These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:  A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood; An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief; A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren. —Proverbs 6:16-19 KJV

Long gone is United States Justice Department integrity. The phony Mueller investigation would have never started had Sessions not recused himself.  Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-TX) says Mueller should be fired.  Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch called Mueller’s tainted efforts, “fruits of a poisonous tree.”  The DOJ knows Trump Russian Collusion is a sham.

FBI corruption has become all too obvious via Obama and Clinton allies, but worse yet, the hatred for our former National Security Advisor General Michael T. Flynn by the intelligence community and especially Andrew McCabe and his FBI cohorts is well known.  Why? Because General Flynn knows Islamic extremists are growing in number, power and penetration into Western targets, he knows the government has minimized the actions of terrorists and sought to separate them from Islam, and he knows we have failed to grasp the enormity of the threat they pose against us.  Flynn’s tremendous support of Donald J. Trump and his appointment to National Security Advisor made him the number one target.  Link

The General also supported FBI Agent Robyn Gritz in her EEOC complaint against McCabe for sexual discrimination resulting in even more hostility against General Flynn.

John Guandolo Agrees

John Guandolo, of Understanding the Threat spent 12 years as an FBI Agent.  He says the primary Islamic advisors regarding the Islamic threat who are inside the White House, State Department, CIA, FBI, DHS, national security staffs, and others are Muslim Brotherhood (MB) operatives or Muslims ideologically aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood.  They do the translating.

When valid information on Islamic terrorism is put out by anyone inside the DOJ, NSA, or DHS, it is either shredded or the person is fired.  Philip Haney’s book, See Something, Say Nothing exposed this.  The entire Muslim Brotherhood network led by the likes of The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), CAIR, Muslim American Society (MAS), and the US Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO) are the first to complain if anyone in US intelligence should utter the truth of Islam or stealth jihad.  Link

Andrew McCabe Fired

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) and FBI Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) reports concluded that former Deputy Director of the FBI, McCabe had made an unauthorized disclosure to the news media and lacked candor…he lied under oath and on multiple occasions.

The OPR forced AG Sessions to drop the hammer on liar and leaker McCabe and he was finally fired late on Friday, March 16th.  President Trump went scorched earth on McCabe and Comey after Sessions fired McCabe days before he was set to retire with a fat pension.  Dan Sobieski says, McCabe Should Sweat Prison, Not Pension, and he’s absolutely right. Rush Limbaugh tells us the media lied, McCabe will not lose his pension.  What he lost was the opportunity to qualify for it at age 50, which was 18 March 18. Now he’ll have to wait until he’s age 57, but he’s going to get it. He should have been marched out of the Hoover Building in handcuffs long ago.

In remarks he made after his firing, McCabe said, “I didn’t leak anything, and everything I did had the full knowledge of the director.”  The Director was Comey! And Comey, under sworn testimony before one of the many committees that he testified to in the House and Senate, was specifically asked if he had ever leaked anything or had any knowledge of leaking, and he said, “No, no, and never.” But he lied too, Comey did leak to the New York Times!  He engineered the leak of his own memo, which detailed a private conversation with Trump.

We want indictments!

McCabe and McAuliffe

The former Deputy FBI Director should be charged with far more. His involvement with Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe when his wife, Jill McCabe was running for VA state senate, and his meeting with McAuliffe when the governor was under investigation regarding gubernatorial campaign violations which are against FBI regulations. McCabe neglected to report in his required financial disclosure that his wife, received $675,000 from Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and the DNC. He also violated the Hatch Act which prohibits FBI agents from campaigning in partisan races when he campaigned openly for his wife.

Strzok and Page

Then there are the text messages between paramours FBI agent Peter Strzok and FBI attorney Lisa Page wherein they stated that they prepared talking points for Director Comey to give to Obama who “wanted to know everything we’re doing.” McCabe was also kept in the loop on this.  According to a released Senate report, this text raised questions about Obama’s personal involvement in the Clinton email investigation.

