By Lex Greene

Face it – only in a Nazi-run concentration country does anyone on earth have any legal authority whatsoever to inject anyone with anything against their will. Anywhere freedom and liberty reign, the people have freedom of personal choice without fear of coercion, retribution, persecution, or segregation. Only a Nazi would work so hard to divide a nation by every means possible.

“Where the people fear the government, you have tyranny. Where the government fears the people, you have liberty.” –Thomas Jefferson

There are a few other facts Americans must face today.

  • No one has yet isolated the COVID19 virus as a “novel virus”
  • No current test can separate COVID19 from Influenza A or B
  • The so-called tests often read (false) POSITIVE, right out of the package
  • There are no “vaccines” for any “corona virus” (aka common cold and flu)
  • None of Fauci’s “vaccines” are vaccines
  • These are lab created genetic experiments, just like the Wuhan Lab virus
  • Masks in use are NOT designed to or capable of stopping the spread of any virus
  • No one has authority to prevent your “pursuit of happiness”
  • No one has any authority to strip you of Life or Health
  • No one has any authority to deprive you of individual liberty
  • More people have died from the VAX than the so-called virus
  • The CDC has lied about all of it for over 19-months now
  • It’s against the Constitution, U.S. Law, and the Nuremberg Code to do what they have done
  • Everyone involved, everyone, should face trial for “crimes against humanity”

I’m not saying illness doesn’t exist, we all know it does. I’m not saying that no one has died as a result of contracting a number of different flu and cold viruses. I’m saying that the same percentage of Americans die every year, from exactly the same causes, approximately 0.9% of the population. I’m saying that before the lethal “vaccines,” there is NO unusual increase in annual death rate in 2020 or 2021 (during this so-called pandemic) and if you don’t believe me, research that for yourself!

WE HAVE ALL BEEN LIED TO BY ALL OF THE SO-CALLED “EXPERTS” and it’s about to cost us our Life, Liberty, Happiness, future, and posterity, if we don’t wake up and take swift appropriate ACTION, RIGHT NOW!

We have been lied to by the mad scientists (Fauci, Gates, Soros), the cowardly politicians (both political parties), the global Marxist owned media (all mainstream mediums), many conned or cowardly doctors and nurses, many of them are more worried about their paycheck than the health of their patients. We have been lied to by pretty much everyone in a position of power. We all sense it…most of us know it.

If you don’t have the Right to say NO to forced or coerced DNA altering injections, then you have no Rights at all! We are ALL in this together!


Over the past hundred years, Americans have been slow boiled at a rate most never bothered to notice, through bad public education, Marxist college campuses, fake news, criminal career politicians, corrupt courts and even One World Order churches. Almost everything the American people have experienced for many years now, has been a blatant lie.

Some are feeling the boil now, but many still can’t tell they are well beyond a simmer. Some are starting to jump out of that pot and fight back, while others are determined to look the other way, as they are quickly brought to a fatal rolling boil.

In recent weeks, even mad Dr. Fauci has been forced to concede the following;

  1. Yes, COVID19 came from the Wuhan Lab
  2. Yes, his enterprises HAVE funded “gain of function” experiments
  3. Yes, the masks don’t work
  4. Yes, the “vaccines” are not really vaccines
  5. Yes, social distancing has done nothing to stop the spread
  6. Yes, the government cannot “force” any of these measures on anyone
  7. Yes, people are dying in mass from the “vaccines”
  8. Yes, the “vaccines” do NOT prevent infection, spread or death
  9. Yes, he does believe mother earth needs less people
  10. Yes, he WILL continue to destroy us – if we let him!

Why do you think Biden’s Department of Homeland Security is totally ignoring the death and destruction all across the country committed by Marxist democrats in ANTIFA and BLM, while targeting all patriotic Americans who stand opposed to the massive FRAUD behind COVID19 and the 2020 Elections?

It’s because they KNOW they are anti-American frauds and the also KNOW that the American people are figuring this out and beginning to rise against them! They can only hide their crimes, deaths, and destruction so long. Sooner or later, their fatal Marxist (Nazi) agenda was going to cause so much chaos and damage that they would no longer be able to hide it or keep a lid on public reaction. They will attempt to blame Trump. But it won’t work. Too many know!

Their agenda is based entirely in Global Marxism and their tactics are based entirely in Hitler’s NAZI-ISM. That’s why America and free people all over the world feel like they are living in pre-World War Germany.


Protests, petitions, emails, letters, social media whining, even meetings with criminal cowards in government and lawsuits filed in corrupt courts, are USELESS. Who cares about passing new laws when no one has adhered to previous laws or even the Constitution and Bill of Rights for decades? Those who think they will “lock and load” to solve this, will face the US Military. Where there are no consequences, there can be no justice and where there is no justice, there can be no freedom.

Thousands are walking off their jobs in all professions all across the country, just to avoid “mandates” that NO ONE has any right or legal authority to issue, much less enforce. Until now, they have been doing it alone or in small groups. THAT MUST CHANGE IMMEDIATELY!

A NATIONWIDE STRIKE is the ONLY peaceful option now! Before Biden and his unlawful Marxist cabal can lock us all down again, we must LOCK THEM ALL DOWN first! Enough of playing defense. We must take the offense here and quickly.

  1. If you live in a State where your Governor and State Legislatures are actively STOPPING all mandates at your border, protecting their own citizens, work with them to make sure they stand that ground and complete that mission.
  2. If you live in a State run by Marxist democrats, Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates and George Soros, you have a very different problem on your hands. You will be the first to be masked, vaxxed and locked down. You may have waited too long to leave. Get out of the major cities and find others of like-mind so that you can try to defend each other. Get as self-sufficient as possible, as fast as possible. If you have a second home elsewhere, go there.
  3. Whether you are a union employee or a non-union employee, every decent honest American must be prepared to sit at home and NOT go to work in a nationwide strike for as long as it takes for OUR MANDATES to take effect.
  4. Americans MUST do this in mass and together, which means a time to begin the strike must be set a week or two out so that everyone can prepare.
  5. STOP the “lock and load” chatter. Anyone who thinks we can win this violently in the streets is overlooking the reality that our Military and Law Enforcement has been compromised as well. A reported 70% of the military have been vaxxed, which means a best, only 30% might protect us from the Nazi mandates.
  6. Donald J. Trump is the ONLY person in the USA today capable of leading America out of this darkness, no matter what you think of him. There is no one else. But I have no clue what he’s ready to do, if anything at all. So, we cannot wait or count on him. We can hope he will step up to lead, once we lead.
  7. We must be prepared to STRIKE until our mandates, will end theirs.

If you think we have any other choice, you’re wrong. We are rapidly losing our country, our freedom, liberty and for many, our lives and the future for our children and grandchildren.

We don’t have any choice. We must STOP THEIR MANDATES peacefully, before they shut us all down again and finish off what little is left of our country and way of life.

If we fail, it will not be because of the depth of commitment in our enemies. It will be due to the lack of commitment and courage in Americans. A majority of Americans will never get what’s happening here in time. We must work with the totally awake. (not to be confused with the Marxist woke)

© 2021 Lex Greene – All Rights Reserved

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