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In April 2011, I wrote this column, Get My Wallet Out Of Your Vagina. Oh, how the “feminists” squealed.  You know, those ‘strong, independent’ females out to conquer the world with their top priority being destroy men and ‘toxic masculinity’.

“The herds of grazing cattle who only raise their heads when abortion funding is threatened are too stupid to understand that a billion borrowed dollars a day gets slapped right back at them in higher taxes.

“How many times have we heard female politicians bleat about “women’s issues” during elections? How many times have we heard the old chant about “empowering women” from female members of Congress?

“The feminization of Congress and our state legislatures is destroying constitutional government, running America into oceans of unpayable debt and breeding generations of helpless women, whining for mother government to take care of them and their every need.

“The U.S. Constitution, specifically Article 1, Section 8, specifically enumerates the only areas where Congress can legislate. There are no “women’s issues” in that section of the Constitution. That eliminates education, altering the Second Amendment, after-school programs, studies for breast feeding, child care and a thousand other areas where women in elected office have been unconstitutionally introducing and passing bills for decades. The resultant laws have saddling all of us with unpayable debt.”

I wrote that back on March 18, 2005 and nothing has changed.

“The legions of females out there are herded in the desired direction with promises of stealing from the people’s treasury for their wants and needs. All those “independent, strong women” are nothing but whiners demanding the fruits of your labor. Real women take care of the babies they bring into this world.

“Real women know that family planning means keep your panties on and being a responsible adult. Strong, independent women do not demand mother government steal from taxpayers to fund their personal lives. Strong and independent? Horse crap. Strong, independent women do not demand someone else pay their way whether it’s health care, day care or “basic family planning.”

Ivanka Trump is a front runner in promoting stealing your paycheck to fund unconstitutional programs to “empower women” and force Fascism down the throats of employers.  Anyway, my column was not well received by those who felt my arrow.  I was shredded on “feminist” web sites using some of most foul language you can imagine. Most referred to me as bitch. Imagine that.

In case some haven’t noticed or if they have, are too afraid to speak the truth, women can be vicious and I mean vicious in the strongest definition of the word. I’ve lived a long life and over the past few decades I’ve watched as too many women in this country have become the biggest hypocrites in our society.

One area is domestic abuse. Domestic abuse is NEVER okay whether the abuser is male or female and that’s the point of this column.  Little is ever said about female domestic abusers.  Men in this country need to wake up and learn to see past the lust so they don’t end up dead.

A lot of time is spent trying to get the same message across to women out there so they don’t end up in a domestic abuse cycle where they or their child end up dead.  It doesn’t appear to be working because every day – everyday – there are 1-2 stories I see on DailyMail about yet another dead baby or toddler murdered by the mother’s boyfriend or husband. Chronic abuse in the home.

I just finished reading a book titled Fatal Beauty by Burl Barer. It’s the true story about the murder of a man named Jimmy Joste here in Texas.  A ‘powerhouse in the oil and gas industry’ who was known not only for his substantial fortune, but also for being kind and generous to all.  A big teddy bear.

Joste was addicted to a woman named Rhonda Glover described as gorgeous and smart. When I say addicted, I mean the history of Joste’s relationship with Glover over the course of fifteen years can be described in no other way. No matter what she did to him, he “loved” her with all his heart.

If I were a guy, no way would I put up with what Glover put that man through. In the later part of their relationship, allegedly, Joste was using drugs to self-medicate.  Glover was a drug junkie and alcoholic. Gee, what could go wrong?

Problem was, underneath that ‘smokin’ hot body’ and beauty was a woman who was mentally ill and in total denial despite being hospitalized. (Her trial was delayed while she spent time in a mental hospital.)  I mean this woman was beyond delusional but she was also abusive and because Joste loved her so much and they had a son, he let her get away with it.

While she claimed physical abuse by Joste, Glover was the one doing the abusing. His friends saw it first hand and wanted Joste to cut the chains.

Finally, one day Glover brought her carefully laid plan to fruition and shot him dead. Pumped him with ten bullets; six as he was trying to escape down the hallway in one of their houses. Claimed self-defense.

Joste was the victim of domestic abuse. While he and Glover didn’t marry, they lived together off and on.  Instead of walking away and using the legal system to get full custody of his son and away from that woman, he played by her rules.  A fatal mistake.

Even up to the end, Joste thought he could change her. He couldn’t. Glover was simply “too broken” to fix outside a controlled environment like a mental hospital.

