By Sidney Secular

April 19, 2022

The truth has been the first casualty of this war

The West lives in “The Matrix,” a fabricated reality created by the Deep State through propaganda created by its mouthpiece, the main stream media (MSM). As a result, the whole Ukrainian invasion narrative is the latest example of the complete web of lies that surround us and being used to hasten the descent of Western man into the abyss of global tyranny. The failing mental faculties of We the Sheeple together with our ever-decreasing attention spans have led to Americans being in the thrall of these controllers, making it infinitely easy to hose the people with one false narrative and horror story after another. We are sitting ducks for the tyranny that is fast enclosing us.

The narrative presented to the public by the mainstream media on the situation in the Ukraine has no relationship to reality. It should collapse quicker than the Covid narrative except that that useful fiction has yet to fully collapse being kept alive against the time that it is again necessary. However, the entire “war” issue will be dropped in favor of the next crisis cooked up by our creepy controllers once the Russians complete what they started out to do. But you can be sure that there will be no hiatus between the various crisis chronicles so as to prevent Americans catching our collective breaths! Such a strategy is ill-served by the opportunity to use our God-given commonsense in considering the current crisis whatever it may be!

Meanwhile, out-of-control inflation taken together with some(possibly) newly concocted – and released – pathogen (perhaps created in the Ukrainein American biolabs?) – along with incipient food shortages will temporarily short circuit all other concerns still lurking in the background such as voter fraud and the accelerating replacement of Americans by a new group of third world invaders, these being more amenable to the Kallergi Plan designed to replace whites with those self-same third-worlders!

The causes of events in Ukraine are hidden and hard to fathom. Indeed, the events themselves have an aura of unreality about them. One has to peel away the layers of “cover-ups” similar to a Russian onion to get to the motives of the players. As in all conflicts, there are competing “authorative” narratives having equally authoritative writers promoting them but that appear to be mutually exclusive and contradictory! However, I will attempt to extract kernels of truth from them all and combine them into a (relatively) coherent picture.

As is the case in all such “strategies,” Vladimir Putin is putting the West“on” in certain respects while telling the truth in others. The Russians are not thoroughly corrupt despite their long communist nightmare. Indeed, that history and the support by the Kremlin of the Russian Orthodox Church gives hope to what was once the foundation of Western Civilization. On the other hand, the Western elites have picked up the hammer and sickle thrown off by the Russians and become psychopaths incapable of telling the truth about anything! Under the circumstances, we have more reason to put our faith in Putin than in our own Deep State that has proven to be both tyrannous and murderous. In a moment of quiet sanity, any decent person must deeply question who is most likely to be the enemy of humanity when one compares Russia to what has become of the United States and the rest of the West!

Let us look at some aspects of the case: those who support the Ukraine allege that Putin is a closet globalist and that his Ukrainian incursion occurred just as the Covid narrative was disintegrating, that evidence was mounting that the jabs were deadly, and that public response to over-reaching Western government “mandates” such as trucker-led freedom convoys was developing into a problem for the Great Reset. How better to defuse the diffuse Covid ruse and distract the news-addicted masses than with a war stoked with all the Hate-Russia conditioning still going on full “farce?” The question then becomes, is Putin cooperating with the Great Reset agenda after all? As matters now stand, it would appear that way. Vladimir Putin is a long-time associate of numerous globalists. His friendship with NWO ghoul Henry Kissinger started decades ago and the two continue to meet for regular lunches as Kissinger acts as adviser to multiple branches of the Kremlin. Putin also maintains a relationship with economic ogre Klaus Schwab of the odious World Economic Forum (WEF).  As this is indeed the case, how can we believe that Putin is not on the same side as Biden and merely attempting to get a better position in the coming New World Order?

In truth, Putin does have his own Russian Deep State of embedded bureaucracies just as we do, all allied in one world-wide web of deceit and conceit and that could be pulling Putin’s strings just as Biden’s are being pulled. Russia is – or appears to be – cooperating with NWO efforts such as international artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and the other Global Reset projects such as total surveillance of populations, promotion of digital currencies, driverless vehicles, “smart cities,” the “green new spiel,” Agenda 21/2030, “sustainable development” etc., etc. When Covid hit and the WHO issued its declaration, Russia enacted the same lockdowns as did the Western nations. Moscow was locked down as recently as October 2021 and unvaccinated Russians were ordered to stay home for four months! Russia created its own gene therapy injections — different from Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and the rest, but apparently serving the same purposes. The Bank of Russia is developing a central bank digital currency (CBDC) not essentially different from that being developed by other central bankers. A CBDC in whatever form will enable technocratic surveillance of all transactions once cash has been eliminated. The war in the Ukraine is accelerating these efforts allegedly in order to track transactions by Russians outside of Russia.

