Shakespeare said “All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages” and cowards die many times before their deaths, the valiant never taste of death but once.

And so it is in the State of Oregon when John Wayne (aka Ron Vrooman) discovered Oregon has been operating under a bogus government since November 8, 1910 when Article VII Amended our Oregon Constitution and was placed into our Constitution without one vote being counted in any county. It was done by Republican Governor Frank W. Benson who was also Secretary of State at the same time – a Constitutional impossibility. Ron says there are at least 3100 counties in America and wonders how many other states also may be operating under an unconstitutional government.  Most likely, State of State franchises simply “moved in” after the Civil War and have operated like cuckoo birds in a robin’s nest ever since.  The ones whose elected officials stand before a microphone and call it a “Democracy” can be a clue.

It should be noted that the Administrative Procedure Act of 1946 (Public Law 79-404) passed by Congress put the lawmaking bureaucracy into business called a “democracy.” When a state receives federal assistance, it yields that portion of federally-funded state activity to Federal rules and regulations – the federal control we distrust. The rise of the Administrative state –the alpha soup of federal regulatory agencies exercising unconstitutional power was planned and instituted by FDR and was modeled after plans by Mussolini and Stalin. We shouldn’t neglect the Nazis. After WWII the US federal government thru it military/espionage apparatus instituted Operation Paper clip and imported Nazi scientist and their ilk. See Annie Jacobsen’s book for details.

Ron says the executive, legislative and judicial branch of the lawful government switched to color of law from rule of law. They have been that way in Oregon since 1910. Their oaths are with the bogus amendment wording and they have pulled the oaths of many judges and it caused them to form the OREGON STATEWIDE JURAL ASSEMBLY based on the 1st Amendment AND COMMON LAW GRAND JURY based on Antonin Scalia’s majority opinion United States v Williams 504 1992  In the meantime, having been notified of this severe problem, the State of Oregon’s legislature, judiciary and executive REFUSE TO SELF CORRECT so they are Constitutional nullities.  The facts and records are clear. It’s all published – misprision of felony – perjury of an Oath.

Americans are guaranteed remedy and it is an enumerated responsibility in The United States of America’s Constitution and Oregon’s constitution circa 1859. A man or woman against the state is guaranteed an Article III one supreme Court claiming original jurisdiction. SCOTUS ruled that the United States is not required to provide a common law court of record. We must do it ourselves. Our Article III one supreme Court claiming original jurisdiction is found in Amendment VII a common law court of record whose verdict cannot be appealed.

Having contacted Oregon’s current Secretary of State, Republican Bev Clarno, former House Speaker in 1995, Ron was given permission to bring Assembly members and others to visit the Archives on May 30th and Oregon’s Sheriffs and Senators and other elected officials were invited to join him.


But before I share his experience at the Capitol, let me refresh your memory how this all began.  What started off with Western ranchers being harassed by the Federal Government’s unconstitutional environmental agencies unrelenting grip on these ranchers, ended up with two families in a standoff with the federal government at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

The Refuge was in a rural area 30 miles from Burns but Oregon’s governor, the Harney County sheriff and state law enforcement resources were used to Marshall against and planned for an ambush in the middle of nowhere for what they determined were White Supremacists and hate groups which ultimately ended in the tragic killing of LaVoy Finicum, a rancher from Arizona, who had no history of white supremacy, bigotry or a member of such groups and, in fact, never had a speeding ticket in his entire life was killed. After the murder of Lavoy. Kate rushed a bill thru the Legislature exonerating the state police that murdered Lavoy

Later we learn that LaVoy’s widow, Jeannette, said from a young lad forward, LaVoy had always been interested in the workings of our government and she said in the 32 years of their marriage, there was always the portrait of kneeling George Washington in prayer in their home. Jeannette with her attorneys had come to Salem to file a “Wrongful Death Suit” against the State of Oregon and Governor Kate Brown as a defendant in federal court as culpable in the murder of Robert LaVoy Finicum.  It was during the time of the murder Of Lavoy and the incarceration of Bundy etal. that Ron Vrooman appeared on the scene and as Private Attorney General filed papers into Anna J. Brown’s court with her invitation. About that time is when Kate had the law passed to protect the murders. [Link]

