  No matter how long stupid white people et on their knees and beg for forgiveness, it will never be enough.

It was truly heart breaking and embarrassing to see videos of hundreds of white people, stupidly begging for forgiveness in city parks across America to leftist blacks who don’t give a darn about them, their forgiveness, or this country. Both the leftist leaning blacks and their white antifa overlords are simply using the increasingly dummied down general white guilt ridden American population as useful idiots in the overall effort to disintegrate the pillars of and cohesiveness throughout society.

No matter what the subject matter, ranging from free speech, solving authentic racial and ethnic issues to equal opportunity for all, the left has always been allowed to foul things up.  Then they turn around and blame others for the problems. Like clockwork they make things much worse via so called solutions that only bring about destruction.  Do you really think that convincing hundreds of white Americans in a park to apologize for being white and white privilege, is a real solution to any real examples of racism?  In case you do not the correct answer, no it does not.  Now that I have made that point nice and clear, I just want to convince you my fellow American to please seek the truth on the issues affecting our nation.  Freedom of speech is not just for those on the political left despite their efforts to always shut down viewpoints that are not wicked like their own. Today through government school indoctrination, up to 58 percent of American college students prefer socialism/communism and would like to do away with all the building blocks that created all that has been good about our republic.

A great bulk of the black Americans you may have witnessed scurrying in and out of businesses throughout the republic via the media riotsare themselves the victims of bad upbringings, with no critical thinking skills.  Thus, they do not know right from wrong.  That is why on one hand they run around hating whitey, but then obediently follow the orders of the white Antifa paymasters.  They like many others are now asking for cities to cut police department budgets.  Of course, their Antifa overlords would love for there to be fewer police officers.  That is so they can be totally free to trample on the right of law abiding sovereign citizens to run their businesses and live in peace and tranquility.  Recently 700 thugs were arrested for mob violence and released because of bail reform that allows criminal cretins to be released right back on the streets to wreak havoc.  Leftist anti free speech militants in government or other leftist organizations also want to abolish your freedom of speech, unless of course you only utter what they want you to.

The great Samuel Adams wrote: The liberties of our civil Constitution, are worth defending at all hazards; and it is our duty to defend them against all attacks.  We have received them as fair inheritance from our worthy ancestors ranging from the Founders to Frederick Douglas and Dr. Martin Luther King: they purchased them for us with toil and danger and expense of treasure of blood, and transmitted them to us with care and diligence.  It will bring an everlasting mark of infamy on the present generation, enlightened as it is, if we should suffer them to be wrestled from us by violence without a struggle or to be cheated out of them by the artifices of false and designing men.  My fellow Americans, the time to reestablish and defend free speech and all of our God given Rights is now or never.  With God’s help we can arise from the rubble and once again be that shining city on a hill.  Let’s do it. God bless you God bless America and may America bless god.

© 2020 Ron Edwards – All Rights Reserved

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