So, what are we to make of all this? It would appear Putin cut a deal with the globalists many years ago. Part of this deal is for Russia and Putin to be demonized by the Western establishment and put up with the attendant discomfort in order to be given a place in the coming corporate-controlled world government – providing he continues to play along. All the so-called “sanctions” against Russia hurt only the West and served to solidify the Russia-China-Iran axis of cooperation. The anti-Russian sanctions have become a means to destroy the dollar as the primary world currency and establish the Russian ruble as much more prominent and thus more utilized around the world than is the case now. Of course, such an outcome can only enlarge Russia’s coffers – and power! – significantly. This is the case as many countries around the world are tired of US hegemony and will now more willingly engage in trade and economic relations with Russia as Russia reaches out to them in an appeal for their cooperation and assistance to deflect the supposed harm of anti-Russian sanctions. The nations involved have been waiting for an excuse and opportunity to get out from under America’s present insane governing structure.

Putin is at heart a Russian nationalist rather than a globalist and has that country’s best interests at heart. As a result, he must play along with the globalists to achieve what he wants in the long run just as he “cooperated” with the commies during that era. Thus, we see all the moves that apparently make Russia part of GloboCorp aforementioned. And this, of course, puts the Ukrainian invasion in a new light. It’s not – and has never been – an attempt to reconquer the “republics” Russia lost with the breakup of the USSR as the Western power brokers allege, albeit the Eastern provinces do very much wish to return to Mother Russia. All the daily drivel the MSM is spewing out on the happenings of the so-called War in Ukraine is a lie, something anyone with half a brain would both understand and expect. Rather, the “war” began with the deployment of some 100,000 Ukrainian troops at the borders of the pro-Russian areas that were intended to forestall any attempt by those areas to return to Russia. That was the action that precipitated the Russian invasion!

The American puppet and NWO “gay” lackey who “governs” Ukraine was put in place by the globalists in 2014 to keep pro-Russian areas from breaking away and returning to Russia, taking their strengths with them. This becomes obvious when one notes that the Donbass area had already voted to rejoin Mother Russia and why “the war” is concentrated in these pro-Russian areas! Putin has no designs or intentions to take over all of Ukraine though he is also responding to the possibility of that nation entering NATO, something he has warned against for some time.

Because Putin has no intention of “annexing” the Ukraine, he has deliberately avoided the use of heavy weapons in affected areas to protect civilian lives and property. Even so, the Ukrainian military infrastructure, air force and navy have apparently been completely decimated despite repeated media claims that the Russians are losing badly. According to more believable sources, the Ukrainian army is incapable of action – it has no communication or no air cover and has been cut off from essential supplies. Of course, as anyone hearing, reading or seeing our slant on the matter, this is completely contrary to what the MSM has been spewing out. Furthermore, there is no chance of a NATO military invasion to offset Putin and certainly no chance of a nuclear confrontation as will now be shown. Russia has all the economic cards to prevent any such responses or significant harm to itself by any economic actions the West may take. Indeed, it would be suicide for the West to annoy Putin any more than it already has.

Ukraine (or “Kyiv” as the MSM has renamed Kiev for “effect”) has devoted considerable efforts to building financial and political links to the Western elites. Ukraine has provided a huge stash of cash to the Demonrats and the leftist foundations as has been illustrated by the millions paid to Hunter Biden as a direct quid pro quo in cultivating influence with Joe Biden when he was Obama’s second crook in command. Papa Joe, in an unprecedented move, put a freeze on the assets of the Central Bank of Russia. The assets weren’t confiscated but they can’t be sold or transferred. Russian gold is safe in physical form inside Russia, but it can’t be converted into dollars or euros. Of course, the Russians would be foolish to do so anyway, because the value of gold is ready to skyrocket partly as a result of our crooked government’s “fiscal” policies. And, of course, as gold goes, so goes the Russian ruble but an economic ignoramus like Biden and his fellow trans-stupid Dems don’t or refuse to understand that.

In the same way, other suggested sanctimonious sanctions will only react to the detriment of the West as well as being the cause of retaliatory blows such as the prohibition of sales of high-tech equipment to Russia to which Russia promptly and intelligently responded! Foreign owners of stock in Russian companies are now prohibited from selling those shares. This, of course, makes enemies for this country of those who otherwise would find such sanctions profitable as they have in the past. People don’t like losing money and the amounts of money involved in this matter are enormous. The consequences of this brainless“tit for tat” creates long term damage to the United States and the West, regardless of the outcome of the Ukrainian conflict.

