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Mr. President, I wish you had read the United States, Mexico Canada Agreement (USMCA) deal by Robert Lighthizer.  Why?  Because what are you going to say when all the chickens from the great betrayal of the USMCA trade deal come home to roost?

Are you going to say that it is another of your promises which has come to fruition? You keep touting it as a great deal, but it’s not. Mr. President, I hate to say this, but Sir you have been deceived by your advisors, whoever they are, they have somehow prevented you from reading this traitorous agreement.

USMCA is Not What You Think

If this agreement, or trade “treaty” is ratified it well could be the death knell to your reelection. When your base begins to find out the truth about it, they will be very discouraged and that could cause at least ten or twenty percent of them to stay home on election day.

Mr. President, if you are not re-elected, the result would be, to all practical reasoning, the end of America as we’ve known it in the past.  The communists in the Democratic Party are just itching to take the reins and bring America to third world status as a socialist nation headed for the same destruction as Venezuela.

Evil Forces at Work

The evil forces – those God has already turned over to a reprobate mind — would be in complete control. The result would be a society that decent people would not abide, and would cry out for relief. Even now, the satanic forces are making plans for a war to destroy Christianity in America.  David Horowitz’s new book, Dark Agendatells us about the plans and strategies for bringing this to fruition.

As I contemplate this happening and what would most likely follow, I see the possible results that well could lead us to the times close to the Tribulation Period, along with the advent of the antichrist, i.e., the son of perdition. Of course, it is a given that this approach phase to the Tribulation Period will also lead us to the Rapture,” as understood by believers to be the catching up of all those who belong to Christ to meet him in the air.  This is noted Biblically in 1st Thessalonians 4:16–17, “For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first. (17) Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so, shall we ever be with the Lord.”

Those remaining on earth, those not belonging to Christ – will have to face the terrible times of the great tribulation ruled by the satanic forces of the antichrist. There is one thing in their favor, and that is that they will be rid of us Christians – for eternity. But eternity for them is going to be a terrible thing unless they too come to the saving knowledge of the Heavenly Father and His Son, Messiah Jesus, the Christ.

Of course, not all who worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob believe this way, there are many doctrines in Christian churches, just as there are many doctrines in the Jewish faith…our brethren who also believe and worship the same God we worship.

Fair Trade is Your Campaign Moniker

Mr. President, in 2016, during your campaign for President, you made many disparaging comments, denouncing both the Trans Pacific Partnership, (TPP) and North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA); you nixed the TPP by pulling out of it before it could be brought before Congress.  As for NAFTA you stated that you would pull out of it or have it renegotiated to our benefit.  Unfortunately, it has been renegotiated but certainly not to our benefit and that mostly because your U.S. Trade Representative is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, (CFR) a globalist, new world order organization founded by Rockefeller. In fact, the USMCA is much worse than either TPP, or NAFTA.

Richard Haass, President of the CFR was immediately in favor of the agreement. The day after the USMCA was revealed, he tweeted that the agreement is, “NAFTA plus 10 to 20 percent.” A day later he tweeted, “USMCA is NAFTA plus the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) plus a few tweaks.  Oh yes, this does not bode well for United States sovereignty.

Mr. President, since that is the view of the former President of the CFR, and since the goal of the CFR is to incrementally change the United States (which it has been doing for nearly a century) so it can be merged with the Soviet Union into a world government, then it follows that the USMCA plays into that plan.

Sir, evidently you are so busy with the wall and many other problems, your advisors are taking advantage of you, and we suspect we know who those advisor are…I think they have been telling you that this USMCA trade agreement, “treaty” is a good deal, and you have been taking their word for it.  If that is the case Sir, then whoever they are, they’re bunch of liars and may God reward them in accord with their actions.  We suspect we know, but you may not.

President Trump, we believe you haven’t read very deeply into this agreement, and there is no one trustworthy beside you who would tell you the honest truth.  If you had read it, I cannot believe you would be for it.  It just doesn’t coincide with all the other things which you say you are for to save America and make her great again.

The Washington Standard published an article Jan 11, 2019 which states, “The USMCA Trade Agreement Violates Our Constitution and Sets up Global Government.” Please, Mr. President, I humbly ask you to go to this link and read this article.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, there is so much more about this agreement or “treaty” which warrants us rejecting it. I am sending you a copy of, My Last Letter to President Trump on Invaders and Trade Deals – Part 4,” published by News with Views on March 23rd, 2019 which goes into detail about why we should not accept this deal. In addition, it was also published by several other wonderful websites.

Since it is very doubtful that you will receive this mailing, I am also sending a copy to Sarah Sanders…maybe she will get it. I’m just doing everything I can to get some word to you about things that you seem to be unaware of to save our beloved country. And on that note, I am also sending copies to Pastor Robert Jeffress of the First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas.  He is one of your great supporters along with many other Christians. I am also sending this article to Francis and Friends along with the one mentioned above in hopes that she will discuss this issue with her panel on her daily program.  She is listened to by many Christians throughout the nation.

We pray for you President Trump on a daily basis, but we worry about those who surround you and who you’ve been led by advisors to trust…many of whom are highly untrustworthy.  May our Lord God give you great discernment and understanding to save our beloved America.

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