by JB Williams

Nostradamus was famous for predicting the future, even though he was wrong far more often than right. But we live in a period when most can’t even see the past or present, even though it’s all around them all day, every day.

In a March 11, 2021 column by Jeff Bezos’ propaganda rag, The Washington Post, writers Amy Gardner, Kate Rabinowitz and Harry Stevens announced;

“In 43 states across the country, Republican lawmakers have proposed at least 250 laws that would limit mail, early in-person and Election Day voting with such constraints as stricter ID requirements, limited hours or narrower eligibility to vote absentee, according to data compiled as of Feb. 19 by the nonpartisan Brennan Center for Justice. Even more proposals have been introduced since then.”

The March 11 story was based on information gathered by February 19, 2021, less than 30-days after the inauguration of pseudo-President Biden and Vice President Harris.

If 43 States see the emergency need to enact new election laws to enforce long standing election laws governing free, fair, and transparent elections in the USA, clearly, they know something went horrifically wrong in the 2020 elections, making such measures necessary for future elections.

And if 43 States know something was very wrong with the 2020 elections, then all 43 States should be working to uncover what went wrong, who is responsible for it and hold everyone responsible fully accountable for the 2020 end to legitimate elections in the USA.

The simple fact is this…if an election process was unlawful, fraudulent, unfair, non-transparent and therefore, unconstitutional…then so are the results of that election. The End!

Clearly, at least 43 States rushing to enact new election laws see something very wrong with the 2020 elections. But are they working to uncover what went wrong and correct the fraudulent outcome to a blatantly fraudulent election, and if not, why not?

Instead of addressing 2020 elections and righting those wrongs, they seem to be more focused on preventing the fraud that everyone knows happened in 2020 from happening again in the future. Yet, if there are no consequences for the fraud in 2020, despite many laws being broken in that process, then what difference can new laws make in the future? Nobody followed any laws in 2020… without consequences, what do they care about any new laws?

I’d suggest that the mere fact that at least 43 States are rushing to enact new election laws before the 2022 mid-term elections, proves that they all know the 2020 elections were unlawful and rotten with fraud. If there was no fraud, no fraudulent outcome to the 2020 elections, why rush to prevent that from ever happening again?

No punishment, no crime…right? No crime, no need for new laws. If everything was fine with the 2020 elections, 43 States are rushing to enact new election laws for no reason at all.

Oh, there is one reason… to create a false impression that they are doing something to prevent the theft that happened in 2020 from happening again, without confronting the 2020 theft itself.

If you think we will ever have legitimate elections again without confronting 2020 and righting the wrongs in that cycle, holding everyone responsible fully accountable, you are sadly mistaken.

The only way to defeat evil is to confront it and defeat it head-on. Every moment evil is allowed to exist, it will expand and increase in power. Everyone failing to confront 2020 fraud today, is responsible for everything that happens to this country in the future…everyone!

Don’t be one of them!

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