We’re in a world war against a messianic mass movement of evil people, most of them inspired by a totalitarian ideology, Radical Islam. But we are not permitted to speak or write those two words, which is potentially fatal to our culture.  —The Field of Fight by Lt. General Michael T. Flynn

The above quote by General Flynn is one of many reasons he is a threat to the massive intel community and was targeted for removal from the Trump administration by Mueller and the traitorous partisan ilk within the FBI.

It is becoming obvious that this man who bleeds red, white and blue never lied to anyone, including VP Pence.  For over a year we have watched what has happened to this great American patriot, who served his country with dedication and honor for nearly 35 years while those who have committed multiple crimes are never prosecuted.

What has happened to Mike since he left the Trump administration is an American tragedy and his siblings have started the Mike Flynn legal defense fund.  The exorbitant cost of legal defense has financially broken this family, and they need our help.

After AG Sessions recused himself, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed Mueller nearly a year ago to lead an investigation without parameters. Mueller’s job is to obscure the abuses of the US surveillance apparatus that occurred under the Obama administration.

Mueller illegally had a pre-dawn raid on Paul Manafort, and now he’s raided the home and office of Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen.  Sessions, Mueller, Wray and Rosenstein all need to be fired now. They are all traitors!

Flynn’s Legal Phone Conversations

As the new National Security Adviser (NSA), Flynn’s legal phone conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak were taped and leaked to media.  Those conversations were perfectly legal.  As the NSA, it was entirely reasonable that he discussed policy with representatives of other governments — and Flynn was getting calls from all around the world.  These calls were made one month prior to Trump’s inauguration.  The people who recorded these conversations and leaked them to the press should be up for federal charges.

While Flynn did not deny the Kislyak conversation, which was entirely legal, he denied discussing sanctions with the Russians. Mueller charged him with lying or misleading federal investigators under 18 U.S.C. 1001. He did so even though investigators working under former FBI Director James Comey reportedly had concluded that Flynn did not intend to lie and should not be charged criminally for the omission.

“It wasn’t about sanctions, it was about the 35 guys who were thrown out,” said Flynn. “So that’s what it turned out to be. It was basically, ‘Look, I know this happened. We’ll review everything.’ I never said anything such as, ‘We’re going to review sanctions,’ or anything like that.”

He said this is what he apologized to Pence for failing to make clear in his discussions with the vice president because Pence went on to explicitly state that Flynn did not talk about the diplomats with Kislyak. Accounts of Flynn’s interviews with the FBI suggest he didn’t believe his brief reference to the expelled diplomats counted as “discussing sanctions” with the Russian ambassador. That would seem to clarify the discrepancies between various leak-driven reports about whether Flynn was in serious legal jeopardy with the FBI.

And there was nothing criminal about Flynn’s request of Kislyak to delay or oppose a United Nations Security Council vote on an anti-Israel resolution that the outgoing Obama administration refused to veto, even if he were instructed to do so by higher-ups in the Trump transition team. The same is true of his discussions regarding sanctions. The president-elect is entitled to have different policies about sanctions and to have his transition team discuss them with Russian officials.

“The communication was completely correct, calm, absolutely transparent,” Kislyak said during a panel discussion on Russian television, Reuters reported.

Flynn Never Lied

In March 2017, then-FBI Director James Comey briefed a number of Capitol Hill lawmakers on the Trump-Russia investigation. One topic of intense interest was the case of Michael Flynn.  According to two sources familiar with the meetings, Comey told lawmakers that the FBI agents who interviewed Flynn did not believe that Flynn had lied to them, or that any inaccuracies in his answers were intentional. As a result, those in attendance came away with the impression that Flynn would not be charged with a crime pertaining to the Jan. 24 interview by FBI agents. Link

Investigators believe that Andrew McCabe lied, but unlike Flynn, it is highly unlikely he will ever be prosecuted. Justice Department lawyers are virtually never charged with false statements by their colleagues. There is no such reluctance in using this easily charged crime against targets outside of the department, and Flynn was a target.

