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I believe Americans – except the Trump haters – are pretty much burnt-out and downright disgusted with the Schifty Schiff Show of the past two weeks.

The next round of Demorat jibberish begins this week with a shift to the House Judiciary Committee. That would be Jerald Nadler [D-NY] at the helm. Like Schiff, Nadler lives in his little delusional world of self-importance; a dangerous zealot.

I got a good laugh from an interview Jeanine Pirro did (FOX) with Rep. Devin Nunes.  He said Nadler’s been in the witness protection program for months after the failed Russia collusion hoax blew up in his face. Loved it.

Nadler’s side show is likely to be more of the same but we’ll see what Republicans can do to actually get some truth exposed. Then curtain comes down and those dogs take off Dec. 12th and don’t come back until January when they’ll start up all over again. Yeah, another long vacation; remember their six-week August recess at salaries of $14,700 a month?

So. I hope everyone had a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving.  Made it through turkey dinner at the in-laws house. Okay, I just have to throw this one in because it’s just too funny:

I’m someone who plans ahead. Gotta have a plan. I purchase my next year wall calendar, desk calendar and day planner in August to make sure doesn’t run out of Westie ones. This time of the year Americans start planning for Christmas Day and gift giving.  I hope you find these suggestions helpful.

People are always talking about making memories. Why not spend a little extra time looking at fun  instead of the usual clothing made by forced slave labor from countries like communist China, communist Vietnam and others?

If you live in a large enough city most have museums or other attractions where you can purchase day or yearly passes. Museums aren’t the stuffy old buildings people think. So many have great programs on weekends specifically appealing to little ones to teen years. Fun events where your children actually learn something. Where mom and dad actually spend quality time with their children and create memories.

I gave a family year pass to one of my nieces, her husband two children in the city where they lived. They didn’t go every weekend; usually once or twice a month. But they all had a great time because it was always something different put on by the museum. No dang electronic phones, just family. Better than your children end up ‘hanging’ out doing nothing or with the wrong crowd; like the ones doing drugs or watching porn all day at age 12. Or glued to damn video games.

Just my personal opinion but more isn’t always better. One perfect gift can match 10 pieces of junk. China Mart aka WalMart and other big box retailers are stuffed full of toys made by forced slave labor. Target does carry some toys made in America. Why not purchase toys made in OUR country by our fellow Americans? Can’t find them? Yes, you can – even safe ones for your furry friends. Just look for a company here and if you don’t find it, use a search engine.

Here are a few outfits that are USA made so go explore: Our Green House, 12 Awesome Toys Made in the USA, Play For Keeps, Made in USA Forever and Little Tikes

Forty miles from my town is Midland, Texas. Ha! Out in the sticks – what do they know about culture? Well, let me tell you they have a fabulous Community Theater that puts on shows all year long. I know because my best buddies and I have been several times to see A Christmas Carol. What a great time we had and then off to dinner. You can purchase tickets to productions for family and friends. Do something different!

Aquariums. If you’ve never been to the Monterey Bay Aquarium on the coast in California you are missing out. One of the most wonderful places you could ever want to visit. I did not know it until I did some research but Shreveport, Louisiana has a great looking aquarium that like most, has day and yearly passes. (Apparently discount tickets for Monterey Bay are sold at COSTCO)

Perfect family gifts that give all year. Perfect as a gift from grandparents who might live close enough to tag along. Just use a search engine to find what might work for you. Search: Attractions Name of city

I am NOT a fan of zoos. Too many are grossly inadequate for the needs of lions, tigers, elephants and other species. I know, the slaughter continues by barbarians and ‘trophy hunters’ like Eric and Don, Jr. Trump and poachers over in Africa and other places in that part of the world.

Some zoos have really done a good job even though the animals are not free. San Diego Zoo is magnificent as is the Cleveland MetroParks Zoo; I have been to both. Very conservation minded. Don’t know if either blather about the hoax called ‘climate change’ but don’t let that ruin a fun time all year long. They all sell day passes, family deals and year passes.

One non-profit I have been giving to for years is the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado about 45 minutes north of Denver. Believe me when I tell you, that place is spectacular. I’ve been there three times and didn’t want to leave. What a paradise for big cats (lions, tigers), leopards, wolves, bears – all abused and rescued. Get tickets as a gift; the recipient will absolutely love it.

Speaking of poachers and trophy hunters, let me tell you about THE most magnificent coffee table book I’ve ever purchased; I even purchased a copy as a gift to two of my dearest friends. I tell you I’ve read it through twice and stop here and there around the house just to look at pictures in the book; 140 pgs. Pages are high-quality paper, not flimsy stuff. Class act for sure.

THE most amazing photography. 100% of profits go to conservation after expenses. Regular readers know I am a book hound, have been all my life. This will make a stunning Christmas gift if you’re so inclined. Truly, nothing like it: Remembering Lions (This fantastic work comes from England so best to order now in time for Christmas.)

