When you look at the entire array of actions from the very beginning, the appointment by Rosenstein of Mueller where no crime was stated to have been committed, you begin an inexorable process of depriving the President of his ability to govern.  We are now going on 16 months of striping away from the president his presidency.  If we go back to the beginning, this started out as a brazen plot to exonerate Hillary Clinton through the Obama Justice Department and the FBI and then, if she lost, to figure out a way to frame Donald Trump and the people around him.  What is tragic is the system has allowed that to occur.  —Joe diGenova

Furthermore, I am of the opinion that Carthage should be destroyed.  —Cicero for Cato the Elder

People are beginning to understand that our intelligence community has a lot to answer for.  The intelligence community has not become involved in the Deep State; the Deep State was inside the intelligence community from the very beginning.  Link

The President is being constantly distracted from his performance of duties by this…everything Trump is working on is being disrupted for no good reason, and yet he succeeds. In my previous article, I condensed a portion of Congressman Louis Gohmert’s monumental tome on “The Naked Truth About Robert Mueller.”  The original report is a pdf file.  This article is the rest of what Gohmert exposed in condensed form.

Mueller Embraces Islamic Terrorists

Liberalism is a religion pretending to be a political philosophy.  Islam is a political philosophy pretending to be a religion. Robert Mueller has embraced liberalism and he is friends of Islamic terror.  We know the intelligence community is infiltrated with Muslim Brotherhood.  Former FBI Agent, John Guandolo has made that clear.

FBI Director Mueller repeatedly testified during questioning by various House Members about how the Muslim community was just like every other religious community in the United States. He also referenced an “Outreach Program” the FBI had with the Muslim community.

When questioned in 2011 by the House Oversight Committee, Mueller was intentionally deceptive about the fact that the FBI had apparently maintained a relationship, and even a “community partnership” instigated on his watch, with the Council on American Islamic Relationships (CAIR) as well as with groups and individuals that FBI evidence determined were co-conspirators to terrorism. That is consistent with Mueller’s misrepresentation that his FBI had outreach programs to other religious communities just like they did with the Muslim community. They did not. He was not honest about it.

In a March 2009 Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ) questioned Mueller over the FBI move to cut off contact with CAIR. The 2007 trial of the Holy Land Foundation, the largest terrorism financing trial in American history, linked CAIR to the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas. CAIR was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the case. Because of this affiliation, the FBI issued policy and guidance to restrict its non-investigative interactions with CAIR in an effort to limit CAIR’s ability to exploit contacts with the FBI. As a result, FBI field offices were instructed to cut ties with all local branches of CAIR across the country.

Congressman Gohmert explains, “I had understood that the plan by the Bush Justice Department was that if they got convictions of the principals in the Holy Land Foundation trial, they would come right back after the co-conspirators who were named in the indictment as co-conspirators but who were not formally indicted. In late 2008, the DOJ got convictions against all those formally indicted, so DOJ could then move forward with formally indicting and convicting the rest—except that the November 2008 election meant it was now going to be the OBAMA DOJ with Eric Holder leading. The newly-named but not confirmed Attorney General apparently made clear they were not going to pursue any of the named co-conspirators. That itself was a major loss for the United States in its war against terrorism in the Obama administration.”

One of the problems with FBI Director Mueller is that he had already been cozying up to named co-conspirators with evidence in hand of their collusion with terrorists. That probably was an assurance to President Obama and AG Holder that Mueller would fit right in to the Obama administration. He did. It also helps explain why Obama and AG Holder wanted him to serve an extra two years as FBI Director despite Mueller having served the 10-year limit. Mueller was their kind of guy.

Purging FBI of Anti-Terror Information

Instead of looking for cases of radicalized Islamists, Mueller instructed his agents to look for Islamophobes, and investigate if they were guilty of a hate crime. The blinding of our FBI agents to the domestic threat of radical Islam is part of the damage Mueller did as FBI Director.  Terrorism expert Patrick Poole continually points out in his “Known Wolf” series, that the overwhelming majority of terrorist attacks on U.S. soil are committed by those the FBI has interviewed and dismissed as a threat.

Here are just three of the more high-profile cases: Omar Mateen and the Pulse Nightclub, underwear bomber on Northwest Airlines Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, and Boston Marathon bombing by Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Director Mueller had all of the training materials regarding radical Islam “purged” of anything that might offend radical Islamic terrorists. Oh yes, Mueller worked with radical Islamic groups!

So, in addition to using his “Five Year Up-or-Out” policy to force out so many experienced FBI agents who had been properly trained to identify radical Islamic terrorists, now Mueller was going even further. He was ensuring that new FBI agents would not know what to look for when assessing potentially radicalized individuals.

When Congress learned of the Mueller-mandated “purge” of FBI training materials, they demanded to see what was being removed. Unfortunately, Mueller was well experienced in covering his tracks, so naturally the pages of training materials that were purged were ordered to be “classified,” so most people would never get to see them.

After the FBI was forced to allow a few from Congress to see the purged materials, it became clear that some of the material really did need to be taught to our FBI agents.

Mueller’s Conflicts of Interest

Mueller is a corrupt cop.  Too many “conflicts of interest,” eliminate him from being appointed as Special Counselor.  Gregg Jarrett wrote, “The law governing the special counsel (28 CFR 600.7) specifically prohibits Mueller from serving if he has a “conflict of interest.” Even the appearance of a conflict is disallowed. The same Code of Federal Regulations defines what constitutes a conflict. That is, “a personal relationship with any person substantially involved in the conduct that is the subject of the investigation or prosecution” (28 CFR 45.2).”