Outside of the US-Russian conflict, these moves have further attacked already badly damaged global supply chains. Understanding the importance of Ukraine to the global energy market begins with an overview of Ukraine’s role as the major conduit for the shipment of natural gas from Russia to western Europe. While the Ukraine is not a major energy producer, it may be the most important energy transshipment location in the world. The dependence of western Europe on Russian natural gas is critical. The 27 members of the EU receive 40% of their imported natural gas from Russia, most of this commodity passing through Ukraine. Western (American) sanctions are destroying this natural gas supply system and Russia is compounding the situation by physically blowing up the natural gas pipelines making it impossible for a simple change of policy and strategy to undo the damage already done. This structural damage will not be easily fixed even if the war ends quickly. Finland and Latvia receive over 90% of their natural gas from Russia; Germany receives nearly 50% of its natural gas from Russia; and while other European countries receive less than 50% of their natural gas from Russia, the amounts are still significant. European nations have other energy sources but these will not cumulatively provide the energy needed to run modern industrial economies or to provide adequate heat and light to their populations.

To appease the Greens, Germany stupidly shut down almost all of its coal and nuclear generating capacity over the last ten years at the urging of these climate alarmists, leaving it dependent on Russia for all practical purposes. Of course, Russia timed its invasion of Ukraine to maximize increases in energy prices. Those prices were already rising steeply due to basic supply and demand factors many of which were exacerbated by the Biden Administration’s stupid energy policies, but now they will go “out of sight.”  The impact of the Ukrainian war on world energy prices is only beginning to be felt. There are numerous suggestions on how Europe could deal with the energy shortage but they could not be implemented for at least four years. Of course, the US could help alleviate the global energy shortage by reversing Biden’s suicidal attack on the gas and oil industry but to do so would go against his overweening pride, stupidity and cupidity and, more important, against the will of his communist handlers, so it won’t happen. The so-called United States Government is wholly in the pocket of the globalists who care for nothing but the Great Reset and their own power. To add fuel to the fire of energy dependence(in a manner of speaking), major oil companies are reducing their investments in exploration and development of oil and gas resources due to the clamor of the climate alarmists and the need to appear virtuous at any price no matter what happens to the price of their product. Expect persistent energy shortages and much higher gasoline and energy prices “going forward” (or, rather, “going backward” as that would be a far more accurate scenario).

As we have already been made aware, food shortages are coming. While energy concerns are making the headlines, the food supply is in jeopardy. It’s important to appreciate that the food on your table is one end of long, complex and now tortuous supply chain. This supply chain includes fertilizers, farms and farmers, food processors, distribution centers, and grocery stores. Any break or bottleneck in this chain will result in higher prices and probably empty food shelves. Discontinuities and breaks in the food supply chain began with Covid and are now seeming set to become a hundred times worse. Russia and Ukraine together provide over 25% of the world wheat and 20% of global corn sales. Ukrainian exports are already in disarray because of the war and Russian exports will be handicapped by the West’s ridiculous financial sanctions. With some of the most fertile farmland on Earth, Ukraine has been Europe’s breadbasket for centuries. It’s fast growing exports of grains, vegetable oils, corn, barley, and rye are crucial in feeding populations from Africa to Asia having become the world’s fifth largest exporter of wheat.

Ukraine’s customers include China and the EU, but it is in the developing world where Ukrainian wheat has become essential. If the fighting continues for any length of time and spreads, its farmers will flee, it’s wheat won’t be harvested, it’s farming infrastructure and equipment will be destroyed resulting in the region’s economy being paralyzed. Paul Craig Roberts, an impeccable source of sense and inside knowledge, says the Russians could obliterate every building in Ukraine if desired. As well, they could basically take the world down economically if we were suicidal enough to directly attack them. Of course, the counterfeit, unfit and treasonous Biden regime is senseless and wicked enough to do just that in the belief that it alone offers humanity a brilliant globalist future. Many of the necessities of large-scale farming – especially nitrogen fertilizer – are traded on the world markets. If fertilizer exports are diminished, prices will soar producing a global raising the cost of agricultural products on US farms. Yet, despite this dire warning, our government is already apparently demanding that American farmers destroy their harvests using the lure of federal payments for what is being destroyed! And, parenthetically, we are selling our farms and farmlands wholesale to the Chinese!

But the problem is not on the farms alone. Most of our food is transported by truck or train, both of which require diesel fuel or electricity generated through the use of oil or natural gas. The situation regarding the shortage of natural gas that is developing was discussed above. Of course, higher transportation costs, especially when added to higher food production costs,must result in higher prices at the grocery store. The food costs shock arising from the Ukrainian war will be as severe as the oil costs shock of the 1970s the only difference being not everybody needs gas and oil while everybody does need food!