There were also text messages between them about meeting in “Andy’s office” where contingencies were discussed to prevent or mitigate a Trump electoral victory in 2016 election. Political views of FBI agents affecting investigative decisions and policy are disqualifying.

And get this…GOP congressional investigators have alleged that more recently uncovered text messages between Strzok and Page may show a possible coordination between high-ranking officials in the Obama administration, CIA, FBI, Justice Department and former Senate Democratic leadership in the early stages of the Russia investigation.

The investigators say the information provided to Fox News “strongly” suggests coordination between former President Barack Obama’s chief of staff Denis McDonough, then-Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid and former CIA Director John Brennan which they say would “contradict” the past administration’s public stance about its hand in the process.  Link

Hey Sessions…why no second special counsel?

Hillary Investigation

McCabe, along with Comey, was in charge of the phony Hillary Clinton investigation (including her 33,000 illegally deleted emails).  The Deputy Director ultimately recused himself from the investigation, but only after guiding it for months, all the way to the conclusion that no charges were justified. He did not recuse himself until the second, lightning-round Clinton investigation, and then most likely because of a Wall Street Journal article which exposed strong connections between McCabe, his wife, Terry McAuliffe, and Clinton.

McCabe was the number two in charge of the FBI during the process when they were investigating Hillary Clinton.  Director Comey wrote the exoneration letter for Hillary several months before they’d even interviewed her regarding her scheme to hide her State Department email from public scrutiny, and her mishandling of classified material. His helper? FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok, a longtime Andrew McCabe crony.

Of 30,000 work-related emails turned over by Clinton’s lawyers to the State Department, about 110 had varying levels of classified information. Comey called it “extremely careless,” but said there was no “criminal intent” and did not recommend prosecution.  Peter Strzok watered down the language in the Comey statement from “grossly negligent”  to “extremely careless.” Grossly negligent would have held criminal implications for Clinton. McCabe and other top FBI were aware of new Clinton emails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop for over a month before informing Congress.

Former FBI Agent Robyn Gritz

Don’t forget the case of FBI Agent Robyn Gritz, who for 15 years devoted her life to tracking down global terrorists. She was detailed to the CIA and worked closely with the Defense Intelligence Agency, led by General Michael Flynn. Her reviews were always stellar, but in 2012 she was detailed to Andrew McCabe and he apparently was out to destroy her reputation.

In 2013, she filed an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) complaint against her FBI supervisors alleging sexual discrimination and a hostile work environment, and later amended it to include defamation of character targeting by Andrew McCabe.

In 2014, General Flynn wrote a letter on Pentagon stationery stating that Gritz “was well-known, liked and respected in the military counter-terrorism community for her energy, commitment and professional capacity, and over the years worked in several interagency groups on counter-terrorism targeting initiatives. Her work consistently produced outstanding results in the most challenging environments.”

The General publicly supported Robyn in an NPR interview in 2015 wherein he questioned why she was driven out of the FBI and praised her as one of the “bright lights and shining stars” in the intelligence community.  He said, “she “just got it when it came to the kind of enemy that we are facing and the relationship that was necessary between law enforcement and the military… and I just thought she was a real pro.”

The FBI Cabal, Rosenstein, Wray,  Comey, and Mueller

The only way to get rid of an infestation is to eliminate the vermin. Playing nice does nothing but empower and enable them, playing into the hands of the enemies seeking to topple our President and our nation.

Robert Mueller Scandals

Robert Mueller certainly knows that the Russian collusion in the 2016 election was built by abuses of the foreign intelligence surveillance apparatus (FISA) and other related crimes that are punishable with jail time.  We all know Mueller’s staff of 16 attorneys are supporters of Hillary Clinton and have an axe to grind.  We also know that former FBI Director James Comey, Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, and Andy McCabe are tight friends.

What isn’t commonly known are the major scandals that took place while Robert Mueller was the FBI Director for 12 years.  Jim Hoft’s Gateway Pundit posted one of the most comprehensive articles on Mueller’s scandals.