  1. Mueller was a mentor to his good friend James Comey who was fired by President Trump.
  2. His involvement with Uranium One and carrying a sample to Russia for Hillary.

U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein had direct control over that Russia uranium investigation in conjunction with FBI Director Mueller. They should never have been involved in any subsequent investigation that might touch on potential collusion and millions of dollars paid to the Clinton’s foundation by the very beneficiaries of the Russians’ uranium schemes. Rosenstein and Mueller’s failure to warn against or stop the sale reeks of its own form of collusion, cooperation, or capitulation in what some consider a treasonous sale.

Sewer rats Rosenstein and Mueller are now in charge of all things investigatory surrounding their own actions. In fact, Rosenstein and Mueller are now in a position to dissuade others from pursuing them for their own conduct.

Mueller’s Biased Hires

Every attorney hired by Mueller is a Democrat or Clinton supporter.  Not one Republican was hired.  A majority of these appointees have donated over $50,000 to Democrats including Hillary Clinton’s and Obama’s Presidential campaigns.

Mueller also has surprisingly strong personal ties to a number of the lawyers he hired. He hired former partners with his own Boston law firm…Aaron Zebley, Jeannie Rhee, and James Quarles.  Many of his hires have potential conflicts in working for persons directly connected to the people and issues being investigated.

Peter Strzok has of course been removed after his over 10,000 anti-Trump text messages to his lover Lisa Page were found.  The worst of the lot is probably Andrew Weissman, but all of them are biased against President Trump.

Targeting General Michael Flynn

Louis Gohmert explains the calculated targeting of the General, “After a complete pounding of media-driven hysteria, in mid-February of 2017, Flynn resigned having served only 23 days as National Security Advisor. Mueller targeted Flynn using illicitly-gathered and leaked foreign intelligence and surveillance as evidence.

Nine months later after Flynn and his family were subjected to Mueller’s usual threats and intimidation, a financially exhausted Flynn entered a guilty plea on one count of lying to the FBI—the result of a Mueller-technique perjury trap as was used on Scooter Libby and Martha Stewart. What is Flynn guilty of? He apparently misremembered a conversation that took place 33 days previously. They went into a conversation with Flynn not seeking answers to questions, but to try to trip him up on exact statements made in a conversation when they were already in possession of the transcript of his recorded phone calls.”

“One could argue that Judge Rudolph Contreras, the federal judge who accepted Flynn’s guilty plea, conveniently misremembered that he also served on the FISA court as a judge and conveniently misremembered his friendship with the FBI agent, Peter Strzok, whose interview was used as evidence against Flynn. As it turns out, the FBI interview notes of that very encounter with Flynn may exonerate Michael Flynn, crushing Mueller’s case against him, not to mention the highly questionable hearing before a judge who may well have been recused much too late to save the Flynn prosecution.”

Most of us are well aware of the Obama appointed FISA court judges and their numerous questionable and controversial actions.

On Friday, 4 April 2018, the House Intelligence Committee released a new report that featured a whole bunch of redactions being viewable. There’s been a huge argument and battle between the House Intelligence Committee and the DOJ and FBI for information and data relating to all of their investigations and General Flynn.  The redactions were the FBI and the DOJ covering up what they had done to protect themselves, primarily in the pursuit of Michael Flynn! The basic premise here is that everybody that talked to Michael Flynn and everybody who wrote memos after the interview of Michael Flynn was convinced that he had not lied.

It is the opinion of this writer that General Flynn was set-up, he never lied to anyone, including VP Pence and that his case should be dismissed, the FBI should make him financially whole, and he should write a tell-all book about this grievous and hellish false persecution.  If there were truly justice, President Trump would rehire Mike as his NSA and tell the rest of the intel community to go to hell.

Mueller Ignores Provable Crimes

Strategically timed leaks of selective classified information are being used to target individuals for investigation in order to create the appearance of some sinister crime being committed.  Upon closer scrutiny, the cases fall apart.

Mr. Gohmert finishes up his phenomenal expose of Mueller, “The man put in charge of the investigation of “Russian Collusion” case, Robert Mueller, has perfected the art of abuse of the justice system for personal and political gain. He is uninterested in any criminal activity that does not further his cause of damaging this President.

Consider the criminality of the FISA court abuses by the Obama DOJ and FBI. We have all heard ad nauseam about the infamous ‘Steele Dossier,’ the opposition research document paid for by the Clinton campaign that was used to manufacture the Russia collusion narrative and spark what became the Mueller investigation of our President. On 08 June 2017, Mueller protégé and disgraced former FBI Director James Comey testified in front of the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence about the Clinton campaign-funded document, telling Congress that the document was, ‘salacious and unverified.’”


Congressman Louis Gohmert has listed 40 questions which should be asked of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.  They are posted on the Congressman’s website.  Congress should subpoena Mueller and demand he answer these legitimate questions.

As for my repetitive quote, “Furthermore, I am of the opinion that Carthage should be destroyed,” the quote is attributed to Cato the Elder.  Rome had fought Carthage twice, and Cato believed Carthage was inhabited by low born filth, incapable of rational thought.  Cato was a well-known Roman senator and allegedly finished many of his speeches with the statement about Carthage as he held great hostility for them.  The first reference of Cato’s animosity against Carthage is by Cicero, approximately a hundred years after Cato had died.  It was Cicero who stated that Cato finished many of his speeches with this statement.  Thus, the Cicero attribution.

And so again I finish, Furthermore, I am of the opinion that Mueller, Rosenstein and Sessions should be fired now.

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