Former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom told Fox News that “high-ranking people throughout the government… had a plot to not have Hillary Clinton indicted so that she could remain the flawed candidate that she was.”

Kallstrom said the “plot” to fix the 2016 election goes “right to the top,” meaning President Obama and former CIA director John Brennan.  “I hope Gen. Flynn sues a lot of people, because he was handled so bad… He didn’t lie to the FBI. They didn’t even interview him about a crime. He was in his legal authorized mode when all that happened,” he said. “They are the people who committed felonies, not the General. They’ve ruined Flynn and because they threatened his son, you know, they bankrupted this guy that gave his life to this country. Just the whole dealings. Look how they dealt with the IRS! There are so many things they have done badly.”

FBI Meeting with Flynn

Deep State players Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok blindsided Flynn on January 24, 2017, with an unannounced questioning of the General. A brief phone call from the office of Andrew McCabe to a scheduler for Flynn on Jan. 24 set the interview in motion, according to people familiar with the matter. The scheduler was told the FBI wanted to speak with Flynn later that day and the meeting was placed on Flynn’s schedule. The scheduler didn’t ask the reason for the meeting, and the FBI didn’t volunteer it.

Typically, a lawyer for the National Security Council would be informed of such a meeting and be present for it. The unannounced meeting took General Flynn by surprise inasmuch as he thought it was a routine meeting since he was the NSA for the new administration.  Thus, he did not have his own lawyer present and met with the two federal agents alone.

Later that day, two FBI agents arrived at the White House to speak with Flynn.  “No one knew that any of this was happening,” said a senior White House official who was there at the time.

“Apparently it was not clear to Flynn that this was about his personal conduct,” another White House official said. “So, he didn’t think of bringing his own lawyer.”

FBI agent Peter Strzok was one of two FBI agents who interviewed Flynn.  The other FBI special agent is described as a field supervisor in the “Russian Squad, at the FBI’s Washington Field Office,” according to a former intelligence official, with knowledge of the interview. Link

Professor Says Rethink Guilty Plea

Law Professor Jonathan Turley, of George Washington University, said that prior to the firing of FBI Director James Comey, investigators concluded that Flynn did not lie to them.  “That changed when Mueller and his team came in,” he said. “They decided to frankly hammer Flynn on that and other possible charges.”

Turley cited a 1963 Supreme Court case, Brady v. Maryland, in which the court decided that exculpatory evidence – evidence that may help prove innocence – must be presented to the defendant by the prosecution.  Turley says the General should rethink his guilty plea.

“Part of the interesting contrast as well is that Michael Flynn was accused of misleading investigators about something that wasn’t illegal, not even unprecedented. The meeting with Russians didn’t violate a law,” Turley continued. “What McCabe did was a violation.” Criminal charges should be brought against him.

Mike Flynn never lied to anyone.  Once he was investigated regarding his calls to Ambassador Kislyak, which he made at the behest of Jared Kushner, and was found innocent, he thought he was out of the woods.  But, McCabe had set him up despite the FBI saying he was innocent.

At 4:34 in this 2 December 2017 video of Lou Dobbs interviewing Chris Farrell, Director of Investigations and Research for Judicial Watch, the latter states that he could put an innocent man in a room and question him for two hours and claim he lied.  This is what was done to Mike Flynn, without a lawyer, without Miranda, and it was a set up because Mike was NSA and when McCabe asked to talk to him, he thought it was natural.  It wasn’t.

What is the FD-302?

The FD-302 form is used by FBI agents to “report or summarize the interviews that they conduct” and contains information from the notes taken during the interview. How credible are the reports of interviews filed by FBI agents working a case? In fact, such reports are known to be so unreliable that in one case, a federal judge refused to be interviewed by agents unless he was allowed to review their report and make corrections.

The process is thus: two FBI agents ask questions and listen to the answers—without tape recording or obtaining a certified transcript. Instead, they return to their office and, based on their recollection and any notes they may have taken during the interview, write up a summary of what transpired. Summaries are, in most cases, written hours later, sometimes even the following day.

