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Once upon a time, and not that long ago, the communities served by public schools owned those public schools. We need to keep reminding ourselves of this, if only to understand that it’s not impossible. What was done once can be done again. We don’t own those schools anymore; but we used to. And then along came the U.S. Dept. of Education (thank you so flaming much, Jimmy Carter!) and a mob of state departments of education… and Far Left teachers’ unions… and took the schools away from us.

This week parents in Scottsdale, Arizona, held their own public meeting outside Coronado High School. They did it because that’s where their Unified School District board meeting was supposed to be held, but the board members never showed up. To avoid answering to the public, they held a “virtual meeting” online.

The week before, again to avoid answering questions, the board members walked out on their scheduled meeting before it even started. What kind of representative government is it, when the representatives run away from the public?

There were two matters that the board did not want to discuss with the taxpayers: keeping the kids in face masks , without proving any need for it—and Critical Race Theory. For some odd reason the people who pay for the schools don’t want their kids being taught that all white people are racists and America is a rotten racist country, they should hate it, hate themselves, and hate each other. That’s “CRT,” and people don’t want it anymore. Not that they ever wanted it; but they weren’t looking when it was slipped into the curriculum.

At the other end of the continent, a parent in Palm Beach County, Florida, has hired a lawyer to demand that the school district sever its links to the “Black Lives Matter” website. BLM’s spiel, based on Critical Race Theory—and Marxism—is nothing, he says, but out-of-control race hustling that taxpayers shouldn’t be paying for.

The people in Palm Beach County are upset by the school district’s “mission statement,” which is to purge “white advantage,” whatever the devil that is. They’re tired of paying these educators to call them racists and they want it to stop. Meanwhile, Governor DeSantis has promised to ban CRT from all Florida public schools.

People, what took you so long? Well, maybe it took something as awful as a stolen election and flagrant racism in the schools to sound the wake-up call. Maybe things had to get that bad before most of us realized that our country is in trouble.

The parents in Scottsdale say their plan is to get serious in the 2022 elections and vote in new board members who will listen to them and get out of the racial strife business. All right, fine, let’s do that. But if this slime is coming down from the federal government, they’ll threaten to cut off funds to school districts that won’t play ball with the race hustlers. Depending on whether you’re in a Red state or a Blue state, the state departments of education might also threaten to cut off your district’s funding. That would leave the entire burden of funding public schools on the shoulders of local taxpayers. And they can’t afford it. Not when you have to pay six-figure salaries to your army of “educators,” lavish pensions, and all sorts of added luxuries. A high school I once worked in had its own TV studio. Ka-ching, ka-ching.

The solution that will work is to pull the children out of the public schools, millions of them at a time, and put them into homeschooling or Christian schools.

And here is an incentive:

Kill public education, and Far Left Crazy shrivels up and dies.

That would be worth just about any price we’d be called upon to pay.

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