Thinking of buying a nice ski parka for kids, husband, wife, boyfriend or other family members? Chinese “businessmen” skin dogs and cats alive for the fur. Yes, they do. I know because I watched an underground video smuggled out of that hell hole. I CAN STILL HEAR THEIR SCREAMS

“As I watched the video progress, I realized that I was crying. The screams of live dogs and cats as they were skinned alive, their big eyes begging for mercy and receiving none, ripped my heart out and brought incredible rage from deep down inside.

“The next shots of cat pelts laid on the floor with all the dead bodies still twitching in piles cast aside like garbage, would have driven someone with a weak stomach right to the bathroom. It hardened my resolve against trading with barbarians. I can still hear their screams.

“More pictures of dogs being chained – the worker jerking and tightening the chain while the eyes of incredible pain stared at the camera – prepared them for skinning, alive. I don’t know what sound you call dogs and cats as they are being choked and then a knife taken to them right then and there and skinned. To me, it was screams so horrific, I can still hear them two days after I watched the video.

“This is an everyday operation by “businessmen” who drive their trucks on the street like a produce truck would in the U.S. It’s estimated these barbarians skin millions of dogs and cats every year – while they are alive. As I watched these “workers” go about their barbaric practice, I wondered how Americans could continue supporting them with their consumer dollars? This is Communist China in all its brutality.

“The skinning of live dogs and cats is done for money. These barbarians sell the pelts and toss the “meat.” These pelts are illegally being intertwined with fake fur for many retail items being sold in the U.S., i.e. doll clothes and into fabric for human garments, i.e. parka hoods and sweaters. That’s right: That Christmas gift sitting under the tree – if it came from Communist China – most likely is made from the fur of a dog or cat skinned alive.”

The fur can’t be used for parkas and coats shipped to the U.S. so those savages move it through other countries like India and the finished product gets sold here in the US in stores or on-line.

[NWV is offering “Democrats Are Full of Schiff” bumper stickers for only $10.00 for 2 with free S/H. This is a last minute item and is not in NWV shopping cart. To order you must call 800-955-0116]

Yes, you can buy Made in USA ski parkas and other outdoor heavy- duty clothing. But, I have to say up front I don’t know where the fur (if real as thankfully, most are now made with faux fur that looks real) comes from or if part is real fur, but you can call the retailer and ask. I call retailers all the time.

Here’s a few: FULSUS Made in ColoradoAll American Clothing Company Made in USA, REI Made in USA, Local Freshies, Americans Working and NWT3K.

The first web site I hit every morning is theanimalrescuesite. Once a month they ask for donations to fly furry ones one step away from euthanasia to high adoption no kill facilities. Pilots donate their time.  All donations pay for fuel, transportation and legitimate expenses getting them ready; very dedicated folks. Donations start at $5 bux.

You can also click on their daily box which provides food for dogs and cats in shelters and rescues all over America. I do it every am. In 20 years, they’ve been able to provide just under 800 million bowls of food. God bless them.

They also carry lots of things like jewelry, coffee mugs, clothes, you name it. Now, I know that much of what they sell is not domestic but they only deal with ‘fair trade’ companies. I’ve purchased a few items over the years manufactured in Scotland and New Zealand. You can decide. Every purchase provides food for doggies and cats. I guess they work that out with the retailers.

Someone in your family or a friend struggling financially? Christmas can be a very stressful time for so many who simply don’t have extra money. How about getting someone a gift certificate from the local oil change place? Lots of ways to give that helps without making the recipient feel embarrassed.

Gentlemen. What to get your wife or girlfriend that’s good for her, makes her feel special? If I may make a suggestion. Make-up is a “complicated” thing for men when considering a gift. Easier just to give a gift card from some big store, right? I know a thing or two about women’s make-up so please stay with me here. Ladies, too.

Most women don’t know that just about every commercial make up on the market (foundations) contains silicone. Yes, silicone is good but not for your skin. Make-up which contains silicone makes your skin look old and dry no matter your age; well, except for babies and toddlers. Anyway, knowing what goes into all forms of make-up is critically important. Once again, I’ve done the homework for ya all.

This is germane. If you think the communist Chinese are barbaric, I’m here to tell you the same level of abuse is going on in this country. I know, some blow it off as so what, they’re just dumb animals. The way we as a society treat the most helpless and vulnerable, animals or humans, speaks to the character of our people. It just kills me to see what goes on every day.

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine isn’t some wacko group. The use of torture in medicine is not necessary, believe me. There are superior alternatives available now. How do you feel about this?

PCRM’s latest: “Queenie was sold to Wayne State University where cruel, unnecessary experiments are performed on live animals. In the lab, Queenie and countless other healthy dogs were cut open, devices were implanted into their hearts and blood vessels, and then they were forced to run on treadmills.

“Her face and paws swelled. She whined, she vomited and fluids leaked from her wounds. Did they stop to save this poor dog from pain? No. Instead they forced her to run the treadmill again. Then they induced hypertension in Queenie by reducing the flow of blood to her kidneys. After nine months of torture they killed her.”