A former U.S. intelligence official told Sara Carter, “with the recent revelation that Strzok was removed from the Special Counsel investigation for making anti-Trump text messages it seems likely that the accuracy and veracity of the FD-302 of Flynn’s interview as a whole should be reviewed and called into question.”

The intel official added, “The most logical thing to happen would be to call the other FBI Special Agent present during Flynn’s interview before the Grand Jury to recount his version. Strzok’s allegiance to Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was unwavering and very well known.”

On 30 January 18, investigative journalist Sara Carter reported on Fox News that outgoing FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe may be in serious trouble if the information she had received from FBI sources proves to be true.  “I have been told tonight by a number of sources … that McCabe may have asked FBI agents to actually change their 302s,” Carter told host Sean Hannity.

On 18 February 18, Gateway Pundit reported that investigative journalist Mike Cernovich dropped the bombshell that McCabe altered his 302 of the Flynn interview, and deleted all history of revisions.  Cernovich claims the Inspector General knows McCabe changed Peter Strzok’s 302 notes on General Flynn.

In a letter to Rosenstein and Sessions, Graham and Grassley asked this, “Did the FBI agents document their interview with Lt. Gen. Flynn in one or more FD-302s? What were the FBI agents’ conclusions about Lt. Gen. Flynn’s truthfulness, as reflected in the FD-302s? Were the FD-302s ever edited? If so, by whom? At who’s direction? How many drafts were there? Are there material differences between the final draft and the initial draft(s) or the agent’s testimony about the interview? What information did the FBI present to the DOJ regarding this interview, or any other investigative steps involving Lt. Gen. Flynn, and when? What, if anything, did the DOJ do with this information?”

Peter Strzok

Peter Strzok, a former Army ranger, also oversaw the FBI’s interviews with former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. Newly released text messages revealed that Strzok had a personal relationship with U.S. District Court Judge Rudolph Contreras who originally presided over Flynn’s case before being recused and replaced by Judge Emmet Sullivan who has now delayed sentencing until May 2018.

Judge Contreras was one of the Federal Investigative Surveillance Act (FISA) court judges who may have heard the DOJ/FBI Clinton dossier case for surveillance and wiretapping of General Flynn the incoming Trump administration.  Agent Strzok also had direct contact with Christopher Steele, the author of the “Russian Dossier.”

We need answers as to whether Contreras was the presiding judge who granted the FISA warrant that led to General Flynn’s plea.  Did Contreras accept the Russian dossier by Steele when he was in the employ of the Clinton campaign?  Did he think it was objective and credible evidence for justifying a FISA surveillance against Flynn and others?

If so, does this taint the evidence and the circumstances that led Flynn to accept a guilty plea while being squeezed by Special Counsel Mueller’s team?

Mueller’s Partisan Hatred

The Mueller investigation is so ripe with partisan hatred that daily we hear of new FBI failures, deceptions and evasions.  Andrew McCarthy says, Mueller’s Investigation Flouts Justice Department Standards, and he’s so right.  “Rod Rosenstein’s failure to set limits on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. To trigger the appointment of a special counsel, federal regulations require the Justice Department to identify the crimes that warrant investigation and prosecution — crimes that the Justice Department is too conflicted to investigate in the normal course; crimes that become the parameters of the special counsel’s jurisdiction.

Rosenstein, instead, put the cart before the horse: Mueller was invited to conduct a fishing expedition, a boundless quest to hunt for undiscovered crimes, rather than an investigation and prosecution of known crimes.”

Fox commentator and Defense Attorney, Gregg Jarrett said that Mueller, in his court filing, admits that Rosenstein’s order appointing him was intentionally vague. This violates the special counsel law that requires a specific statement of facts to be investigated and Rosenstein and Mueller colluded to break the law and should resign.

Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch says much the same thing and calls the DOJ a “star chamber.”


General Flynn was targeted by Deep State globalists Andrew McCabe and his bagman Peter Strzok.  Mike’s lawyer made a deal to plea to a lie, (a process crime) which is very minor…to get Mike and his son out from under the continual stress and financial pressure.  Mike is guilty of nothing, and he should still be in the Trump administration.  The entire case against General Michael T. Flynn should be dismissed!

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