So, fast forward to the constitutional showdown in Oregon being organized by the Oregon Statewide Jural Assembly Oregonians State Nationals. Ron and several patriots are the contact points for others with the same sense of patriotism to join them.  It is the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce member of we the people on Oregon a brave, hated and scorned lawful person, when their  cause succeeds however, the timid join them, for then it costs nothing to be a Patriot said Mark Twain. [Link]  In this article I illustrate how GOD MUST BE REMOVED, the Republican walk out and how Finicum was shot dead at a roadblock in Oregon. In the meantime, the Oregon legislature controlled by the Regressive Marxist Democrats in both houses are playing their game of governing, raising taxes, increasing regulations and the Republicans had to resort to simply not showing up for two days in early May in order to keep the Democrats from the required quorum.  Meanwhile, having called to the Secretary of State’s office for an appointment and working in the background we find Ron and his friends making a visit to the Archives on May 31st.


Following is what they discovered:

Ron and four other patriots having made arrangements a month in advance arrived at the Archives in Salem as scheduled and not one invited sheriff, senator, representative or staff appeared. Secretary of State sent her Deputy A. Richard Vial, a member of the Oregon BAR and Stephanie, the director of the Archives, and Austin were there and assisted. They were not allowed to take flash pictures of the presented document.  The 1857 Territorial Constitution ssent to DC with Oregon’s application for statehood. Not one statehood document was presented. The United States of America’s Constitution with two amendments is shown in  two books, as part of the statehood documents in 1859. The books covering 1848 through 1864 and 1859 to 1874 published after the War Between the States, official Oregon Documents in legal book form.  Ron and his friends viewed the books open on the table, then asked where were the statehood documents and they were told this is all we have – a copy of the Oregon Constitution 1857 sent to DC for the several states to vote on – a territorial document but where are the statehood documents? Ron told them  DC had their copy and the National Archives him if I wanted to see them to go to DC.  Oh yes, there was a story about a fire in the state house and they don’t know what was lost, not my fault, I wasn’t here, the archives were started in 1947.

After the Archive farce the Oregon Statewide Jural Assembly Committee went to the Statehouse.


After the Archives it was off to visit Oregon State senators.  At the Archives Al and Ray signed as witnesses on 30 documents for the Senators. It took a little while because they had to sign in red, print the name in blue, thumb print in red and date 29 documents – Senator Jackie Winters died the day before on May 29th from cancer so there were 29 documents instead of 30. They delivered 27 to Senate offices and got someone to sign the copy as Proof of Service.

Then were told all documents being served to State of Oregon persons must be delivered to the AG.  Ron said he’s already served Governor Kate in her office and lots of Senators before so this was a new rule to Ron.

Ron and his friends then tried to explain things to the Secretary of State folks observing them that the missing are the documents confirming statehood.  We asked, where is the accepted copy of the Oregon Constitution acknowledged by the several states, where is the Constitution mentioned in the two books, that the territory of Oregon agreed to? The Territory of Oregon solicited statehood in 1857 and conferred in 1859. The archives don’t have the documents and the Deputy Secretary of State does not know where they are.


The office of the Senate Majority leader, Democrat Peter Courtney who received a law degree from Boston University and a longtime political sycophant since being elected to the Salem City Council in 1974 when he dressed as Peter Rabbit.  Peter’s staff refused to sign and it got a little rowdy. Ron was asked to leave by a staff member and left immediately but apparently the cops had already been called and later saw a female 6 ft. wearing a Smokey, the Bear hat and six uniformed cops and three plain clothed cops were waiting for Ron and his friends. Then the shift Commander showed up. By the time the Lt. got there, it was all settled.  “Incompetent snowflakes in the Senator’s office almost peed on themselves.”  Sorry, he says, “I’m a hardnosed old man (age 80) and don’t always watch my language.”

Meanwhile,  Al was in the mix. Ray was sitting in a chair laughing. Roger was still on the 4th floor serving papers.  Agents for the principal are required to receive paper for the principal but Ron got into an argument over that with a 300 lb. 6’4” state cop in Plain Clothes. In the State House when they punch the button for an emergency, several big cops come.  Ron said they had six uniform and three plain clothes cops and he was talking loud and strong and not backing down an inch. No one else backed down either but believes his friends Al, Ray and Roger would have handled it with a lot less fun.

