By Greg Holt

Biden is on the move, solving the nations problems.  Oh right, that is a Leftist fantasy, I forgot for a moment there.

So, did Biden’s handlers screw up, or is it that they too believe in this so-called “plan” to improve our nation’s policing operations?  I would venture to say that the Leftist morons who use a couple of chunks of dirt instead of brain cells to do their thinking – actually buy into this idiocy.

Check it out:

So a police officer goes on a 911 call.  He or she has their trusty psychologist or psychiatrist with them.  Who is in charge of what happens while responding to this call?  The officer who is trained in this type of response, or the head shrink who has no idea what to do other than talk?

What happens when the 911 call turns violent?  The officer now has another person to protect that is untrained and could potentially be used as a hostage.  Not to mention the fact that said person may well get in the way, and contradict the officer’s actions.

What happens when during the course of the incident, the psych-person says wait, lets talk – the criminal whips out the gun the officer knew/suspected he had, and shoots and kills the officer and maybe the doc?  Well now that worked well didn’t it?

How about domestic abuse calls?  Instead of arresting anyone, lets talk about it, despite the fact that the perp has been talked to many times previously.  The next call received is for a homicide, committed by the perp who the doc said we need to talk to, what then?

This is nothing more than an extremely dangerous, and poorly thought out (if thinking was involved at all) way of handcuffing the police and neutering their effectiveness while showing that the Dems are willing to fund the police after all.

Do you want a safe America, or an America where criminals have free reign and the cops just talk to them?  We wouldn’t want to infringe on their rights to free expression after all – even if that expression includes a little rioting, burning down buildings, looting, and some killing too, right?  Right?

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