Under Mueller, scandals and crimes of the globalist establishment were swept under the rug time and again. From vanishing currency sent to the Iraq theatre, NSA warrantless surveillance, neglect at Walter Reid, Fast and Furious, Lois Lerner and IRS targeting, Clinton pay to play, and more.  And as FBI Director, Hillary Clinton had Mueller actually carry a stolen sample of our uranium to Russia.  Link

For nearly the entire duration of Mueller’s term, UK-based HSBC, an international bank with branches and depositors worldwide, was doing billions of dollars in business with drug cartels, rogue nation states, and even banks associated with terrorism, taking massive deposits made in foreign nations and funneling them into the US banking market.  A whistleblower, who collected information and recorded conversations with HSBC employees, clearly portrayed the bank as a “criminal enterprise.”

What did Mueller do to aggressively investigate and shut down this massive “foreign influence” involving our country’s drug epidemic and possibly even terrorism? Basically nothing.

And guess what?  James Comey Joined HSBC Board of Directors six weeks after the 2012 deferred prosecution agreement, HSBC appointed James Comey to its Board of Directors as head of the Financial System Vulnerabilities Committee.

Robert Mueller is the one who should be investigated for his scandals while FBI Director, along with Comey, Rosenstein, McCabe and many others.

FBI Director Wray

FBI Director Christopher Wray angered Trump because the FBI released a statement essentially calling the GOP-authored memo bogus. Wray and Rosenstein reportedly went to the White House to convince Chief of Staff John Kelly not to release the memo.  In his confirmation hearings he said he would never pledge allegiance to a president, although his predecessors all did exactly that.  This guy is straight from the swamp.

George W. Bush nominated Wray in 2003 to be the assistant attorney general in charge of the Justice Department’s criminal division. After leaving government in 2005 to work as a private lawyer, Wray represented New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie during the Bridge gate scandal.  VP Pence replaced Christie as head of the transition team when Christie’s increasing problems with Bridge gate surfaced.

The big question is…who the hell advises our President on appointees?

Rod Rosenstein and Lisa Barsoomian

The DOJ/FBI and Mueller investigation have so many ties to Hillary Clinton and the DNC that it is a bastion of corruption painting the DOJ as enemy combatants.

So, just who is Lisa Barsoomian? She’s the wife of Rod Rosenstein.  Lisa is a high-powered attorney in Washington, DC, who specializes in opposing Freedom of Information Act requests on behalf of Intelligence Communities.

Lisa Barsoomian works for R. Craig Lawrence, an attorney who has represented Robert Mueller three times, James Comey five times, Barack Obama forty-five times, Kathleen Sebelius fifty-six times, Bill Clinton forty times, and Hillary Clinton seventeen times between 1991 and 2017. Link

Barsoomian participated in some of this work personally and has herself represented the FBI at least five separate times. As Roger Stone has stated, it would be interesting to research the specifics of the cases she worked in.  Many of the documents from the Court Docket relating to these cases have been removed from the D.C. District and Appeals Court, including her representation for Clinton in 1998’s case Hamburg. V. Clinton.

The Woods Procedure and FISA Court

The FISA court process, a secret court, has an information verification procedure known as the Woods Procedure. There are strict rules requiring that each and every fact presented in an FBI request to electronically spy on a U.S. citizen be extreme-vetted for accuracy and presented to the court only if verified.  The anti-Trump “Steele Dossier” was unverified and false.  Unverified materials presented to the FISA court for a wiretap violates the procedural rules.

Yet Comey, who said the dossier was unverified and salacious, allegedly signed three of the FISA applications on behalf of the FBI.  Deputy Director Andrew McCabe reportedly signed one and former Attorney General Sally Yates, then Acting Deputy Attorney General Dana Boente, and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein each reportedly signed one or more.

Unparalleled DOJ Corruption

Charges against General Flynn need to be dismissed.  The President’s lawyer has said he needs to pardon Flynn and Manafort, but the General is guilty of nothing, no pardon is necessary…only dismissal.  Stay tuned for more.

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