By Lex Greene

June 16, 2022

Article IV, Section 4: The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion;

Yet, for decades now, Americans have been Pavlov trained to think the USA is a democracy, not a Constitutional Republic, and because most Americans don’t read or don’t comprehend what they read anymore, they believe anything they are told by so-called “scholars” and “experts.”

Foundationally, a Republican form of government relies upon Constitutional protections to prevent any majority from ruling over any minority, so long as the contents of the Constitution are tightly enforced by the people. The U.S. Federal Government is established and governed by the U.S. Constitution. It is further specifically restricted by the Bill of Rights. A republican form of government is limited to only the duties and authorities granted it in the Constitution, treating every citizen as an equal via the General Welfare clause.

By contrast, a Democratic form of government is a system run entirely by voter referendum. Government representatives can propose policies, but those proposals must be adopted by voters via State or National ballot referendums. Our Founders referred to a democracy as “mob rule” wherein a simple majority (50.01%) of voters can dictate government policies to the minority (49.99%) by simply outvoting them in the ballot box.

In a “two-party” true democracy, (democrats and republicans), 50.01% of the vote can run roughshod over 49.99% of voters and set official policy. So-called “independent” voters can simply jump back and forth between the two, based on the ballot initiative at hand. The 50.01% voters are the new “ruling class.” As an example, this would also be true with the elimination of the Electoral College system.

In a multi-party or no party system, the single largest majority voting group will become the “ruling class.” As an example, if we had five national political parties, splitting the popular vote by five options on the ballot, (averaging 20% of voters each), it would be possible for 30% of voters or less, the single largest voting bloc, to set official policy. The only way to prevent that, would be to require at least 50% voter support for any referendum issue, which would bring us right back to a two-party system.

In reality, a true democracy creates a “socialist” system, wherein a simple majority voting bloc can set policy for 100% of the people, with only 50.01% of the vote, which is why the recognized Father of Socialism, Karl Marx, said this, “Democracy is the road to socialism.”

How would life in the USA be today if we were a true democracy?

Every official government policy would have to be adopted by the voters in a referendum on the ballot. 50.01% of the vote would decide the future of every government policy placed on a referendum for the people to decide. Let’s look at how that would work out for the hottest political social issue of 2022…

GUN CONTROL – Should there be more restrictions on the current process of purchasing a gun?

Right out of the gate, this one proves why the USA was never to be a true democracy. On the heels of recent mass-shooting events, even many gun owners are being emotionally gaslighted into surrendering the most fundamental Right to Freedom, the Right to protect that freedom. Here, with 36M poll respondents, 43% said YES to more gun control laws and 39% said NO, among American respondents. In a true democracy, the 43% would set the policy for 100% of the people.

ABORTION – What is your stance on abortion?

With over 36M overall poll respondents, only 31% of American respondents voted Pro-Life, while 52% voted Pro-Abortion. The 52% would control the national policy.

LGBT RIGHTS – Should gay couples have the same adoption rights as straight couples?

With only 1.3M American respondents, 73% said YES, and only 15% said NO. The low respondent participation indicates that this issue is of little or no interest to most Americans. Still, those who are interested, could set the national policy for everyone, in a true democracy.

GAY MARRIAGE – Do you support the legalization of same sex marriage?

34.2M American respondents answered 61% YES and 28% NO. The policy would be set by the 61%. The other 39% would be forced to go-along to get-along.

GOV HEALTH CARE SYSTEM – Do you support a single-payer healthcare system?

Despite the fact that our government is only good at creating disasters, 41% of American respondents said YES, while only 31% said NO. Again, this was a low respondent issue with only 1.2M overall respondents. The 41% would rule, 59% be damned.

All of these responses are the direct result of massive gaslighting of the American population by our own anti-American government. I’ll stop here more examples here, because if you don’t already get the point, more examples won’t help you.

This is exactly why our nation’s Founders took great care to avoid creating a “democracy” for all future generations. This is why they instead, guaranteed every state and citizen in the union, a “republican form of government” in Article IV, Section 4:, established and regulated by the Supreme Law of the Land, the US Constitution.

In any pure democracy, it is indeed mere “mob rule,” and this is why every true democracy in world history, failed within about 200-years of existence.

Our Constitutional Republic is currently 235-years old, having already outlasted every true democracy in world history. It has lasted this long only due to all of the protections for the people, codified in our Charters of Freedom, the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Everything in these three documents preserves and protects not only our freedom and liberty, but that of all future generations.

Our Republic is in grave danger today though, largely because most living American generations have been intensely indoctrinated to not know, or not care about the facts presented here. Most have long been trained to vote themselves gifts from the public treasury in every election, driving our nation into bankruptcy.

If not for our three founding documents, the USA would already be gone. However, very few Americans know it today, and even fewer are working to keeping them intact and enforced. If this doesn’t change quickly, the clock will soon run out on American freedom and liberty.

Last, everything in the Charters of Freedom is protected and preserved by only one specific amendment in the Bill of Rights, the 2nd Amendment. The most fundamental inalienable Right protected by a single clear sentence, is indeed “necessary to the security of a free state” and any free people.

At present, our country is not functioning as a Constitutional Republic or a “mob rule” Democracy. Right now, we are governed by unconstitutional criminal tyrants via unlawful orders, court opinions and legislation, all of which is repugnant to every foundation of freedom. This cannot end well at this point…unless THE PEOPLE wake up fast and take action.

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