Then they drove to the Justice Building to serve the last Senator properly by their rules. The cop said “sign in.”  Al wrote “Al” for his name but the cop wanted more. Al told him that was enough. While Ron was signing in, Al served the paper at the window and got his stamped copy.

Before leaving the Capitol grounds, Ron found the big cop with whom he had argued and apologized and they were back home in Beaverton by 4:30. Yes, it takes courage to do what Al, Ray, Roger and Vern did but Ron, a U.S. Navy vet, says he loves to go into combat in a non violent manner with stout hearted men.

What Ron is looking for now in Oregon are some more men and women willing to help return our State back to a Constitutional Republican form of government.  We have been governed since November 8, 1910 with an Administrative corporate governance not government. The legislature meets for about six months every two years (once in between for a few months) and plays the game – creates and get more Democrat Marxist bills passed and then those laws are turned over to some biased, unelected bumbling bureaucrat in one of the many unconstitutional agencies and there is a good chance, many Oregonians end up suffering the financial consequences and maybe even time in prison. It’s rare to find a judge who is knowledgeable about the Constitution and the oath they take. [Link]


While Ron and his friends were fulfilling the job for which God has called them, the folks in Washington D.C. were passing the TAPS ACT which could easily put the Ron’s of the world in an asylum. Ron assures me he has a letter from the VA primary PSYCH  care doctors that he’s not crazy.  He says he’s just a “spear carrier” who hangs with heroes to return our Constitutional  Republican form of  government and wishes more would grow backbones and join them because our rights are being stolen. [YouTube Video]

And Congresswoman Katie Hill announced bipartisan Act for National Police week just passed.  The Safety Act of 2019 (S265) allows cops to use National Threat Assessment claiming this Act will prevent violence and keep us safe-another new law that every American should resist.


Lack of involvement in our government’s affairs by Americans, state nationals or state Citizens non U.S. citizens has caused us to lose many rights. While the Ministers at most Christian churches would not preach the whole truth from the Bible, avoiding such subjects as sodomy, especially Christianity is now under attack.  Read in your King James Bible Acts 9:5 what Jesus calls them.

The McCarron Walters Act of 1952 and 1965  specifically states enemies of our Constitutional republican form of government are not welcome or permitted on the land of the several states of the united States of America. Thus legally and lawfully excluding Communists and Islam as both promote the overthrow of our Constitutional Republican form of government. We are not a Democracy.

The Equality Act introduced recently in Congress could be called the Anti-Religious Freedom Act and the LGBTQ organizations are calling a “historic” day.  The left despises the use of the term homosexual so they use sexual orientation and gender identify (Lev. 18:20-23) and demand they are Civil Rights protections but are unable to describe when they didn’t already have these rights. [Link]  Every day that we allow them to enslave us with their Marxist Communist agenda is a day that we are closer to a heinous and dominant dictatorship so Americans had better be contacting their Senators and Representative to vote again the Equality Act.  San Francisco and Portland, Oregon are both Sanctuary Havens for illegals and closely resemble Venezuela’s Communist model of just four years ago.

Let’s face it folks,” there is a war being waged against the world’s Christians and unfortunately American Christians have been lulled or shamed into silence while secular and progressive voices in media with the fake news and our own government have sought to keep us in the dark about the brutal, worldwide war being waged, in a growing and record number of countries,” said Dede Laugesen, executive director of Save the Persecuted Christians (STPC) coalition, said at the recent National Religious Broadcasters “Proclaim 19” convention in Anaheim, California. “More Christians have died for their faith centuries since Jesus’ time,” she said. I recommend you order the NEW AMERICAN magazine that has a wonderful seven page article about it being a dangerous time to be a Christian.  The cost is $3.95 plus postage, 10 copies $15.00 = Phone 1-800-727-8783.

So dear readers, this saga has a beginning and the ending and may not be very nice if Americans continue to sit on their asses as Ron says and don’t participate as the Founders allowed them to do in the Constitution with  your states STATEWIDE JURAL ASSEMBLY. It is definitely a script for a Hollywood movie except Hollywood is responsible for the changed world and so many cultures with TeLIEvision.

How and when did Oregon lose its SOVEREIGN ENTITY AND BECOME A CORPORATION AND DEPRIVE US OF OUR CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLICAN FORM OF GOVERNMENT? Contact Ron Vrooman at if you want to stop Oregon’s malfeasant government.

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