Wayne State University in the ‘heart of Detroit’ receives both state and federal money. Let your Congress critter and state rep and senator know how sickening their torture program is and to stop funding that campus. Any and all universities using helpless animals for testing or research should be banned by law in their state.

American Anti-Vivisection Society is another group (non-profit) that fights to stop the use of animals in research, testing of household items and educating people about non-animal alternatives.

I have donated to the Beagle Freedom Project. They rescue those precious little muggers after being released from animal testing and research facilities. Sickening. Most were puppies when the torture began and had never even stepped on grass their whole miserable lives. BFP gives them rehabilitation and a safe and nurturing environment while they find new forever owners who will love and take care of them.

The U.S. government is still allowing animal cruelty testing. The VA is one of the dirtiest culprits. BS! It is NOT necessary to improve the lives of humans. E.P.A. Says It Will Drastically Reduce Animal Testing. No, it is not necessary to “safeguard human health”. Propaganda pure and simple. The same goes for the rotten, corrupt FDA (Federal Death Administration). It needs to stop, period.

Second, a long, long time ago I quit using any brand of make-up in any form that practices animal cruelty. Like spraying hair spray into the eyes of a bunny rabbit to see how it will react. I don’t want any product on my face, body or eyelashes that came at the cost of torturing a defenseless animal.

Now, just because a company says they are cruelty free does NOT mean they are because a little- known fact: If that company sells to the stinking communists in China they MUST use animals to test. That’s right and that’s why I use all-natural fruit-pigmented make-up from foundation to blush to mascara to eye shadow; silicone free.  All products. Dreamy!

So what does a guy do who wants to give his lady a nice Christmas present for perhaps make-up? Or perfume? Products that make her look and feel great? Purchase a gift card from one or more of the companies that do NOT deceive the public with ‘cruelty free’ labels. Gift card inside a nice box of a dozen long-stemmed roses.

Cruelty-Free Perfume Guide: Fragrance Companies That Do And Don’t Test On Animals – I’d rather smell like fresh soap than knowing a dog or rabbit was subjected to cruel experiments just so I could “smell good”.

How do you know what company? Here you go. I purchase foundation (BB Crème), blush, (use their fabulous flat kabuki brush) and powder from: 100 Percent Pure. The first time I used it within 15 minutes I could see what pure really means in make-up. No exaggeration and not anywhere near the cost of high-end stuff like Chanel.

I’ve been blessed my whole life with smooth skin (which I’ve tried to preserve by not baking it in the sun). Anyway, that’s my preference. 100 Percent Pure does carry mascara and shadows but too pricey for my budget so I rotate and buy from a couple different companies on the list below.

The bottom line is I will NOT look in the mirror knowing what I’m putting on my face and body is at the expense of torturing helpless animals anymore than I would tolerate torturing babies or children. Yes, it does take a little time to find what suits your lady but let her do that. Shopping is fun don’t ya know! And, I personally think your wife or girlfriend will appreciate the thoughtfulness you put into her gift.

The Ultimate Guide To Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands from high-end to drugstore – There are 101 brands listed and yeah, I plowed my way through most of them over about a month in between chores and work until I found a few brands I could afford and was very happy. Either fruit-pigmented or plant based, believe me – your face will be very happy for not abusing it with chemicals and stuff like silicone. Silica is in make-up and that is a good thing.

30 Makeup Brands That Still Test On Animals In 2019

“L’Oreal has a notoriously misleading animal testing FAQ. They claim “L’Oréal no longer tests any of its products or any of its ingredients on animals, anywhere in the world. Nor does L’Oréal delegate this task to others.” However, they do sell their products in China where animal testing is mandatory for foreign cosmetics. They address this loophole in their policy as well: “An exception could be made if authorities required it for human safety or regulatory purposes.” In order words, they do fund animal testing of their finished products in China, where the practice is required by law.”

That’s what they all say from Estee Lauder to Maybelline, Revlon, you name it and that’s why they don’t get my money. Once product lines start drying up in stores, retailers want to know why. Companies like 100 Percent Pure, The Detox Market and others would be able to lower their prices if stores would carry their products but that won’t happen until Americans use the power of their wallet, choose healthier and no torturing of animals. Get that gift card and let your wife or girlfriend have a fun time with new, healthier products.

That’s it. I retire as Santa for this year because next week it’s back to the DC Circus circuit.

BTW: If you’re an early Christmas shopper, don’t forget to order a copy of my book, Taking Politics Out of Solutions. 400 pages of facts and solutions.  Here’s one review from Amazon: “There’s not a book out there that so substantially documents the source of every truth she presents; links, affidavits, other books, legislative testimony, interviews ad infinitum…You will be amazed at how many instances she refers to regarding the present-day political mechanizations that are plainly and blatantly UnConstitutional!  For all the above reasons, if in the not-too-distant future, the survivors of our once-great nation try to piece together a road map for OUR return to a Constitutional Republic, they couldn’t use a better resource.”

And remember the real reason for the season: Jesus Christ

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