By Lex Greene

It was April 1, 2020, appropriately April FOOL’S Day, when Dr. Fauci and his cast of global Marxist mad scientists warned the world that “if we don’t lock down, put on a mask, social distance and self-quarantine, more than 2-million Americans will die by April fifteenth.” That’s the day they told the world that if we would just follow Simon says for 14 days, we would “flatten the curve and all would be back to normal.”

Today is September 8, 2021, and according to these same “experts,” we are in worse condition now than ever before. They were lying then, and they are lying now!

Here are some DATA FACTS we all can agree on, because they are all well documented and totally indisputable…

  1. Fauci and his commie clan were wrong last April and every day since.
  2. Mask Manufacturers have been proven right. Their masks can’t prevent the spread of any virus.
  3. No one has yet made a true “vaccine” for COVID or any other coronavirus. Instead, mRNA gene sequencing experiments are being injected into millions of human lab rats all over the globe.
  4. None of the so-called “vaccines” prevent getting COVID, spreading COVID, getting sick from COVID or dying of COVID.
  5. Within 15 minutes in any enclosed area, everyone in that area is breathing the same air, mask, or no mask.
  6. Quarantining healthy people does nothing for the sick people…but does do harm to the healthy people.
  7. If your mask or vaccine actually worked, you are the only one who would need them, to protect yourself. Yours, actually protects no one else.
  8. Breathing your own carbon dioxide for eight or more hours a day is far more dangerous to your health than any known virus on earth.
  9. Nothing we are told by government and their controlled mass media machine is true today, nothing.
  10. Millions refusing lab rat status are leaving their jobs, in the Military, in the medical profession, in transport, supply chains, retail and every form of employment, in numbers never before seen.

The REAL experts are on the front lines! (CRITICAL VIDEO)…and they are being fired for doing their jobs correctly! Not only are these honorable brave medical professionals refusing to be lab rats themselves, they are refusing to make lab rats out of you too!

These DATA FACTS are well-documented, but not very well known. That’s because the news media and social media platforms are prohibited from telling you these DATA FACTS.

Fear is a terrible thing. It causes people to lose all common sense and react in fear, all real science and data facts totally ignored and even rejected. If you are moving with the herd, you are likely moving in the wrong direction today.

Let me ask you this…

Who ran our country to more than thirty-trillion in debt? Wasn’t that the “economic experts” who did that?

Who destroyed our Constitutional Republic, our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and our legitimate Constitutional Justice system? Wasn’t that the “legal experts?”

Who is currently destroying our medical profession by firing thousands of doctors and nurses smart enough to decline mRNA lab rat status? Isn’t that the “medical experts?”

In other words, has anyone on earth done more damage on the planet than the so-called “experts?”

How many times have Dr. Fauci, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, every news network, every social media platform been caught red-handed in blatant lies? Yet, most Americans are still blindly stumbling along behind them, like German Jews marching into Hitler’s ovens. It makes a great case for “chem trails” since I have no clue what else could have created so much ignorance in average Americans.

But the REAL virus killing America is FEAR.

The USA was born FREE by a bunch of junkyard dogs we call our Founders. These people left unbridled tyranny in other parts of the world, and they were determined to create a free, sovereign nation for all who desire individual liberty, peace, justice, and tranquility, free from any tyranny. They committed every ounce of everything they had, to just this one common goal.

Just 247-years later, America is a nation of bumbling fools, more scared of a common cold than a total loss of their freedom and liberty. We are rightfully, the laughingstock of the world today…

We are not currently the “land of the free,” simply because we are no longer “the home of the brave.”

Instead, we are a nation of scared, cowardly, blind sheep, stumbling our way towards the cliff, in lockstep behind proven liars and mad scientists. We are not currently a Constitutional Republic or even a democracy today, instead ruled by unelected dictators with no Constitutional authority whatsoever.

But it doesn’t matter that NO ONE has any legal Right or authority whatsoever, to inject you with anything against your will. If you believe they do, then they do! If you believe they can force their will upon you, then they can!

They didn’t beat you down…you surrendered without a fight!

Our government only has the power and authority we allow it to have. As of today, Americans have not enforced any of the restraints on government codified in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Most Americans don’t even know what they are anymore, shamefully!

Now let me tell you why that is…

Contrary to poor teaching at the pulpits today, money is NOT the root of all evil. Money can be used for good or evil. Today’s politically correct Christians need to stop worrying about angry tweets and start worrying about the assault on all Christians, all freedoms, coming from a tyrannical government in DC. They must stop waiting for God to save them and start fighting for God!

THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL… which means, if you place money (your things) ahead of everything else in life, your freedom and liberty, your family, your loved ones, your own soul and salvation, and the freedom for all future generations…then you love money more than you love anything else and THAT, is the root of all evil.

Today’s billionaires all sold their souls to get there, with rare if any exceptions. That’s why we see most of them on the wrong side of this battle for freedom today.

But many Americans will sell out this country for a lot less, a weekly paycheck, a big screen TV, a family vacation, your prepper dens, a pack of smokes or even a few beers. THAT is why we are no longer the home of the brave. We are the home of the self-indulgent, the terminally entitled.

If this doesn’t change immediately, Americans will soon lose everything. If they can’t put the right things first, stand together and fight this tyranny together, the end draws near, and no one will survive.

The storm isn’t coming, it’s here right now. If you think you can protect your things while losing your country, your freedom and liberty, even your Right to refuse lab rat status, you are wrong. People determined to hold complete dominion over every aspect of your life will not stop, unless we stop them.

What is it going to take to shake Americans back into acting like the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave? I thought it would have happened long before now, but I was wrong.

Stop making excuses…the future of freedom and liberty is in our hands. If we lose it all, it will be our fault.

Cowards and idiots will never live in freedom… The clock is ticking down to zero. What are YOU going to do?

“Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” —Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

© 2021 Lex Greene – All Rights Reserved

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