On top ofthe above economic crisis, a further calamity involving semiconductor and other hi-tech manufacturing is waiting in the wingsas a result of the Ukrainian situation. Much of the development and manufacturing capacity of high-tech products located in the former USSR was based in the Ukraine. Today, that country plays an important role in the global manufacturing supply chains both in terms of finished products and intermediate manufacturing as is the case in supplying parts to German auto manufacturers and other key industries in Western Europe. Many of the components used to make semiconductors are seriously endangered by the Ukrainian crisis. Volkswagen has already said the Ukrainian conflict could force it to halt production that could result in the furlough of 8,000 workers. There are very few products of any complexity today that do not contain semiconductors. A typical new car now has over 1,400 semiconductors. Any disruption in the semiconductor supply chain will have an adverse effect on every supply chain in the world. Meanwhile the ignorant and deranged Biden – who wouldn’t know a semiconductor from a railroad conductor – has threatened to cut off exports of both semiconductors and sophisticated machinery to Russia. Such an actmight well be the coup de grâce to the world’s supply chains.

Everything in the modern world seems chained together for better or worse via these supply chains and it seems we will soon be shackled in one long chain of misery if the new world orderlies have their way. One of the key processes in creating semiconductors involves the etching of minute circuits upon silicon wafers by precision lasers powered with a processed form of neon gas. Ninety percent(90%)of this processed neon gas comes from – you guessed it! – Russia and Ukraine. Over 65% of it is produced by just one company in Odessa, in the Ukraine. In essence, if the US and EU embargo semiconductor exports to Russia, Russia will seize control of the area involved and retaliate by stopping the export of this essential gas. This would cripple semiconductor production internationally and bring the production of consumer goods including durables, cars, and electronics to a halt shutting down a large part of the global economy!

As if the ability to disrupt energy, food, and semiconductors were not enough, Russia also has a choke hold on many of the most critical strategic metals in the world. Russia is home to the third largest titanium producer in the world run by a friend of Putin. Russia and Ukraine together control 30% of the world’s output of titanium. This metal is critical to aircraft manufacturing. Both Boeing and Airbus (the major European aircraft manufacturer) get large portions of their titanium from Russia. If Russia cuts off exports of this crucial metal, it will devastate global aircraft production. And the same situation obtains with respect to aluminum. Aluminum prices have already risen 20% in just the past two months and will go much higher while the current uncertainties and insecurities remain. And, of course, the market will explode if supplies of aluminum are cut off. These severe problems, insecurities and admittable price spikes also obtain with respect to palladium, platinum, nickel, cobalt and vanadium as, once again, the world depends upon Russia and Ukraine for these metals. Remember, nickel and cobalt are critical to the manufacture of electric vehicle batteries while palladium is a key input for catalytic converters. The only positive note is the fact that the “Green New Deal” could be dealt a death blow if supplies of these essential “green” materials are cut off by the continuing unrest or, in the alternative, if Russia decides to get back at the West for all the hostility and abuse that country has endured from NATO and the US for decades! This assault on Russia by NATO has been ongoing as that country has been incrementally encircled and threatened by both NATO countries andthose who are candidates for NATO membership – like the Ukraine.

To add further gloom to his gloomy scenario, where the world has alternate sources of supply for the aforementioned commodities, such sources cannot be implemented on short notice. Supply chain participants prefer long-term contracts and stable logistic channels, a situation that prevents suppliers immediately taking on new customers and shippers being able to easily redirect vessels to new destinations. Such adjustments – especially if the scale is sufficiently large – could take months or even years to implement and in the meantime, shortages and prices would continue to increase even faster than they are doing at present. The long term legacy of the war in Ukraine could be the end of US and Western hegemony internationally and even the ruination of the entire world economy and all the horrible results such a catastrophe would entail! It is apparent that no direct military attack on Russia is in the cards unless the rest of the world wishes to commit suicide.

Of course, given Sleepy Joe Biden and the rest of the insane “leaders” in the West now, we no longer have the comfort of rationality to fall back on. If these globalists want to destroy perhaps the only nation in the world that seems to reject the Great Reset, we can take no comfort in the belief that nobody in their right mind would do so – simply because most of these people aren’t in their right minds! Furthermore, to initiate such a disaster is not difficult! It could come through any of the means used in the past to start a desired war whether it be a false flag claim of alleged (but false) Russian atrocities or the hack of computer and cyberspace networks – especially those related to intelligence activities – or any of the other tried and true methods of plunging mankind into war! And sadly, as the power of ordinary intelligent people is replaced by the tyranny of the many world-wide Deep States, there is less and less that those same ordinary intelligent people can do to prevent what might destroy us all.

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