She is now serving a 66-year sentence in a Texas prison. The jury didn’t show her mercy because she deserved none even though during the punishment phase, they were made fully aware of Glover’s mental illnesses. But, she knew right from wrong. Glover made the conscience effort to purchase a gun. She took shooting lessons and became a very good shot.  Supposedly for self-defense from Joste. No, because she planned to kill him.

How did Glover get away with her behavior for so long? How could she keep fooling an otherwise intelligent man who threw a fortune at her in cash, jewels, cars and homes? How did a domestic abuser like Glover keep her claws locked onto Joste’s heart for so long?

Let me give a quote from the book that men should pay attention to because once these female abusers get you into their beds, it can be very difficult down the road to leave.  Because of children from the relationship or simply because the man so badly wants to have a respectful, caring and meaningful relationship he’s willing to put up with what he should have seen at the beginning. As they say, love is blind. It can also be deadly.

Fatal Beauty:

“Alcohol abuse is a common harbinger of domestic violence,” asserted Donna McCooke, health care professional in the UK. “Personality disorders are also primary characteristic of women who are violent and abusive. Borderline personality disorder is a diagnosis that is found almost exclusively with women. Women are three hundred times more likely have this particular condition.

“Approximately one to two percent of all women has a borderline personality disorder. At least fifty percent of all domestic abuse and violence against men is associated with women who have a borderline personality disorder. The disorder is also associated with severe mood swings, lying and sexual issues, such as lack of sexual response, or excessive sexual behavior. Abuse and violence are behaviors chosen by a woman to cause physical, sexual or emotion damage and worry or fear”.

Continuing from the author:

“Women who abuse their husbands or boyfriends are characterized as being promiscuous, selfish and narcissistic. “They tend to be attention whores” asserted researcher Travis Webb.” And they get addicted to the drama they stir up. It’s like they live in an emotional state of 911. They lie and use anger or actual physical violence to get what they want and to get noticed: The more crafty ones hide their true nature by being affable and polite in public.”

Glover to a T.  Joste’s friends saw all of this and more in Glover but Joste was so in “love” with Glover he was willing to put up with her. Even Glover’s own friends knew she was all of the above and more as further described in Fatal Beauty:

“They blame men rather than admit their own problems, take responsibility for how they live their lives or do something about how they make themselves miserable.

“Almost all abusive women will fake injuries, and they consider themselves excellent actresses, stated Webb. “They cast themselves in the role of victim, while they are, in reality, emotional terrorists and social tyrants. Sooner or later they falsely accuse their husband or partner of a crime, and often toss in allegations of child abuse.

“A close look shows that claims of domestic violence accusations has become their current weapon of choice, because it is easy to fabricate. They love tearing down their husband or partner’s reputation and get some sort of weird delight in raining destruction upon their husband or partner”.

That’s what I believe happened to actor Johnny Depp. He married someone described as a gold-digger who alleged he assaulted her.  I believe when all is done with the current lawsuit Depp has filed against her, evidence will show she staged the alleged attack to milk him and advance her career.  In an instant she went from a C-list actress in Hollywood to the latest victim queen of domestic abuse – and lots of film roles.

Abused husbands or boyfriends, physical and/or mentally, are really the forgotten ones in the toxic world of domestic abuse violence.  Ashamed to tell anyone because they won’t hit back and might be perceived as less than a man, they end up in jail, prison, lose their jobs and custody of any children during the relationship.

Our society has become so sick and depraved, one wonders can it ever get better?  Yes, but people need to learn the warning signs before they enter into a relationship. If things feel a little “off” it’s probably because there is a problem.

Lust should never be the cornerstone of a relationship one enters into with expectations of a long-term togetherness. I know.  When you’re young there is that pesky little thing called hormones. But, that’s why it’s so important to have a mother and father to help young folks understand the difference between love and lust. The difference between an equal and loving partnership or marriage vs what’s described above.

In the case of Joste and Glover, neither were ‘spring chickens’.  Joste made a terrible choice in staying with a sick woman who needed to be institutionalized (who refused to take her medication) which cost him his life.

Friends and family: Don’t be afraid a loved one will ‘get mad at you’ for trying to help them see staying in a toxic relationship/marriage can only have tragic results. Rather they get mad at you than you attending their funeral.

I am of the personal opinion the destruction of America’s moral fabric came from the ‘free love’ revolution, Roe v Wade and then no-fault divorce. While divorce should always be the last remedy, there most certainly are situations where it is the only course of action to save lives if domestic abuse is in the equation.

As for men who are victims of domestic abuse violence, get out. Yes, ‘breaking up is hard to’ but don’t let a violent woman ruin your life and reputation because society is still biased towards believing the woman. Before it ever gets that far, get out.

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